Rebuttal – Why I Choose to Use PMAGs

The moment TFBTV contributor and Senior Writer Alex Capps stated he doesn’t use PMAGs, I swear I heard a collective gasp from the Modern Sporting Rifle crowd. Blasphemy! How dare one not worship at the alter of Magpul and drink the kool-aid?!? Or, at the very least, worship lesser gods such as Lancer, ETS, Hexmag, etc, etc, etc.

While I will cede that the PMAG Gen 1 was to be improved upon and that PMAG’s may not be compatible with all Modern Sporting Rifles (which there is a reason the FN2000 is on and off again, but I digress…), the PMAG is the gold standard by which all other magazines are measured. Literally, read an AR magazine review and its impossible not to compare a PMAG, and its rise to the top is not just because of clever marketing.

Why I choose PMAGs:

No more bent feed lips, dents, or dings.

  • One of the biggest benefits of the PMAG in my mind is the utter lack of bent metal. Yes, they will snap given sufficient applied force but when one goes bad, it goes bad permanently. I know many a service member who got what likely was a good USGI magazine only to find out in the middle of a fight or range evolution that found it bind up, kink, feed incorrectly, or otherwise malfunction due to dinged stamped metal that would otherwise not phase a PMAG.


Ammo Count

  • Standard PMAGs do not have this advantage, but all the various window versions do. I dont like guessing on remaining ammunition.

Lighter Vs. Steel Magazines

  • Alex showed a select example of what was likely an aluminum bodied magazine. PMAGS are lighter than the USGI steel magazines. There is a reason the UK MOD switched from megal magazines to EMAGs for the L85. Weight was one of the largest factors.
  • I, for one, will never use aluminum magazines. Weaker than steel (just look to the Ford vs. Chevvy commercials going on now as an example).


  • If one shoots competitively in anything other than a “stock” class, a higher capacity magazine is an absolute must. Sorry, but USGI is only made in 30 or less rounds and if one brings up the Surefire, I have some stage times with Surefire malfunctions to show you… PMAGs are offered in 30 and 40 rounds from the factory with numerous aftermarket extensions.
  • We can of course also look to Ranger Plates and other add-ons as well.


Handling Sand

  • Metal magazines are a drag on bullets. Adding sand makes it even worse. Drag makes magazines malfunction. PMAGs handle sand better in my experience.

Constant Improvement

  • Alex speaks to the various generations as if that is a bad thing. If anything, it shows how quickly companies can react to feedback. The Generation M3 features over-insertion stops and is fully compatible with the HK series weapons. I dont see any stops on USGI…
  • Plus, who uses a SCAR anyways? 😉



  • I can often shoot with some battle-rattle and a nearly empty magazine “sproings” as badly as an AR buffer tube. I know it does not relate to function, but dag-nabbit, its annoying.


  • 90% of being tacticool is looking the part. USGI magazines are boring old black and or grey.



Well, there you have it. Take it or leave it.

Praise be to Magpul!


Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

The above post is my opinion and does not reflect the views of any company or organization.


  • LCON

    It’s One of those End user things. depends on what you are feeding and Preferences Some will swear by brand X well others will proclaim it the worst thing since the Bubonic plague.

  • EzGoingKev

    I need to write and submit “Why I Don’t Care What Mags You Use” response article.

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      Ha. That would be a fun one. Hmmmm.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Mine starts with “Please press ALT-F4 now”.

    • John

      “While people argue between removable steel and polymer mags for their AR-15, I’ve nailed all my targets dead center with my grandfather’s lever-action. Score: 1 for me, zero for them.”

      • Sid Collins

        And your reload time is what exactly?

        • DJ9r

          I’m guessing he doesn’t know, but I bet you could time it with a sundial.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    When I used to shoot steel cased a lot I would have problems feeding the first round from a metal magazine. Not problems with the PMags. All a result of the friction on the feedliips.

