TFBTV: Gun Speculating, MAKING $$$$$ From Guns

James has been getting a lot of questions from friends and colleagues lately, asking what guns, ammo, and accessories they need to buy before the next election or any potential “panic” or possible resurgence of the 1994 ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban.  In this episode of TFBTV, James gives you his picks for the safest buys before the next election, and discusses what might likely be scarce and what you don’t need to worry about.

Note: This video is about guns NOT politics.


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Transcript …

– Hey guys, James again for TFB TV, and this episode I’m calling Gun Speculating.

Now what is gun speculating? A lot of you may remember a few years ago when the current administration, an anti-gun administration, was elected into office.

There was a general panic.

There were people that were worried about the resurrection of the Assault Weapons Ban from 1994 to 2004, you guys may remember that.

So, understandably since that’s happened before, a lot of people are worried it’s going to happen again.

So, the current administration, when the current administration came into office, the first time and the second time, there was a general panic.

And what do I mean by panic? I mean gun guys were buying things that would previously have been illegal under the ’94 to 2004 Assault Weapons Ban.

So what were these guys rushing out and buying? ARs, Aks, magazines for ARs and AKs.

10-plus round magazines for their favorite and more popular handguns.

Why? Because those were things that were previously illegal under the ’94 to 2004 Assault Weapons Ban.

And a lot of people saw that ban potentially coming back down the pipe again.

So what’s the purpose of today’s video? Today’s video is to educate you guys on the best purchases you could make in advance of a potentially anti-gun administration being elected into office.

Which is a very real concern a lot of us have right now with the presidential election coming up.

So I’m gonna try to make sure that you guys all have your ass in a seat when the music stops.

I’m going to separate the Joe Kennedys from the guys loadin up into the wagon, and headin out California way to find a job pickin fruit.

Today, gun speculating.

Now, as usual, this is guns, not politics.

The focus is going to be on the guns in the context of the political climate.

I’m not making any political commentary.

Just telling you guys if you wanna get some stuff that you might have a hard time getting later if there is an Assault Weapons ban or other executive actions that could limit your ability to own these things.

That’s what I’m trying to walk you through today.

So what things should you get that might be banned later? I think everyone is going to universally agree that the answer is in the AR15.

So, there are certain things that you wanna buy for the AR15.

There are certain things that you don’t need to buy for the AR15.

Let’s discuss those right now.

So let’s talk about magazines.

USGI 30-round magazines, those are the way to go.

Right now you can get them for around $7, and I remember around four years ago, during the great panic, people were selling them for $50.

So you are squaring your investment.

You’re buying them for seven, you’re selling them for 50.

Or, if you wait until after the election to buy them, you could be paying seven times as much.

So right now, USGI magazines are a good bet.

And what do I mean buy USGI magazines? Just Google it.

You’ve got companies like D&H, OK Industries, they are government contractor magazine manufacturers.

Generally, I think it’s a safe bet to stay away from non-mil spec, non-USGI manufacturers like ProMag or C Products.

Just stay with the standard USGI magazines.

Other good magazines to consider buying.

For around 9 or $10, PMAGs, Magpul PMAGs, Hexmags, Lancer mags, the well-known, well-made magazines.

It’s a good idea.

Buy a case of them, guys.

Buy 20, buy 50, buy whatever, I swear to God you’re gonna make your money back.

So don’t be afraid to double down on AR15 magazines.

Now, another maybe riskier investment might be drums, like the new Magpul 60-round drums.

Or the SureFire, the 60-round and 100-round or whatever the hell they are, SureFire, like the quad-stack magazines.

I could see those potentially being astronomical in terms of value if there is an anti-gun administration elected in, if there’s another panic, if there’s a ban.

I could see those being worth a ton of money.

And I’m gonna take a quick diversion here, and use this opportunity to discuss niche magazines, like the SIG MPX magazines that are $60 right now.

MP5 magazines, CZ Scorpion magazines.

Those might not be bad purchases because there are so few of them.

There are so many AR15 and AK magazines available today that even if there was a ban, you could see that there’s still going to be some availability out there.

Now if you get MPX magazines, MP5 magazines, CZ magazines for the Scorpion, you could see there being a genuine panic around those magazines not being available anymore because there’s not nearly as many of those magazines as there are AR and AK magazines.

