Lightning Review: IWI X95 Pistol Grip

Having used the IWI Tavor X95 for a while, one of the issues I had was the lack of a trigger guard. Like the Tavor SAR, the X95 has a cutlass style hand guard that acts as a giant trigger guard. The IDF use this hand guard as a point of contact when shooting off hand. The guard would rest against the wrist and inside the forearm.



However the problem I have is when I hold the X95 by the grip. Here is a photo of how it should be held.  IMG_3709


This is the expectation.



This is the reality. My hand often slides up and my middle finger moves behind the trigger.


IWI US has the pistol grip available with a traditional trigger guard. I ordered one right away. Installing it was a simple affair. Just unscrew the hex bolt at the bottom of the pistol grip and remove the grip to install the new grip.

I did notice these channels in the cutlass trigger/hand guard. They are for cable management of a remote tape switch. The IDF have a removable grip panel that has a cut out for a Mepro pressure pad. Unfortunately that grip panel is not available here in the US yet.



The new pistol grip has cable management slots as well.


IWI US also has alternate grip panels. The standard checkered panels or the IDF panels. The IDF grip panels are what is issued on the IDF X95s. They are wider and ribbed rather than checkered. The standard grip panels make the grip 1.46″ wide whereas the IDF panels make the grip 1.66″ wide. You can see the IDF grip panel below on the X95 with the pistol grip and checkered grip panel next to it. You can use the IDF grip panels on either the X95 grip or the pistol grip.



As you can see in the photo below my middle finger rests up against the trigger guard and there is no chance for it to slip behind the trigger.

IMG_3716 IMG_3717


The little nub that protrudes down from the trigger guard has two purposes. A shooter can still index the trigger guard with the IDF support hand hold. Also I have been told that the nub is also a grenade launcher attachment point.


X95 pistol grip

The IDF grip panels are available on their website for $14.99. The IDF grip panels and pistol grip only come in black at the moment. The pistol grip sells for $29.99 and is currently sold out. Click here to check it out.

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  • Sasquatch

    Almost looks like a battle rifle from halo that lost it’s carry handle….. Cool…

  • Pete Sheppard

    Smart. The ‘my trigger finger is my safety’ mindset fails to allow for the risk of stuff getting inside the guard and pressing the trigger–a friend blew his own leg off with a shotgun that way–and the Tavor/AUG style just makes it *that* much easier for this to happen.
    Haven’t heard of it happening with those rifles? It only takes once to ruin somebody’s life.

    • stephen

      The Tavor or any other firearm does not magically make anyone’s finger enter the trigger guard and apply pressure to the trigger.

      I’m sorry for your friend but it was due to his negligence. Yes it only takes once but its the shooter that is responsible for his actions, and thats a fact.

      You & your friend can make excuses all day long but that doesn’t change the fact the gun is NOT at fault – its a training issue.

      Just saying.

      • Pete Sheppard

        Absolutely, training and mindset! The point is, that given that large void around the trigger, it is easier for *foreign* objects to get inside that large guard and possibly press the trigger. I think that’s an unnecessary hazard.

        • Frognot

          Absolutely. However, I’m left wondering why they didn’t have a trigger guard /within/ the cutlass shield? Then they’d have the best of both worlds, wouldn’t they?

  • Sermon 7.62

    I like this cordless electric drill. Is it expensive?

  • “ribbed”

    Tee hee hee!

  • Bob

    Many new products I look at and think might be interesting but hardly worth the price. This looks like something I would almost certainly buy. You know, if I owned this rifle…

  • SP mclaughlin

    I always considered it an MTAR if it had the triggerguard; an X95 if it didn’t.

  • Richard

    What if you’re baking a pizza in the oven and zombie terrorist ninjas attack before you can get the oven mittens off?

    • Twilight sparkle

      I like to use me bear hands when I use the oven

  • Kivaari

    I like having the conventional trigger guard. I had seen photos of them, and never understood why the distributors only had the open concept model. I have not considered buying one just for that reason. Now, maybe a trade is in the works.

  • I am frankly shocked that something so practical and useful retails for less than fifty bucks.

  • vwVwwVwv

    is there something new about the x95 precision? i have shot a idf versin
    lately again, with no acuracy problems. here i cant get a gunsmith
    to take a look, the idf guns show no problem, in germany i
    cant get one. was somebody with the x95 visiting
    a gunsmith and has a coment on it?

  • A bearded being from beyond ti

    Am i the only one who absolutely despises finger groves no matter what?

  • BrandonAKsALot

    I like how the back of the Tavor doubles as an 8-track player.

  • bluecheesedressing

    Whoa, whoa, whoa. I spend a lot of time with my pressure washer and I need to keep the grip and point of aim consistent.

  • l2a3

    At least the “cutlass grip” keeps your bugger picker off the trigger, BEHIND it, but off. The trigger finger does not accidently slide down to the trigger when you get tired or your hand does sweaty and “slips” allowing the extended trigger finger to engage the trigger. All the fingers just bunch up at the bottom of the grip, one on top of the other away from the trigger.
    However since people are strange and weird, your mileage may very.