    • n0truscotsman

      thats one thing ive noticed for quite a while too. the lowered friction is one of the reasons why pmags are so reliable.

      Pmags are a deal too good to pass up IMO.

  • Jack

    God bless having the options and the ability to choose what you want.
    PS the steel vs aluminum argument is misleading at best, disingenuous at worst. It smacks of the metal vs polymer or “knock down” power arguments. FWIW.
    I’m going to go shoot my EMAGs(they look cool) now.

  • BillC

    Sorry, dude. The window for mags is a joke. They are just there for looks. If you’re empty, change mags. If you’re worried about remaining rounds in a mag, change mags.

    • Joshua

      Yet the NZDF selected windowed gen 3 Pmags to be the standard issue magazine for their LMT carbines.

      • Spencerhut

        I know a guy from New Zealand that jumped off a bridge . . .

        • John

          It was during hurricane season. He jumped so he could approach the sick waves better, with a tanker under his arm. . .

          • mbrd

            i thought he was really nuts and took out a fish. that’s the story i heard anyway.

        • mbrd

          jeez… i’m glad i don’t live in new zealand!

      • BillC

        So? Militaries and police forces worldwide and throughout time have made bad or “useless” decisions on firearms, gear, and equipment.
        Because New Zealand chose windowed mags proves nothing. Maybe the guy in charge of procurement really just loves looking at brass in a loaded mag and thought it was neat-o.
        Still doesn’t change that glancing at round count effectively has little to no added value in the real world.

        • jono102

          For the NZDF the P Mag was selected as it was the most reliable mag throughout the trials as all but 1 of the rifles took AR15 mags. Other mags included L5’s, G.I.’s and a few produced by the rifle manufactures.
          The ability to see what rounds you have left in a mag becomes kind of useful after a while because after a while of dropping partial mags doing top ups, its a lot easier to keep track of what you have left especially when you need to provide an ammo state or redistribute ammo in a team.

          • bucherm

            “For the NZDF the P Mag was selected as it was the most reliable mag
            throughout the trials as all but 1 of the rifles took AR15 mags.”

            But that wouldn’t have mattered if it were windowed or not. I guess if you’re buying LMTs you don’t care about an extra $2 a mag(or whatever they charged difference is for bulk buys).

            FWIW, my interaction with Commonwealth militaries, and their chronically short supply of stuff that even skinflint Marines have plenty of(field cable for comms, mags) makes me think that they would have been better served not paying the extra cash and getting more non-windowed pmags to units.

          • jono102

            Exactly, it performed the best on all the rifles over L5, G.I’s etc it was used on and was selected on that basis. The window was a bonus and a “preferred option” as it suits how we currently operate and are used to with the clear Steyr mags.
            When a rifle project includes all accessories (optics, lasers and torches) mag price is largely irrelevant and you get what worked best if your smart.
            Personally I’ve never been short of comm’s cable or mags but when working with US forces who tend to dump or write off a lot of serviceable or repairable kit, why not acquire it. Especially when AR mags can go for $60 – $120 per mag in NZ.

    • Pistolero

      I’ve often seen the window portion of the magazine crack. Anyone else??

      • BillC

        Maybe, but it’s anecdotal at best. I only have a few windowed mags I bought ages ago because I thought they were neat-o at the time, but I haven’t had that part fail.

        I’ve had all mags eventually fail or wear out. Feed lips spread on both aluminum and pmags (but it happens so much faster on loaded pmags w/o their little tension relief cap, but you can’t use the tension relief cap when the mag is in a pouch). Springs eventually wear out on both from use, but is an easy fix for both kinds of mags.

        I personally haven’t bent an aluminum mag, but I have had the spines crack on a couple pmags. Either way, just buy a lot of mags and treat them as the are, disposable, consumable items. They break eventually. Move on. Just don’t buy into the windows, it isnt worth the few extra bucks. That’s money that can half-way buy a brand new alum mag from PSA with an anti-tilt follower.

        • Bill

          “I’ve had all mags eventually fail or wear out.”

