CMC AK Triggers Shipping Out Soon

Remember our post about CMC Trigger’s new drop-in trigger kit for AK-47 pattern rifles from last year? Well it looks like they’re going to ship out soon. Their new modular drop-in trigger that they also showed off at the 2016 SHOT Show is one of only a few aftermarket AK trigger that are available so far, ALG Defense as well as Elftmann Tactical are a few of the other trigger makers that have jumped into the AK market. The AR-15 on the other hand has a ton of aftermarket triggers available.

Fellow TFB writer Rusty got a chance to try out the new CMC AK trigger at the SHOT Show and he seemed to have liked it. I currently have a Tapco G2 trigger in my Yugo N-PAP rifle and while I like it I wouldn’t mind replacing it for something a bit better. While we don’t know an exact release date just yet, CMC Triggers posted on their Instagram page that they will be building them soon and they should be shipping out to distributors next week. We do know that they will have an MSRP of $225. Elftmann Tactical’s AK-47 Trigger retails at $295 while ALG Defense’s AKT trigger retails at just $49.

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  • andrey kireev

    $225 seems little high for an AK… they would make more business if they got it down to about $150

    • Rousso

      $150 would seem too high for an AK, too…
      AK is a rifle designed to arm the hords of barbarians of all kinds, this price is outrageous

      • Jwedel1231

        1998 called, it wants its opinions about AKs back.

        AKs today are high quality, well made weapons that rival ARs in price and performance.

        • Rousso

          That’s interesting.
          Because in the late 80’s, before the ban, some of the finest REAL AK rifles were being sold for a few hundred dollars and Mericans didn’t like them.

          • javierjuanmanuel

            Why did they buy millions of aks if they did not like them ?

  • SkyGolfer

    I have a new Zastava N-PAP and I just put an AKT trigger in it, not as easy as a drop in (a small amount of filing was required) but I have go to say: THAT TRIGGER IS FANTASTIC. I am new to the AK platform but not to rifle shooting and I have to say I am impressed.

  • DanGoodShot

    I dropped(I should more correctly say fitted) an ALG into my S12. Outstanding trigger at $50. There is no way in my opinion, that a trigger could be that much better than the ALG to necessitate an increase to $225. Thats just nuts. Sounds to me that they are just trying to drive the AK trigger market up to the ridiculously high levels of AR triggers. As far as AR triggers go, $20, a mil-spec trigger and a bit of time and know how and I have an exceptional trigger. Personally, I couldn’t ever pay over $100 for any AR triggers, let alone one for an AK. Thats just me.

    • Dave Y

      I have the ALG trigger in an AK as well, and at first it didn’t work. NOT ALG’s fault, it was poor machining on the part of the manufacturer of the receiver. I managed to fix it with a dog leg pin brace from Brownells. Once the trigger pins were more securely held in place, the ALG trigger was quite a significant improvement over both stock and the Tapco US 922r compliance triggers I’ve used.

      One thing that is missing, which is common in AR drop in triggers is the lack of creep and the corresponding crisp break. I would say the ALG trigger is every bit as good as the AR ‘enhanced’ triggers I’ve used, and probably better, but I’ve yet to field an AR drop in trigger that was not better in feel and precision than the ALG. Of course, at under 50 bucks, I can have 3-4 ALG triggers for one AR drop in trigger and if we’re talking AK’s, obviously as this article shows I can have a bunch more. If I get more AKs, I’ll get more ALG triggers without hesitation.

      If this or the other AK offerings do help tighten up the trigger of the AK further, then of course it’s a matter of is it worth it for the end user.

      Only the end user can make that decision. If the market disagrees, the price will come down.

  • Jwedel1231

    I kind of want someone to sue CMC for patent infringement on this product.

  • AKSU

    The whole point of an AKM is cheap. Cheap rifles and cheap ammo. This defeats the attraction of the platform. I’m happy with my G2 trigger.

    • Rousso

      That’s right
      Cheap rifles for third world countries, I have said that a lot of times here. The attraction of AK for American shooter is in the price tag: you can stuff them with cookies, bury them in sand, make some cool videos for Youtube.

    • BrandonAKsALot

      Have you been in the AK market long? This is no longer the case and hasn’t been for 3-4 years now. AK’s have officially eclipsed AR’s in price. Boutique AK’s are becoming a very real thing. Look at the recent popularity of all the custom shops who put a spit and shine on AK’s. The allure of the AK for some was the cost effectiveness, but many, including myself, just happen to love them.

      • USMC03Vet

        Still cheaper to shoot. The cheaper initial price is long gone if you actually want to shoot it. 5.56 ammo prices are becoming stupid.

        • BrandonAKsALot

          Steel case 5.56 really isn’t much more than 7.62×39. If we’re going for bottom of the barrel here, they are pretty comparable.