So, that’s a little bit riskier, a little bit more of an investment.

AK magazines are also good to buy.

Any military surplus magazines, you can get them for 10, 20, $30, depending on how rare they are.

Now another thing that I think is very important to pick up before a potential administration change is the AR15 lower.

I think this might the most important thing that you could get prior to any administration change.

Now, a quick note before I start talking about AR lowers.

For purposes of this video, I’m assuming that anything you buy today would be grandfathered in for any ban tomorrow.

So, why does that make the AR15 lower, just the lower, so important? Well, that’s the registered component.

So if there is a ban, and everything prior to the ban is grandfathered in, then you are good to go if you have the lower.

You would be able to put different uppers on there, stocks, whatever stocks you want.

Use your 30-round magazines that you presumably bought before the ban.

Essentially, if you buy a lower, it safeguards your ability to own an AR two or three years from now, or post-ban, that you would be able to own today.

Because this component’s gonna be grandfathered in, and that’s where the legal focus is going to be, is on the lower.

Did you buy the lower before the ban.

So, I would suggest if you only had $50 to spend, buy a lower.

If you have four or $500 to spend, I’m not sure if you should just buy 10 stripped lowers, or buy one complete AR.

Now I’ve certainly heard anecdotes immediately post-panic of people selling five, $600 AR15s for 2500, $3000.

I think we all remember that you saw it on Gun Broker, you’ve seen it in your local classifieds.

Because the people that are looking to buy them after the fact, the people who weren’t prepared, they just want to get their hands on an AR, they don’t care if it’s MilSpec.

They don’t care if it’s Noveske.

They just want the AR15, or the AK47.

So, maybe that’s a good investment, too, would be low-end AR15.

Now let me stop real quick and say that I don’t condone functionally scalping people, gouging, price gouging after a ban.

The purpose of this video, it’s protective for you guys, to make sure you get the things that could possibly be banned, or that are going to be difficult to get after a ban.

There are a couple of dealers who I just don’t buy because of their price-gouging practices.

I’m not gonna name names, but you guys know who I’m talking about.

Especially one really big one out there who was a little dirty, if you know what I mean, after the last election.

But what about the other parts? What about the Buttstocks, what about the furniture, what about the upper, the barrel, the ammo? What about that stuff? Now if you guys remember the last time this happened, there was a run on lower parts kits, stocks, uppers.

Like really the LPKs, lower parts kits, uppers and the ammo, were really, really hard to get.

I am predicting that that would be a short-term, even if there were a ban, that would only be a short-term panic because people might eventually figure out that barrels aren’t gonna be banned.

Uppers aren’t going to be banned.

It’s the serial lowers.

That’s what’s gonna get you in trouble, is if you don’t have a serial lower, you’re not going to be able to outfit your AR the way you might like.

It might have to comply with a ban.

Now, a tricky subject is ammunition.

And a lot of you may remember the last time that an anti-gun administration was elected into office, there was a run on 5.56 ammo, 9mm,.45,.40, 7.62×39, basically anything affiliated with a defense or a military cartridge, there was a run on it.

I don’t think it’s the safest bet.

The way I would think like maybe buying an AR lower for $40 would be.

I mean an AR lower for $40, like the Andersons, you’re not gonna lose money.

And let me talk real quick about branding of the lowers.

A lot of really popular ones out right now that are less expensive, you can get for like around $40, everybody’s seen the Anderson lowers.

There are a lot of smaller make manufacturers that are coming out with lowers, and they’re pumping them out for 40, $45 each.

You’ve also got the polymer lowers.

Now, as a rule, I would say spend the extra 10 bucks, and just get the aluminum lower instead of the polymer lower.

They’re going to be more desirable in the second-hand market.

They’re going to be more durable.

And if you ultimately decide to build an AR, you’re gonna want the aluminum lower, not polymer.

As far as brands go, there’s an old saying, mind your ABCs.

If you get an Armalite, Busshmaster, Colt, they’re going to command a premium over some of the lesser known, but cheaper, AR lowers.

Now, they probably all came from the same place, let’s be honest here.

But that said, people are just gonna pay more money for Armalite, Bushmaster, Colt, Rock River, Noveske.