          Agree again; I tend to think of magazines as consumables with a limited lifecycle.

    • Bill

      Agreed. Magazines are either Full or Not Full. Exactly how many rounds are in them is relatively unimportant, assuming the shooter can actually hit what they are aiming at.

  • Cal S.

    HAHA! As many good points as to why one wouldn’t use them. After all, it’s all in why and what you prefer for yourself.

  • DW

    Someone please come out and say why He doesn’t use detachable magazine at all and M1 Garand masterrace

    • LG

      My M1941 Johnson does’t even need detachable magazines or clips. I can load individually or from stripper clips from the side port with a loaded chamber or partially filled magazine. It is always ready to go. Beat that Pmag!

      • ostiariusalpha

        I have a Krag-Jørgensen, and being able to top off a partial magazine is nice, but it’s not the same as having a detachable drum mag.

      • TheMaskedMan

        Screw that, my single-shot rifle doesn’t use magazines, springs, or anything that the Amish would find unacceptable.

        • Jwedel1231

          Ultimate in magazine reliability and compatibility: the single shot rifle. Never have a magazine-induced malfunction, ever again!

        • Ken

          I’ve seen Amish shopping for AR’s and compound bows before. It was a cool sight. They really like hunting and sport shooting.

          • Evan

            I shoot in Lancaster County, and I’ve never seen the Amish anywhere near a firearm. I have seen a bunch of Menonites at Cabela’s, but never in the gun section. And I thought the Amish didn’t use guns at all, because they’re anti-militaristic in extremis. If you don’t grow mustaches because you find mustaches to militaristic, it would be absurd to use guns.

          • DeathFromTheShadows

            Ive lived side by side and dealt with the Amish, they don’t use firearms nor archery equipment…

          • mbrd

            there are a variety of “amish” out there, with an accompanying variety of practices and proclivities.

            i’ve seen pennsylvania dutch folk in cars with chrome bumpers, as well as in cars with all chrome painted black. i’ve seen a bicycle with the crankset removed, and a platform welded (welded!) forward of the bottom bracket, to make it into a scooter – i.e. less mechanical.

            the few mennonites i know have little to no reticence where modernity is concerned.

            i can only imagine some amish use guns and bows.

          • DeathFromTheShadows

            No there are not varieties of Amish, there are similar Religions TO Amish such as the Anabaptist and Mennonites that do use machines and electricity, that forbid bright colors, but they are NOT Amish

          • DeathFromTheShadows

            No there are not varieties of Amish, there are similar Religions TO Amish such as the Anabaptist and Mennonites that do use machines and electricity, that forbid bright colors, but they are NOT Amish, And the Pennsylvania Dutch were not Amish, the Amish are of Old German Heritage

    • Blake

      the two SKSs in the safe agree with you.

    • Andrew Miller

      My Enfield No 4 Mk 1 and the No 1 Mk 3 can be topped off with “Charger Clips” at whim and the magazine detaches.

      Plus the No 1 has the handy “magazine cutoff” so if I feel the urge I can load one at a time.

      Now, to just find ammo to put in it so I can shoot again.

  • Bob

    Proofread much?

  • Joshua

    Here’s some fun facts that don’t effect the average civilian shooter.

    Pmags are proven to be 300% more reliable than the current tan follower GI mags.

    Pmags completely negate damage to the M4 cuts in the aluminum upper from the steel tip of M855A1 due to the increased feed geometry of the magazine. The Army is attempting to mimic this in their new GI magazine that is replacing the tan follower magazine.

    Pmags are also easier to disassemble for cleaning/maintenance and can be done as often as needed. GI mags have a finite amount of times they can be taken apart before the floor plate gives out.

    If a Pmag is broke, it’s broke. If a GI mag is broke, it likely isn’t easy to tell and will be cycled to new soldiers who will then have a faulty magazine in combat(this happens all the time).

