Ranger Point Precision – Short-Stroke Lever Action Carbines

Recently, custom-lever action rifles have piqued my interest. Steel and wood is a refreshing change from a steady diet of polymer and aluminum. Besides, every red-blooded American should have a reliable lever action in their stable.

So when I stumbled upon Ranger Point Precision (RPP) in Cypress, Texas, I was immediately intrigued. Not only did I like the styling and finish on some of their more popular models, but their short-stroke pistol caliber carbines especially caught my attention. Unique chamber offerings range from .40S&W, .357Sig, .45ACP, 10mm and a nasty looking .44 RIPSAW.


What goes into a Ranger Point Precision build? From their site:

Our conversions are not warmed over factory rifles, but are married from the action up to your caliber of choice. All critical parts are modified to produce an 1894 carbine that runs these shorter semi-auto pistol cartridges faster, smoother, more accurately, and more reliably than a factory rifle.

Here’s how:
Faster: Every one of our semi-auto 1894 pistol caliber carbines includes a short stroke conversion. This means that you move the lever significantly less to cycle the action, resulting in faster follow-up shots.

Smoother: Every one of our conversions includes our full action and trigger treatment, for the lightest, slickest action possible.

Accurate: Our conversions are built with quality Douglas barrel blanks, individually chambered, concentric to the bore, and perfectly head-spaced to your chosen cartridge. In addition, our accurizing service can deliver 3 – 5 shots in 1 inch MOA accuracy at 100 yards.

Reliable: Because every action part is modified and/or hand tuned, your converted pistol caliber carbine will run flawlessly. No feed glitches, no failures to extract or eject. Just go time. Every time.

Unique: Custom paint and wood finishes. Your choice! Add a rail, a one or two point sling, optics, etc.







Located in the Houston area in Cypress, TX, Ranger Point Precision (RPP) is a leading innovator and producer of Marlin rifle accessories, caliber conversions and custom-built firearms. With expertise in a dozen rifle and handgun brands, and a CNC equipped machine shop, we will apply our custom machining, coatings and gunsmith experience to the performance, maintenance, repair, enhancement, and refurbishing of your modern firearm.

RPP offers a battery of other custom options and parts:

  • Marlin Pistol Caliber, Short Strokes (9MM, 10MM, 44 RIPSAW, 45 ACP, 40 S&W or 357 SIG)
  • Marlin 336 30-30 AX (308ME)
  • Marlin 336 36 RPP (big and better than the 35 REM) – coming out this week
  • Marlin Papoose AR-style handguard
  • Marlin “medium” loop levers
  • Marlin scope mount rails, backup sights, night sights

Looks great, RPP. I’ll be in touch.


Lots of leverguns in one of my childhood classics: How The West Was Won.


Ranger Point Precision LLC – http://www.rangerpointprecision.com
11115 Mills Rd, # 122 Cypress, TX 77429
Hours: Tues. – Fri 10am – 5pm; Sat 10 – 3pm
P: 832-429-7044


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  • Joseph Goins

    Old school. I like it.

    Massachusetts approved.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Ugh. That makes me sad.

      • Cory C

        But these guns are old timely guns! They can’t hurt a fly, unlike the anti-aircraft weapon turned baby killer known as the AR15. Trust me, you’d much rather get shot by a .30-30 lever action rifle than an AR15, a ghost gun which shoots high capacity banana clips and has a thing that goes up. Up, I tell ya. UP!

        • Bobby Hopkins

          dummy are u saying a trillion dead deer shot and killed by 30-30 shouldnt be dead HaHaHa

          • Andy Kay


          • iksnilol

            Literally nothing has been killed with 30-30. Maybe the occasional groundhog or coyote when at the Ponderosa but otherwise no kills can be attributed to it. It is truly a peaceful cartridge.

  • Blake

    Are you telling me I can get a short-stroke 1894 carbine in 10mm Auto with P51 Mustang graphics on it?

    Where have you been all my life?

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Ha. Yes! Cypress, Texas apparently. 10mm Levergun? Yes please.

    • ozzallos .

      No, Blake. I’m trying to tell you that when you’re ready, you won’t need a short-stroke 1894 carbine in 10mm Auto with P51 Mustang graphics on it.

    • clampdown

      Make the plane F-8 Crusader and I’m in. The last of the gunfighters indeed.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Cypress, Texas where the women are bored and the backdoor is always unlocked.

    • Tassiebush

      That just all sounds like a place of opportunity!

      • adverse4

        And they are armed.

        • Tassiebush

          Sounding more attractive by the minute! If I wasn’t happily married I’d be buying plane tickets!

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        Just make sure the husband has left for work.

        • Tassiebush

          Oh husbands! I think I’ve been terribly naive. I was imagining a place of warm welcomes and free love. But love is never free…

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            If youre not willing to cheat then you dont want it bad enough.

          • iksnilol

            Or you’ve been on the other end of that equation and don’t want to be a douchenozzle of proportions somewhere between epic and legendary.

            And now I am sangry again (sad+angry).

            Like, when it comes to morals: I’d rather kill/hurt someone than cheat on someone (though I’ll admit, I sorta want to bed/make out heavily with my ex’s new boyfriend, so don’t say that I am not willing to go the mile).

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Im confused.
            You want to make out with your ex’s new BF? Thats unusual.
            Im surprised you like him that much. Is your ex a “he”? Im lost.