Now, another good and inexpensive investment, Glock magazines.

If you’re going to spend money on Pistol magazines, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Glock is the way to go.

It’s used in many platforms, the Kel-Tec, the AR, the Glocks, of course.

And, Glocks are popular, so, a really big one to buy, anything that exceeds 17 rounds.

I mean of course the magazines that are in excess of 10 rounds, those are going to be popular.

People are going to be after those.

They’re gonna pay a premium for those.

They’re gonna be hard to get.

But the ones that are really hard to get are gonna be like the 20+ round magazines made by Magpul.

They’re going to be the 33-round magazines made by Glock.

Those are really gonna be hard to find.

So a couple do-not buys. Do-not buys.

Do not buy handguns.

Do not buy handguns.

There’s no banned features on handguns that are going to be banned with another Assault Weapons Ban as there would be with a rifle.

You’re gonna be able to buy a SIG 226 today.

You’re gonna be able to buy a SIG 226 10 years from now, so I wouldn’t buy pistols in anticipation of a ban or a panic.

Another do-not buy, I would say, would be the more obscure battle rifles, assault rifles, combat rifles.

Things like the Tavor.

Things like the X95.

Maybe the Steyr AUG.

The ACR, the XCR.

SIGs, I think the MCX.

I would generally stay away from those.

It isn’t that you’re not going to be able to net a profit, or that they’re not going to be hard to find after a potential ban.

I just don’t see those as being as desirable or as commanding as high a price inflation-wise as AR, AK stuff, even FALs, M1s, so on.

So, to re-hash everything.

If you had $1000 to spend before a potential ban or panic, what would you buy? Well, if you were looking to turn around and re-sell it, it might not be a bad idea to just spend $1000 on a crate of magazines.

Or to maybe buy two lower-end M4s, M16s, ARs, or AKs.

Now if you want to get really dangerous, and you don’t mind have 25 guns hit you on one background check, one FFL transfer, you could buy 25 stripped lowers.

Because you’re definitely going to get your money back, plus some, if you’re buying stripped lowers for 40 or $50 a pop.

If I had $500 to spend, what would I do with it? I’d probably buy, if I didn’t own an AR already, I would buy two stripped lowers, and then enough components to finish one of them out.

You can do that now for $500.

So why do I say two stripped lowers and parts to finish one? Well, you could build the one lower.

And you could elect to sell it if there’s a panic and it’s worth a ton of money.

And you would still have a AR lower that you could build on later.

You wouldn’t be left out in the cold because you just sold your only AR.

If I only had $100 to spend, what would I buy? I’d buy one lower that I could do with what I pleased later.

And then I would spend the other $60 on magazines, magazines, magazines, magazines.

Buy eight USGI magazines.

Buy six or seven Magpul PMAGs.

If I had $50 to spend, what would I buy? A stripped lower and a magazine.

If I had $10 to spend, what would I buy? I’d buy a Magpul PMAG, I’d keep it in the wrapper, and I’d turn around and flip it for 50, 60 bucks later.

If you had just $1, $1 to spend pre-panic, pre-ban, what would you buy you cheap bastard? Well, it’s a bit of a problem to get something for $1, but let me help you out.

One, go to a gas station, and steal a squeegee.

Two, go back to the interstate overpass that you live under, and when you’re under there, there are gonna be cars that are gonna stop.

You squeegee off their windshield.

Don’t ask them if they want it or not.

Just go and do it.

If you ask them, they’re going to say no.

If you do it, they’re going to feel compelled to throw you a little change.

And now you’ve got $2, what do you do with $2? G3 magazines. HK G3 PTR 91, HK 91 magazines, whatever you want to call them, you can find those now for about $2 each.

Nobody has a PTR 91, a G3, and HK 91, well, people do, but they’re not many.

There are certainly not as many owners as there are magazines.

But, people just get freaked out by a potential high-capacity magazine ban, and I was watching people actually sell these on eBay.

Which, eBay doesn’t do.

But they couldn’t take them down fast enough.

People were selling G3 HK 91 magazines on eBay that they paid $2 for, and they were going, Buy It Now, 10 bucks right away.

I watched this over and over and over the last time there was a ban, it was incredible.