    • jono102

      We took to spraying un-servicable Steyr mags with Dazzle spray paint (florescent stuff) to stop some of our store creatures re-issuing them. When they started butchering 3 stuffed mags to get 1 we started stomping the crap out of them to crush the feed lips, spring and follower. Needless to say that put a stop to their practices.

    • mbrd

      “increased feed geometry”? uh… oh wait, does this mean the round is chambered at a steeper angle? thinking as i am typing (check it out mom, i’m multitasking!).

    • mbrd

      increased feed angle. one cannot increase geometry.

  • Tim

    Why P-mags for me:

    1: I just have a AR15, and they have proven reliable in it.

    2: When the panic buying was in full swing, Magpul was able to produce them fast enough to keep up with demand.

    3: Free shipping from my preferred vender makes them cheaper than any other quality type/brand. I can buy 1, 2, or 15 as my budget allows without having to take shipping into consideration.

    4: Did I mention they work?

    • John L.

      Who’s your preferred vendor?

      • Tim

        AIM Surplus

  • David W.


  • Badwolf

    thanks nathan! all is right with the world again!

  • Spencerhut

    My #1 preference is Lancer in .223 and 308 platforms. Lancers have all the benefits of GI mags & PMAG with none of the problems of either.
    Proper followers from the factory.
    Work in everything I have tried.

    Clear & smoke are available if you need to see your rounds.
    Spring steel feed lips
    Easy to take apart and clean

    • Evaris

      Agreed on lancer mags, I enjoy my transparent, practically indestructible mags.

    • notalima

      I have several Lancer 20 and 30rd mags. None of them like to be fully topped off. The 30s sometimes have issues feeding the first round (so I down load to 29) and the 20s don’t like anything over 18. Is this common for Lancers or did I just get all of mine from bad batches?

      I don’t have these issues with any of my (100+) PMags. Irritates me as I have no other issues with the Lancers at all, just if topped off.

      • ProLiberty82

        They had a batch with bad followers, if your mags have the ones marked 3/15 (on the follower) that might be the reason, contact Lancer and they will get you new ones.

        The one thing I’m not to crazy about with the L5AWM is that you can tap the cartridges out of the mag by holding them upside down and smacking the base pad like a ketchup bottle, but not really a problem in real use when you have them in a gun or sturdy pouches.

    • BrandonAKsALot

      Lancers are my favorites as well. I have had the translucent chip at the front from use, but other than that, they work beautifully. Being an AK guy, I love the steel feed lips even though I know they are a bit overkill.

    • My L5 and AWM magazines will pop rounds out into the action when inserted smartly.

      • Spencerhut

        Done thousands of loads with full Lancers, never had one pop a round out.

    • Cuvie

      I really wish Lancer would make AK mags. With their polymer bodies and steel feed lips, they probably make the best affordable AK mags on the market

    • nova3930

      I like the lancers. My only complaint is they’re a little more $ than Magpul or GI.

      • Spencerhut

        Yeah, but I don’t care. Not enough money to worry about.

  • Cymond

    I really thought USGI magazines were aluminum, and the steel magazines are just aftermarket.

    • ostiariusalpha

      The aluminum 30 rounder is the standard contract mag, but there are steel bodied mags in the military inventory:
      NSN 1005-01-373-2775
      NSN 1005-01-520-5992

      • Joe

        PMAGS have NSN Numbers too.

        • ostiariusalpha

          That’s because they are also USGI mags, the military bought more than a few. The confusion is in thinking that the standard contract mags are the same as USGI or STANAG (which also aren’t the same thing as each other).

        • Preface: I am not necessarily talking in this post about the Pmag simply refuting that NSN numbers are really relevant.

          It should be noted that getting a NSN is trivially easy. And that having a NSN doesn’t necessarily mean that there is any authorization for units to purchase it.

          • ostiariusalpha

            Units are not necessarily allowed to purchase even standard contract mags without permission, that has no bearing on what makes a mag USGI.

