22plinkster Shoots A Swinging Penny Backwards, With A Mirror

Over the years the 22plinkster channel has been viewed over 35 million times and has hit it big with their “how many will a 22 shoot through” series. 22plinkster has some pretty great trick shots, reviews and of course the always loved how many cans of silly string can a 22 go through video; but shooting a swinging penny backwards using a mirror? You have my click good sir.

He opens the video by telling us that he reads the comments and is well aware that his fans want to see more trick shots. He quickly goes back to his roots and breaks out the camera that started it all for him and goes old school with the entire video. Using the ultra fast CCI Copper22 that Adam blogged about earlier this week, 22plinkster loads up his Henry rifle and takes a shot at a copper coin in a few different ways starting with the predictable toss it in the air shot, then ends the video with something nothing short of spectacular.

22plinkster – Keep these shots coming. You are keeping marksmanship alive in an otherwise tactical world. Heck, I was even inspired to successfully try splitting a card with a Luger as a result of one of your videos, an experience that I wont soon forget. I even keep playing cards in my range bag to break up long range sessions.

Patrick R

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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    My brother went to film school in Santa Barbara on a hillside mission campus overlooking the ocean (little bastard). There was an old firing range in the basement that was used for high speed photography where he made several shots like this slicing playing cards and whatnot.

  • karl

    That’s amazing. My best shot was a dime at 30 yards with open sights and it wasn’t moving. I hit a quarter at 100 yards once but that was with a match grade .22 off a bench rest with a 12x scope.