So you can make five times your money out of two bucks.

Thanks for watching.

Like I said, don’t be assholes.

Don’t gouge people.

Don’t make it your business to gouge people.

I’m just here to tell you today what’s going to be hard to get after the fact.

And things that you might want to think about.

And you might want to think about getting for yourself before it becomes really hard to get.

Anyways, thanks again for watching, guys.

I hope you found this informative, I hope you liked it.

And I will see you next week.

James Reeves

• NRA-licensed concealed weapons instructor, 2012-present
Maxim Magazine’s MAXIMum Warrior, 2011
• “Co-Director” [air quotes] of TFBTV
• Former Regional Sales Rep, Interstate Arms Corp., MA
• Champion, Key West Cinco De Mayo Taco Eating Competition
• GLOCK® Certified Pistol Operator, 2017-2022
• Lawyer
► Instagram: jjreevesii
► Twitter: @jjreeves
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  • Anonymoose

    This is silly. There will be no “grandfathering” when The Happening happens.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Great, now people are making instructional videos on how to hoard.

    • Otm Shooter

      I will be showing this video in my “Neckbearding 101” courses this fall.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Ill be selling jars of gasoline that can either be used to fuel internal combustion engines or simply lighted and thrown at a government tank.

    • Billy Jack

      I remember some articles here by other staff that discussed why this type of behavior was the opposite of good.

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Im not against making money but I dont see the usefulness of stoking paranoia.

        • Billy Jack

          Me either. I just read one article about homemade guns needed to have serials and thought there would be a article here with the rules people in California need to adhere to now. I’m definitely not interested in some raid the stores get rich scheme stuff like what was posted the other day. I was pretty annoyed by that.

  • Otm Shooter

    Don’t buy non-USGI, but buy PMAGs and HEXMAGs. lol
    Even the cheapest magazine will sell stupid high in the scare.

    • KestrelBike

      just don’t buy hexmags from gunmag warehouse….

      • Otm Shooter


  • alternator

    It’s illegal and immoral, but I’m going to teach you how to most effectively gouge people. Thanks.

    • Wrong takeaway. If you have a small budget, buy now, don’t wait.

      I STILL get emails from people complaining that .22 LR is to expensive. I wish I published this video in 2007 and again in 2011. I would get a lot less angry emails.

      Also buying and holding for personal use is not illegal.

      • alternator

        If you’re attempting plausible deniability, you’re doing it wrong.

  • Vitsaus

    I strongly doubt anyone will be retiring at 35 to the French Riviera because they stocked up on M&P15 Sports and Mosin Nagants before November.

  • Kyle

    Gee thanks, how useful. An informational video on how to be little more than a scalper over a pointless panic. Nothing is going to change regardless of who is elected in President in November. Congress writes the laws. There are a lot of Republicans and some Democrats for whom gun control is a complete nonstarter. So the chances of some significant anti-gun legislation making it through both houses of our broken and hyper partisan Congress is essentially nonexistent. So chill out, and stop driving up prices on everything. Some of us are living on a smallish budget here.

    • TheNotoriousIUD


      • Jolly

        Hey man where have you been?

        • TheNotoriousIUD

          I’ve been annoying people on other sites.

    • Wrong takeaway. If you have a small budget, buy now, don’t want until Nov-January-July when things go crazy.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        [“If you have $10, buy a PMAG and sell it for $60”]

        … lol, no. You don’t think everyone else has this idea? All this type of talk does is cause idiots to buy up all the 22lr for no reason.

    • KestrelBike

      “Nothing is going to change regardless of who is elected”

      Completely disagree. If convict-h wins, she gets to pick at least 1, if not 2-4 supreme court justices over the next 4-8 (probably 8) years. They’re who interpret the law. Congress won’t pass a law completely detrimental to ownership, but hillary will finagle a case(s) into her supreme court to overturn heller, mcdonald, and won’t stop there. As we’ve seen with o-care and other cases, the judiciary is having a huge impact on our nation’s laws. Not to mention the executive orders & memos she’ll be writing like crazy.

      eta: You can bet that EPA will start going after lead ammo again.

      • Bill

        The Supremes rarely overturn their own decisions – look how long Dred Scott and Plessy v Ferguson stood.

