Adding 1911 Grips to Your AR-15

John Moses Browning’s greatest gift to mankind the 1911 is regarded as having one of the best feeling pistol grips of all time. It’s slim, it has the perfect angle and it just feels right. Although a heavy handgun for some shooters there’s no denying that the 1911 fits most peoples hands just right and they point very naturally. Even if you prefer modern plastic pistols or wheel guns I’m sure some of you agree. So why not add a 1911 pistol grip to the most popular modern sporting rifle in the USA? Well now you can!


I found two options if you plan to 1911fy your AR. First there’s an adapter from Unbrandar that goes for $59.95. It’s made out of CNC machined solid billet aircraft-grade aluminum and is hard coat anodized. It comes with all hardware needed but it doesn’t actually come with 1911 grip panels but you can add whichever ones you prefer. You can add these American Flag grips for more America.

The other option I found was this kit on Amazon for $49.99.Β It’s similar to the other kit above, just bolt it to your AR lower receiver and swap on your 1911 grips. Would I do this mod to my AR? Probably, maybe not. But if you want something a bit different than the typical Magpul’d AR it might be for you.

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  • Harry’s Holsters

    I don’t know why but I kind of like this. Not sure it if I’ll ever buy it but is does look good in a different way.

  • Thamuze Ulfrsson

    When I get an AR10, this is on my shopping list; that, and maybe some Colt Government Model 70 inspired grip panels from a local carpenter.

  • FYI: Pearce Grips has been offering a similar conversion for roughly 20 years.

    • DIR911911 .

      haha and it looks better too. the grip is actually contoured like the 1911 , at half the price

      • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

        I have one. On a pistol AR lower at that πŸ™‚

        It’s a great adapter!! I’ve got a set of VZ scales on it.

      • Tuulos

        Now if they only shipped outside USA so the rest of us can enjoy some good old ‘Merican Freedom.

    • Bigbigpoopi

      The safety never clears the grip

  • Anonymoose

    Needs moar MSH.

    • Bill

      Arched or flat? Lanyard loop?

  • Xtorin O’hern

    okay, so like, when does the CZ-75 grip come out?

  • Sasquatch

    Hmmm I like it then I don’t….. Guess I’m just going to have to get one and see!

  • DIR911911 .

    exactly which 1911 has a squared off backstrap? and front? . . . I’ll keep my ergo grip, thanks but no.

  • ostiariusalpha

    Now someone just needs to come out with one that has a functional grip safety and decocker so I can carry in Condition 2 and 1. LOL!

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    You guys couldn’t do a simple google search and find the Pearce Grip adapter for half the cost?

  • THE_manBEAr

    thats operator AF

  • Bill

    Um, who does the handstop/foregrip? It looks too small to be a Magpul AFG.

  • Jim_Macklin

    MOE-K appears to be awfully close to 1911 for very little money.

  • jerry young

    I read this and was interested thinking I could change the grips to my liking and comfort increasing the function of the pistol grip but when I saw the photo I was disappointed, the actual grip look blokish like there was no thought at all to style, comfort or function, at least the wood looking grip part looks good and looks like they can be changed to your liking, this is just my opinion I don’t put things on my guns that won’t improve reliability or accuracy.

    • Gary Adams

      Check out the fit on the Indian Creek Design AR/1911 Grip Adapter, it is a world of difference as to how it fits the lower… and the DNA sampler on the butt is a nice touch too… πŸ™‚

  • Gary Adams

    Y’all are mentioning the Pearce, but it doesn’t let the safety rotate right without scabbing up your 1911 grip scale on the left side. Or the fact that the Unbranded piece takes 1911 bushings so hardware is another expense. Check out the Indian Creek Design AR/1911 Grip Adapter (google Indian Creek Design), with the DNA Sampler.. good stuff, have them on both my Carbine and the AR pistol, very comfortable and they only weigh about an ounce more than the plastic stuff, and you can get cool looking hardware (allen, hex, etc at a hardware store, its 6/32 hardware, no need for buying expensive grip bushing fasteners.

  • Gary Adams

    Fit with the lower seems far better with the Indian Creek Design AR/1911 Grip Adapter…

  • Core

    Does it have front strap checkering?

    • Gary Adams

      No, none of them do, but as I have two of the Indian Creek Design AR/1911 Grip adapters, one on my carbine and one on a 10.5 pistol they are not slippery and “fill” the hand well. Of course your mileage may vary depending on the grip scales you use.

      • Core

        Thanks for the reply. It looks huge. I like the idea that you can use old 1911 grips on a AR, it’s pretty tacticool. But I’ll stick with my Colt A2 grips.

  • Jamie Clemons

    Whatever floats your boat. I’m adding Hipoint grips to my AR.

  • Repoman3737

    The one pictured above doesn’t fit properly. Look at the lines where it meets the lower it’s too narrow and the curve doesn’t match up. If you look at the grip inserts the corners overhang the bottom. Looks like crap. The ones someone found below with the tribal design fit nice. Still don’t see them on my gun. It’s a shame when someone sells a product that looks like it’s just slapped on.