  • McThag

    If it’s not aluminum bodied, it’s not USGI… Just sayin’.

    • ostiariusalpha

      Yes, there are steel bodied USGI mags:
      NSN 1005-01-373-2775
      NSN 1005-01-520-5992

      • Zachary marrs

        One of those NSN’s is for a 1911 grip saftey.

        When someone says USGI, they pretty much always mean aluminum. I’ve never seen someone refer to HK’s as USGI

        • ostiariusalpha

          Ha ha! Oops! That’s supposed to be NSN 1005-01-373-2774. Accidentally typed 5 instead at the end. Good catch!

  • Kyle

    I’d take those Chevy vs Ford commercials with a big grain of salt. First, it really is only a matter of time till Chevy has to incorporate more aluminum into their truck bodies. They are going to have to so they can up the MPG and be competitive in the north with all the snow and salt. Second, who doesn’t get a bed liner on a new truck these days? Third if for some insane reason you are to cheap to get the bed lined on your 30k to 60k truck, the aluminum bed take took some bigger dings and what not but it isn’t going to rust and take additional damage over the years while it is just sitting in the driveway. Those commercials are dumb. I’m saying this as a guy who owns a Chevy and plans on buying another one.

    • Felipe

      In order for those tests to net the desired results, they also need to drop a bunch of large pointy stuff into the bed from an unrealistic height. As you pointed out, who wouldn’t have a bed liner if they intended on using the truck for hauling that kind of stuff?

      I want to stay on topic so I’ll just say that Pmags have been my “go to” mag for years since I only have AR’s to use them in and they work great for me. I’d love to pick up some translucent Lancers but they’re quite a bit more expensive than standard Pmags and no one ever has them in stock.

      • Kyle

        lol oh yeah, I totally use P-Mags. Hell most of mine are still the Gen 1 versions and I have never had a problem with them.

      • mbrd

        “on topic”? i thought we were talking about truck advertisements…

    • DeathFromTheShadows

      your FvC comment is incorrect Aluminum bodies in the north are already proven unviable in the long run. Commercial class trucks such as cube vans already use aluminum boxes, Due to the use of road salt in the winter time in the north, these boxes have a very finite lifespan as a result of the electrolysis that the salt causes. Full truck bodies which are lower and will be sprayed directly with the salt due to the tires throwing it up increases salt buildup 1000 fold. Steel holds up to salt better than aluminum, in fact the manufacturers stopped using aluminum based trim pieces for this vey reason, a 3 year life span.

  • Ed

    In the end who gives a crap. People use what works for them. If its GI or magpul they use what they like. Tired of tactics coolers barking at other so disagrees with there pmag or H&K or other must have crap. Let people choose what they want Nathen

  • MAF

    “I, for one, will never use aluminum magazines. Weaker than steel (just look to the Ford vs. Chevvy commercials going on now as an example)”

    WIth all respect, this is just dumb. Aluminum can outperform steel in many situations, it depends on the requirements and the design. Are you going to start complaining now that most of your AR15 should be redesigned out of steel?

    • Bill

      Not many steel airplanes, either.

    • buzzman1

      When the army adopted the M-249 they found they couldn’t use the aluminum mags the army had adopted. The retaining lips of aluminum mags spread so much after just one use that they caused double feeds when used in the 249. Even decades old steel mags worked fine.

    • DeathFromTheShadows

      the people who make these ignorant comments simply do not understand metallurgy, they don’t understand metal alloys, grades, hardening procedures and so forth, that actually determine which metal to use, after all the first factor in production considerations is cost the second is price and the third is money, then comes the physical ability of materials that will be selected. Look at ar lowers for example: Aluminum, Polymer, and Magnesium alloy are all used with equal effectiveness…

  • Vitor Roma

    Is that an arak-21 in the picture?

    • Cymond


  • iksnilol

    Eh, if I need high capacity for a competition I feel I should just take a 100-150 round doubledrum.