        Whomever gets elected will have bigger fish to fry than weapons bans. Like creating the illusion of building an unfeasible wall or trying to figure out the mysteries of email servers.

        • KestrelBike

          In turn, look at prohibition. 18th Amendment passed in 1920, 21st Amendment (repeal) passed in 1933. 13 years. DC v. Heller was in 2008, 2017 or 1018 would be just about 10 years later. That’s a bit apples & oranges dealing with congress v. USSC, but just think how momentous amendments are. Changes can happen fast, given the correct political environment.

          Gun control was and remains a major platform for the democrat party, and both hillary and ginsburg have very publically rue’d the Heller decision. I think it’s naive to suppose that it wouldn’t be one of the first things they engineer to appear in the courts within the first couple years, once they get Scalia’s seat filled with a liberal justice appointed for the 5-4 lib-conservative majority (and it’ll probably go 6-3 when kennedy finally and completely turtles over… wildcard roberts for the 7-2).

          • Bill

            Sure, to an extent, but overturning one of the Bill of Rights would be far tougher to do than repealing prohibition or doing something really radical like giving women the right to vote. That requires legislation, regardless of the makeup of the SCOTUS.

            Democrats may talk a lot about guns, but they remember the political bloodbath, pardon the pun, they suffer when they actually try something. They have lost so much ground since, well, whenever, on guns they can only pay lip service to the issue.

          • KestrelBike

            Democrats don’t really care about suffering, look at them chew themselves up re: bernie v. hillary & the DNC-emails. Smart parties don’t really pull those shenanigans (not saying the GOP doesn’t do it, but maybe they aren’t even clever enough to be so Machiavellian to begin with).

            And I don’t think they’d try to overturn the 2nd, but rather neuter it to something more to their liking, similar to how they got the 14th amendment to somehow say due process clause = privacy = abortions. This would be done extra-legislatively, through the courts. There are a number of ways they could muck with 2A without even touching the BoR.

          • Lee Enfield

            Agree. Leftists will receive gushing approval and cover from the MSM to cover all their evisceration of the 2A.

          • KestrelBike

            Not trying to badger you, but here’s a perfect example, just from last week from the f_cks over at the US State Department: https://blog.princelaw . com/2016/07/25/ddtc-issues-guidance-on-itar-registration/ (fix the spacing around the dot come, otherwise links put my comment in moderation limbo)

            Basically, they’ve just “modified” rules surrounding ITAR so that gunsmiths (and basically anyone else who touches/works on firearms beyond installing sights/painting- so if you thread barrels, you’re included in this) has to register with the DDTC (directorate of defense trade controls) for the annual *pleasure* of $2,250. That’s over two grand paid.every.year. to make sure you’re not selling threaded barrels to the north koreans.

            If they decide to target you and you haven’t registered, that carries penalties up to $1,000,000 and max 20 years in jail. Of course, those are max penalties and you’d have to try hard to get those amounts, but there’s plenty of lee-way there to bankrupt any gunsmith.

            This is the state department. This is kerry and obama. This is completely without the interaction of Congress. With one fell swoop, they just put a major squeeze on a VERY large portion of gunsmiths (who typically only do this job on the side for a hobby/side-gig). In fact, I heard about this from the best gunsmith I know and to whom I still ship w/e I need work done on, even though I left his state.

      • Lee Enfield

        Exactly. An activist scotus rules all. Any republican playing the “purity conservative” card is not using their head. If you dont vote Trump you dont understand the danger of an activist Leftist scotus for the next 40+ years.

    • Lee Enfield

      Very wrong. An activist SCOTUS is making law instead of adjuticating it. Example was gay marriage. The Left cares not about congress…they want scotus and you just watch what comes down.

  • Bill

    “Now, as usual, this is guns, not politics.

    The focus is going to be on the guns in the context of the political climate.

    I’m not making any political commentary.”

    Yeeeeaaaahhhhh, riiiiggggghhhhhtttttttt. The only thing more convoluted than that logic is the human gastrointestinal tract. And the only thing less effective or efficient than the US government in 1994 will be the US government in 2017, regardless of who is elected.

    I’ve always wondered how those people who hoarded mags and ARs during our last several non-crises eventually made out. How much are people paying for second-hand PMags now?

