Beretta & McRee Partner For Limited Edition Tikka Rifle

Beretta, known for their plethora of products and their M9 service pistol for the US Army, has announced a partnership with McRee Precision and the introduction of a new limited edition Tikka rifle. The new rifle, dubbed the “TSR-1” is a combination of Tikka’s barreled action and McRee’s custom aluminum chassis.

The barreled action comes straight from the high-end parts bin. Its from the Tikka T3 Compact Tactical Rifle line. The barrel is a “semi-heavy” contour, coming in at 20″ with a threaded muzzle (5/8×24 for those curious). The weapon is available in .308 Winchester and .260 Remington to start at 1/11 and 1/8 twist, respectively. 6.5 Creedmoor is listed on Tikka’s website, but does not seem the SKU has gone public yet. The action is finished with a teflon-coated bolt and mounts into the chassis via a steel recoil lug.

The chassis has all of the goodies that shooters clamor for. The forend is replete with Magpul’s M-LOK system (6 slots) and the receiver is topped with both upper (20 MOA cant) and lower picatinny rails, with the lower pic rail behind the M-LOK slots. The chassis has an easy-access ambidextrous magazine release for Tikka magazines. For user-interface, the stock uses AR grips (with one installed from ERGO) and a custom side-folding stock with length-of-pull and comb adjustments.

Street prices are around $2,000 with the first ones I found on 

TSR-1 Sell Sheet3

Nathan S

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  • JumpIf NotZero

    Chassis that Beretta insisted not take AI mags but rather their high margin AI mags, makes sense.

    The lower pic rail for the tripod is cool, but I would have preferred a 6 o’clock MLOK.

    And while MLOK is cool and all, aluminum forearms like that are kind stupid. The only thing that would be good for is mounting a NoD in front of a daytime scope. Otherwise, a polymer or composite forearm would be lighter and since you’re mostly only going to hang a sling off of one of those sides it doesn’t matter if it has a little flex.

    I’m happy to see Beretta give Tikka a little attention. But this is the last generation of chassis and I’m looking forward to the next.

    • NineWays

      OR you could buy a regular CTR and McRee chassis separately for $200 less, and get to use the AICS mags.

  • BattleshipGrey

    Serious question: what would you do with the pic rail in front of the mag if you owned that rifle?

    • Paul Joly

      Tripod mount.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        And that B&T Silo “pillow”. And barricade stop, possibly.

  • Roamer

    Left hand SKUs?

    • Dual sport

      You’re kidding?

      • Roamer

        I might as well be.

  • Anonymous

    It’s high noon.

    • DW

      McRee should totally do revolvers

  • S. Cautela

    What does this system do that the Tikka CTR doesn’t do at half of the price?

    • DW

      One does not simply become mall ninja with traditional stocked rifles

    • JumpIf NotZero

      I love my CTR, but the stock is the biggest issue with it. If I could find something a little stiffer without being much heavier I’d be thrilled.