Cross Armory Pistol Thumb Grip

I like accessories that help improve my shooting or that make me more efficient. While not always needed accessories and add ons like enhanced mag releases, flared magwells, muzzle brakes and optics can really help you in combat or in shooting competitions, or just patrolling the mall. I stumbled upon a pistol accessory that claims to help increase accuracy, reduce recoil and increase stability while shooting. What’s this new wonder product you ask? It’s the Thumb Grip from Cross Armory that retails for $59.95.


While it does look a bit goofy I can see how it can actually deliver on all those claims. It’s basically a rest for your thumb that bolts onto the Picatinny or Weaver rail of your pistol. Even if it doesn’t help with your accuracy or recoil reduction, I bet it will help prevent that pesky Thumb Over Bore pistol grip style.

But seriously, after a bit of Googling I found out that thumb rest for pistols have been around for quite some time with competitive shooters. Has anyone here actually used one and do they really help? I shoot with your standard thumbs forward grip and that seems to do the trick for improved accuracy and stability.

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  • Ezra Bristow

    The first time I ever fired a handgun we used a range of stock STI 2011s and K-frame .38s. I was pretty terrible even at 5m. Then someone brought out their 2011 racegun with a thumb grip, red dot and compensator and I was so much better. The thumb grip definitely allowed me to maintain more control with my support hand and stopped me knocking the safety on.

    • Jwedel1231

      First time shooting a gun and you got to shoot a tricked out, RDSed, 2011 race gun? That’s awesome.

      • Ezra Bristow

        We don’t do Hipoints over here in Yurp 😉

  • dat price tho

  • A Fascist Corgi

    That looks really cool. I’d buy one if it had a rail on the bottom of it so I could still attach a light.

    • Jwedel1231

      My thoughts as well. Maybe for a competition only gun, if I owned such a thing.

  • derfelcadarn

    Like the vast majority of modern shooting accessories it is a wealth redistribution device, your will have redistributed some of your $59.95 plus shipping to them. Mission accomplished.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Whatever works.
    The only problem is you have to pay $60 to find out.

  • Darkpr0

    These work, and it’s for a very simple reason. Your thumbs are ridiculously strong, but in a standard grip your weak hand’s thumb is just hanging out in space. These are usually marketed as “gas pedals” but the premise is the same. Give the thumb a way to directly impose force upon the pistol, get more control. It comes at the cost of difficulty holstering comfortably plus the price tag.

  • Chris laliberte

    thumb rests work insanely well on pistols. this one looks enormous and places your thumb way to high and back too far. The best one I’ve used I made myself, from a magpul one slot plastic rail cover. It keeps your support thumb right where it naturally is with a thumbs forward grip, but now the support hand can actually fight the recoil. It’s amazing. Just have to dremmel all my holsters to make a slot to accomodate the dang thing. I’d love a machined one, 1/4 this size and 1/5 the price.

  • retfed

    When I was an instructor, we taught the thumbs-forward grip with the non-shooting-hand thumb parallel to the bore. This device prevents that. In the photo, the shooting hand also appears to be too far to the right, so the pistol isn’t seated in the web of the hand, and the thumb, not the wrist and arm, takes the recoil.
    Did I miss a new fad? (Very well could be; I’m not very trendy.) Or am I misreading the photo?

  • Gorilla Biscuit

    Running a ‘gas pedal’ on a handgun takes a while to get used to. And they are completely useless on a defensive firearm. Not to mention carrying and the holster modifications needed. I’ve run a SJC Glock 35 with a combo frame weight and gas pedal for a few years in USPSA. You either like these things or hate em. Sample pic below.

  • Joe

    Good luck trying to get a holster for that thing!

  • Corey Seger

    This is a new one. I saw one very similar at the Shot Show called the Speed Ledge. It looks like it does the same thing but the Speed Ledge has been around for awhile and isn’t as ugly.

  • Joshua

    I seem to remember reading a gunsmiths manual that gave directions on how to add a lug to the side of the frame of a 1911 for this purpose, the manual would probably have been written in the seventies or eighties, I wonder if I can find it in my collection now?

  • Sean Glenville

    I’ve always wondered why items like these don’t count as NFA violations. Technically they are adapting the pistol for two handed use. Then again, why look for logic in the NFA.

  • Repoman3737

    In the photo it is mounted all the way to the rear of the rail. It looks like it could move atleast 1 inch forward and take care of how off the persons grip hand is located and would also allow support thumb to ride lower once its stretched out. I still find it io large for my carry gun but it would be nice if someone made a fold out version that was recessed into the frame somehow to give the option to use.

  • The new CZ TS comes with a “gas pedal”…