    Next: Run-and-Gun with Beanie Babies and Princess Diana commemorative plates.

    • Cymond

      Honestly, if you buy magazines at ordinary or discount prices (like $10 PMAGS), and don’t use them, then it would be hard to ever lose money on them.

  • Cymond

    “Now let me stop real quick and say that I don’t condone functionally scalping people, gouging, price gouging after a ban.
    The purpose of this video, it’s protective for you guys, to make sure you get the things that could possibly be banned, or that are going to be difficult to get after a ban.”

    This really, really sounds like a guide to reselling guns & accessories for a profit. You talk about how certain parts can be bought for cheap now and sold for a 700+% markup later. You even mention which brands are going to command a premium!

    There’s LOT wrong with this, factually and rationally.

    First, your assuming that this stuff still be transferable in the future. In many AWB states like CA, only registered AWs are legal, and they’re not transferable. Ditto magazines. Preban full-cap mags aren’t transferable in CA (and will be completely illegal soon).

    “Essentially, if you buy a lower, it safeguards your ability to own an AR two or three years from now, or post-ban, that you would be able to own today.
    Because this component’s gonna be grandfathered in, and that’s where the legal focus is going to be, is on the lower.
    Did you buy the lower before the ban.”

    Second, it’s not enough to have a preban receiver, it needs to be completed as a banned configuration. I remember wishing for a 10/22 with a folding stock back in ’99, but realized that I needed a preban rifle that already had one in 94, because putting a folding stock on an old (non-banned but preban era) 10/22 would be considered making a new AW. (Of course, how would the govt know your receiver wasn’t complete before the ban?)

    “There’s no banned features on handguns that are going to be banned with another Assault Weapons Ban as there would be with a rifle.”

    Threaded barrels, magazine outside the pistol grip, heavy weight, anything with a handguard.
    Third, ordinary pistols would not be restricted, but remember that many pistols do have restricted features. Hence, it would be good to get Dracos and such. Also, since threaded barrels on pistols are likely to be restricted, that’s another area to consider for suppressor aficionados. I don’t own any suppressors yet (1 pending), yet 4 of my pistols have threaded barrels, and I’m very tempted to pick up a CZ suppressor ready. Also, it’s not very expensive to buy an aftermarket barrel compared to buying a new gun.

    Fourth, there is some logic in buying a variety of magazines. Again, I have stuff for guns I don’t own yet, like Uzi mags for a 9mm AR-15 that I haven’t bought yet. I also have a single magazine for several classic military pistols that I want some day (CZ-75, P-226, Beretta 92, HiPower, etc). I also have PMAGS, Lancers, USGI mags, a few novelty AR mags, and several stainless steel mags. The steel mags are my long term range mags, sparing the polymer mags from routine wear & tear.

    Fifth, of course, if a ban is coming and your dream is to own “the more obscure battle rifles, assault rifles, combat rifles” then obviously more is the time to buy.

    “Now if you want to get really dangerous, and you don’t mind have 25 guns hit you on one background check, one FFL transfer, you could buy 25 stripped lowers.
    Because you’re definitely going to get your money back, plus some, if you’re buying stripped lowers for 40 or $50 a pop.”

    Dangerous, indeed. Buying 25 guns with the intent to resell them later sounds like “engaging in the business” which would require a FFL. I mean, buying any gun perky with the intent to resell could qualify, but you’ll have a much harder time justifying 25 than a few.

    Fwiw, I do agree that an AR-15 and magazines are absolutely the #1 thing to buy preban, because the design is so modular that one registered AW receiver could be reconfigured to serve almost any role from PDW to DMR and everything in between. Heck, give it a belt-fed upper and a crank trigger or SlideFire, and you have a poor boy’s LMG substitute.

  • Edeco

    I don’t find this immoral; CYA, get stuff out in private hands, boost the industry. Legal… well you know, don’t do something you need a licence for without a licence.

    I see people worried about prices going up now if people panic buy, when more stuff can and is being made. I think that’s unduly negative. Better to love your fellow gun owner, trust, enjoy the moment.