  • Did the British military ever issue aluminum (aluminium) magazines? I have some steel magazines, and they are probably easily the heaviest 30-round AR-platform magazines ever made. For EMAGs to be lighter than those is stupid simple.

    • jono102

      It was possibly one of the mags designed to fix some of the issues on the SA-80 before or around the time H&K help produced the A2. I have used H&K mags in the past that felt like they had 5-10rds in them when empty.

    • MichaelZWilliamson

      Sterling made mags are steel, but the springs in the ones I got sucked and had to be replaced.

  • Bill

    It’s probably easier to just identify the relatively few brands of magazines that reliably suck. Otherwise, they are just boxes of springs and bullets.

  • Bill

    All Mags Matter.

  • Sean

    The reasons for NOT using PMags were totally valid. The reasons for using them are totally valid.

  • Dan Atwater

    I’m a special snowflake so I use AUG mags and they work superbly!

  • David G

    Good rebuttal with solid points. Enjoyed both articles.

  • wjkuleck

    I think you meant “concede” rather than “cede”; I’m certain you meant “faze” instead of “phase.” Yes, “faze” is a word, and the right word in this context 🙂 . Grammar Pedant Out!

  • Paul Russo

    Metal mags worked good enough for me , an come on a window , real men count rounds , oh an the Chevy – Ford thing gees How many yrs have Airplanes an Subs been built outta aluminum,

  • Kivaari

    OK, My GI magazines all have Magpul “no-tilt” followers. Are they OK. Hell, I put them in the GI magazines even though they worked fine without them. Some of my early LBE would not close over Magpul, so I “needed” GI mags.

  • DanGoodShot


  • Sam

    It’s funny the author said he’d never use aluminum mags. The military doesn’t issue steel magazines (as far as I’ve ever heard) and aluminum mags have been winning wars for decades and decades.

    Does any branch of the military even issue pmags? I dunno. I moved to pmags and started moving back away from them. Aluminum USGI mags are it for me.

  • FarmerB

    I only ever use P-Mags in my Ruger #1 in .375 H&H. And I don’t need the window version since the belt shows above the follower if it’s “loaded” with a round.

  • imtoomuch

    I’ll say it. Hexmags are better than PMags. They work just as well if not better and they are cheaper too.

  • dhdoyle

    Sorry for the late post. I thought I’d share some of Pat Rogers’ explanation of why he preferred Pmags. He liked them because if one were damaged, you knew it and you threw it away immediately. The feed lips cracked if they were pushed out of position. Obvious flaw.

    With metal magazines, you probably didn’t know that the feed lips were bad until one caused a double feed. (Nobody carries a magazine feed lip gauge.) The other problem is that a magazine with bad feed lips still looks OK to the casual observer. There’s an impulse to save a bad magazine, rather than crushing it right then and there.

  • glenn cheney

    Correction Sirs: That collective gasp heard last week was not the angst over the aluminum vs. plastic wars, it was ME, when after searching through top retail at 15 bucks plus, and finding OUT OF STOCK everywhere, I came upon a sale….I know, I’m not consuming edibles from Colorado, no munching on green hamster cage straw……it was me finding the SALE at 9.99……the gasp was the limit TEN PER, and I cashed out, took my poly flinger’s and left the game.
    Yup….I’m happy now….secure in the knowledge I got the last PMag @9.99…..
    It’s sorta like that last tank of 1.65 a gallon 93 octane I got ten years ago, as gas took that climb to two bucks chuck! Yup, I still recall that full tank at 1.65, very satisfying…car ran on that “mag.” Yup….We won’t talk about all those other full retail MSRP’s we’ve chewed upon during our wandering days.
    Carry on.

  • -Andrew

    Not an aluminum frame, just body panels. Ford still uses steel for their frames.

    • DeathFromTheShadows

      Not according to Ford, nor the hands on I had with a cousin’s 150

  • Treiz

    Aluminum vs steel = ford vs Chevy

    Lol, yet the Ford has a better crash rating…

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    “Literally, read an AR magazine review and its impossible not to compare a PMAG, and its rise to the top is not just because of clever marketing.”