  • Vhyrus

    The AR market is over saturated and probably played out. The AK market, however, seems to be turning rapidly into a sellers market. I recently picked up an arsenal AK74 because the cheapest ones out now are in the 900+ range. Even base model wasrs are hitting $700 right now.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      I don’t expect to make $900 on an upper/lower like I did last go around – but that wasn’t some Anderson BS, it was a matched Mega pair during the height of non-availability.

      You’re right, it’s the things this article is telling people not to buy that may actually be the money makers. AKs, X95 Tavor, MCX, MP5s (esp the HK version) guns that aren’t stupid but aren’t made in even remotely close to AR numbers.

      During the possibility of Saiga 12 bans I made $1000 on mine. I guess I made some on ARs, but here is the truth – if TFB is posting BUY NOW… That’s EXACTLY the same as your Uncle saying “hey let’s make a bitcoin farm!” now.

    • 22winmag

      I wish it was a sellers market for M76 Yugos. I’d “unload” one of mine if it were. Granted the death of inexpensive 8mm Mauser ammo has pretty much everything to do with it.

      • Vhyrus

        I hear ya. I bought an M77 for what I thought was a steal at $500. I ended up selling it for about the same price AFTER I put money into it.

  • Ed

    Enough hoarding!!!!!!!! Spend time on money less on hoarding guns and accessories. Spend time electing the GOP and get Hillary/Obama kicked out!!!! Then there would be no reason to panic buy.

  • Tim V

    So please explain how weapons such as the Scar will be “less desirable” after a ban? Scar prices are already up 60% without a ban. SP89s were going for 5-6 thousand before the SP5K came around. ARs have simply gone up to retail price. ARs with their popularity will likely go up less in price than the “less desirable” ones, simply for the fact there is a vastly greater supply.

  • Stephen Paraski

    Mags, Parts kits with barrels.

  • Carl Mumpower

    Let no good deed go unpunished. Thanks for the heads up. Sorry your effort seems to have become an opportunity for others to demonstrate their cleverness. I’ll be picking a couple of lowers immediately per your good flag. Thank you-

  • 22winmag

    Always down the pike (not down the pipe), even on a gun blog!

  • Roy G Bunting

    Don’t buy anything you can’t use. Think of this as a way to prioritize spending rather then a path to profit. The anti-gun legislators have learned since 1994, and it would be foolish to count on being able to transfer restricted firearms, magazines or even ammunition should more laws be passed.

    If there is a hole in your collection that is likely to be banned from future sale, don’t wait. If you are not happy with the number of magazines you have, buy now. If you’ve only got a couple boxes of ammo, now may be the time to buy a case or 2 for a rainy day. The earlier you buy, the better the chance of finding what you want and getting a decent price.

    Buy smart, buy for yourself.

  • wetcorps

    I get buying things in case you can’t have them later, but you’re clearly advocating doing it for profit. Speculating.
    It bothers me a bit. Doing this is fueling the scare even more, it’s quite the vicious cycle.

  • Ambassador Vader

    This is what’s wrong with the culture not a good thing.

    • Wolfgar

      I agree, you should buy my magazines and supply all of my other firearm needs. I’ll be waiting for my care package from you with anticipation. 🙂
      How nice of you to work hard and spread your wealth just for me and others.

      • Ambassador Vader

        Lol hold your breath while waiting on that care package. I get it it’s a capitalist society, but just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Gouging people for rights people are given by birth is equivalent to gouging people with aids for medication.

        • Wolfgar

          Your confused! This is a time of plenty and if people wish to stock up now for potential profit or so they can have what they need is smart. If a ban occurs then the price will be decided by supply and demand. If a ban doesn’t occur then their profit speculation will have failed. That is called risk taking not an immoral act. Trying to stock up after a ban has been implemented is stupid and will create the shortages and price increases. This article was about being one of the smart ones who planned ahead, not the other ones who are left holding their—— in the wind.

          • Ambassador Vader

            I understand the economics of it. I see something ethically wrong with profiting off of restrictions and lack of basic human rights. But it also creates artificial shortages.

          • Wolfgar

            Then all of the people who profited off the 1986 machine gun ban were unethical? The people who are unethical are the people in power who create these unconstitutional laws or threaten to pass them. This isn’t a natural disaster that could not be for seen but a man made one. Like I stated before this is a time of plenty so if a person doesn’t feel compelled to act while they can then they shouldn’t complain about having to pay exorbitant prices later on if a ban comes to fruition..

          • Ambassador Vader

            I do think they were unethical. It was the mind set of stock up before a ban rather than fight the ban. So were those who made the laws. The whole point of having fire arms is to prevent tyranny, not profit off of others suffering from it. Just like kids today didn’t have the chance to purchase fire arms before 1986. It’s not because they didn’t want to, they weren’t given the option.

          • Wolfgar

            There are more full autos on the market today because of the people who had the foresight to register as many receivers as they possibly could. They created no shortages. The same goes for people who stock up now during time of plenty. I agree 100% with your other comments about tyranny. It is sad we are even talking about this. When I was young, I would have never believed my country would wonder so far off course when I got older. Sad!

          • Ambassador Vader

            It truly is sad, and I partially agree that there is no shortage. I would say they are not extinct more so then there is no shortage. I mean by definition there is a shortage due to the fact there is more demand then there is supply which drastically raises the price, but it leaves it out of the hands of the common man. I would love to legally own a fully automatic ar, but I can’t go and drop $20,000 for one. It’s not realistic. It has transferred a god given right into an exorbitant luxury. America wasn’t founded on the idea that any man can have rights, so long as he pays a ludicrous amount for them. I see that as the unethical part, and the people that continue that system. A kid today could theoretically buy one today, but realistically, no they cannot.

  • Oldtrader3

    What a noble goal in life: to gouge others?

    • Edeco

      To help others by using ones resources to hold on to things the others may want in the future but don’t realize they will.

  • Wolfgar

    I guess the stock exchange, retailers and others who for see a need in the future are also criminals. It is like people who stock up on food when there is plenty and then after a disaster become hoarders in the minds of others because they spent their money on frivolous things instead of food. Grass hopper and the ant story comes to mind. Supply and demand has always been the cost of commodities. People have made and lost fortunes speculating on land, silver, gold, oil etc. Anybody who lived through the idiotic clinton magazine ban will understand James opinion is right on the money.

  • Mich978a

    I know this is not going to go over well and I am ready for the negative comments. Say I have 40+ new P-Mags / USGI that I paid $8 to $15 and several extra lowers and parts all purchased in the last couple years because I knew that eventually there will be anti-gun legislation that will pass or being proposed. I look at it as an investment as the prices will not get much lower and I have the resources to purchase it so why not and my purchasing it is not hoarding as there is plenty to be had.

    NOW….. There is either legislation or a big scare that may actually turn into legislation and I have people who are willing to pay me $40 per mag or double for the other parts then will I say “nope just give me a couple of extra dollars and we will call it a day” no, I will take the money because it is what the market can support and we are capitalist economy and I have something someone else wants. If you buy stocks and your dividends increase and your stock price doubles because 2 companies merge BUT 4 thousand people are our out of work what do you do? Sell and cash the dividend check or send the money back and not cash the check and I know it is a terrible ethical dilemma as you are profiting here.

    How is it gouging when someone is willing to pay for a scarce or limited resource that I thought possible and I was wise enough to stock up on ahead of time. I am sorry to say but that is just smart business as you wanna buy low and sell high. I will sell items for the amount people are willing to pay, no more or less, and if they do not want to pay $40 for a pmag then they do not have to. I will price things a bit lower than everyone else, 5 dollars per mag so that I can sell the 20 quickly with less haggling.

    Tell me you would not sell 10 mags you paid $100 for if someone wants to pay you $50 for them and make $400 profit! I could also be stuck with a bunch of pmags and parts that I later will either use or sell at cost so I can l loose out on the deal. I will not vote for her but chances are are better than not that Hillary will win and this will come to pass and I will engage in selling my surplus.

    Ok let’s have it! Lol

  • David G

    People are saying we don’t need to worry because Presidents can’t change laws yet without congress or the Supreme Court, we now have different regulations on suppressors and other class 3 purchases. Obama just waved his pen on his own.

  • Lee Enfield

    I’m pretty sure that the next AWB will also restrict the parts supply or force date/SN to be added so that prople stocked up with lowers will not legally be able to assemble a rifle even if they have a pre-ban lower. Of coarse if they do that “some” people may be inclined to ignore the law. Just some people.