    Yes, it is.

    “Everyone compares to these” is not an endorsement.

    You might as well claim, “Everyone is comparing themselves to Trump/Hillary.”

  • MichaelZWilliamson

    Looking further, this article is ridiculous fanboi-ism.

    USGI mags are not steel.

    The AR SERIES RIFLES ARE MADE OF ALUMINUM. So if aluminum is really a problem for you, perhaps you’re using the wrong rifle.

    There are various alloys of aluminum. That particular alloy is as strong as most steels, and lighter.

    Ah, the “bent feed lips” issue, which, in 30 years of use, 25 of them military, has never been a problem for me.

    You know what has been a problem for me? Plastic mags. Every brand from Thermelt to Orlite to Magpuke.

    They don’t reliably drop free. They don’t reliably lock the bolt back, and they crack at the joint and have feeding problems, regardless of the lip shape.

    I really have to question these articles, because I’ve never tried a plastic AR mag that wasn’t complete crap. And even when other people admit this is a fact, they still cover up with, “But they are good quality.”

    A product that doesn’t fit and doesn’t work is not good quality, even if carved from jade by Chinese elves.

  • Markius Fox

    Just a point of contention about Steel versus Aluminium. The AR-10 was designed to use Aluminium in its construction because it was lighter and stronger than what could be gotten from a steel construction of the firearm. The same is true with the Steel vs Aluminium debate with Chevy’s and Ford’s. “But…STEEL!” Yes! That means it’s HEAVY. Go ahead, measure their weight. Pound for pound, the Ford is better. Now, the debate could go on and on about torque numbers and the circle jerk that is MOAR HORSPOWAR. At the end of the day, the Ford is lighter, which means it can tow more, with better economy than the Chevy competition. And yes, that is partly due to the choice of using HURR STEEL versus “wimpy” Aluminium.

    But what does that talk filled with motor oil and gasoline have to do with STANAG 4179 magazines? Well. Everything. And again, the same thing was seen when the AR-15 was being fielded. “That thing is ALUMINUM, it ain’t strong like STEEL.” But it was lighter. And if over fifty years as the US Infantry rifle is any indicator, yes, the Aluminium was quite strong for the task. So too is true for Aluminium magazines versus Steel. And in no way says that magazines should last forever. They are a replaceable and expendable part just like the barrel, a commodity that is cheap to make and to get with very high quality to boot.

  • Johnny

    I almost exclusively use Pmags for my S&M15. I only have one steel mag; a 5rounder with limiter. I modded it with brown packing tape precisely wrapped around the top, mainly to reduce magwell wear but it does make a little quieter load too.

  • DeathFromTheShadows

    Actually aluminum is not stronger, it is harder. oz to oz high grade stainless is much stronger, and less brittle. it is simply that a square aluminum tube is stiffer than an equal size steel bar, and since it is harder, it will not flex as much as an equal steel tube, however a high grade stainless tube will still be much stronger, bur still heavier. When terms like “stronger” are thrown around with out qualifications as to its definition it means nothing. were aluminum truly “stronger” they would make gun barrels out of it.

    • mbrd

      yep, when folks reduce it to one or two broad terms, they’re just throwing around assumptions. “strength to weight” just scratches the surface. how’bout rigidity versus ductility versus resilience? maybe wall thickness versus weight? how many ribs/stiffening features are incorporated into a design?

      to simply state that one metal is “stronger” than another is kind of silly.

  • mbrd

    this video irresponsibly encourages dangerous practices. one should never drop test anything while wearing flip flops – one might damage the flip flops.

  • JW

    If you’re going to run a Scar, it should be the 17s. An 8lb battle rifle in 7.62 NATO? 5.56 can suck it!

  • JW

    I don’t drink Koolaid. I drink scotch. And I will run any magazine I damn well feel like.