          • iksnilol

            Nah, I am a hetero male.

            my ex is a girl, she got together with a new guy (they’re all hetero as far as I know).

            My thinking was to embarass/mess with her to just grab him when they’re walking together and do a Casablanca level film kiss. A friend of mine did something similar when he didn’t approve of his sisters boyfriend (it worked wonderfully and they’re friends now 😛 ). But, alas, I can not do that since they both have mononucleosis at the time and will have it for acouple of months.

            Now, neither me nor my friend can really be described as “sane”. But I don’t think I’m gay, I mean, guys can look good but I don’t really wanna jump their bones.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Ah, I see.
            That would certainly scare off most guys I know.

          • iksnilol

            Yup, go balls to the wall crazy. Establish dominance.

            Be the captain.

          • Tassiebush
          • iksnilol

            What video is that? It isn’t available in my country?

            Besides, I am not jealous… I don’t even care. I am a bit bitter but not jealous. I think I’ve moved on somewhat.

          • Tassiebush

            Try this one

          • iksnilol



          • Tassiebush

            Hehe it’s a funny one isn’t it!

          • Tassiebush

            It’s definitely one of those situations where you cut your losses and forget about them.

          • iksnilol


            Besides, I got a nice car and some friends so I will manage just fine. Can’t wait for the weekend. Get messed up and enjoy life.

          • Tassiebush

            That’s the Russian Olympic team slogan right?
            Nah I’m not burdened with an oversupply of blue tip ball ammunition in need of discharging so badly that I would hazard sneaking into a rear entrance in a married household…(couldn’t think of any more double entendres.)

    • iksnilol

      How… how are the roads though?

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        They could use some work.

  • Tassiebush

    Having read Ed Harris on the mildness of .45acp from a rifle length barrel I totally want one in that configuration. I wonder if they are willing/able to export?

    • iksnilol

      You could also go for .50 GI, even lower pressure than .45 acp.

  • M1911

    I have an odd attraction to the idea of a 10mm lever gun with a red dot.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      That’s not odd. It’s correct.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      I wonder if there is any way to do one in a .40/10mm combo?

      • maodeedee

        If the extractor is fitted well enough then the 40 will work in a 10mm chamber. That’s why you can shoot 40 S&W in a 10mm chambered Glock model 20 all day long, because the Glock extractor is a heavy duty spring-loaded claw and both cartridges are based on the same case.
        And so with the Glock, the 40 S&W headspaces on the extractor claw and not the case mouth and the extractor claw holds it firmly against the breech when the firing pin strikes it.
        The only possible change that might be necessary in the MKarlin might be a different primer spring and to limit firing pin travel.

  • Anonymous

    And yet still it seems nobody makes a levergun is 5.56 or 7.62 that takes AR or M-14 or FAL magazines. I’d fling money at someone who’d make a good looking lever gun that doesn’t have the leg of a crippled robot orphan as a stock and i could stick a beta mag onto.

    • DW

      The leverthrow probably would not clear the magazine. Or would you want the magazine to be inserted from the side?

      • Jacob

        I’d take side loading .223/5.56 lever gun. Might not be practical, but I bet it would be fun.

        • DW

          It would be rad AF

        • Tassiebush

          Give it a Krag Jorgensen style mag

      • Justin Coone

        why dont Savage bring back the 1899 in it? “hint hint” is it sad im 28 and i know what a Savage 1899 is?

        • Tassiebush

          Not sad! It gives me hope that there are more like you!

      • iksnilol

        Could probably work with a short throw lever.

        • Jacob

          A Krag-Jorgensen style would be cool, and it looks like others have made one. maybe we could do a kickstarter, haha

    • Giolli Joker

      Maybe a Browning BLR could be customized to have that feature… a quick google sesrch gives a photo of BLR modified by Armalon (UK) accepting AR15 magazine.

  • GaryOlson

    Somebody please tell Santa I want one. I’m not picky.

    • ozzallos .

      Too bad they’re not coverting modern 1894s over. But who am I to suggest they target a wider demographic versus the increasingly rarer JM supply?

      • iksnilol

        Maybe they do so because of quality concerns. I think it is bad for business to use crappy rifles as bases.

  • Jason

    45 ACP lever gun with a threaded barrel + SilencerCo Hybrid……..now THAT would be awesome

    • uisconfruzed

      I bought the Hybrid for a 44/45 levergun. Now I need to get the gun.

    • 35Whelan

      Grab some 45 Super brass and load it warm. Now you can fire magnum power rounds AND 45 ACP. Hybrid is sweet sauce.

  • -J Johnson

    WTF? “semi-auto 1894 pistol caliber carbines”. WTF?

    • Tom

      The conversion is so it can take rimless ammo (which they are calling semi auto) not making the rifle itself semi auto, which would I think be all kinds of awesome.

  • Charles Brumbelow

    FWIW, in the 1950s I think it was, one of the then big name surplus gun dealers was importing Winchester 92s which had been converted to .45ACP. Supposedly these were ex law enforcement. Always wondered how they shot and how reliable they were.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Ok, so question, since in that time .45ACP was all FMJ, was there any worry about primer-to-nose detonation in the mag tube?

      .40, .357Sig, 10mm all tend to be flat nose which I assume runs fine in Levergun tubes? Especially JHP.

      • Giolli Joker

        Given the very round ogive of the .45 FMJ and its limited recoil in a rifle, I’m pretty sure that the risk of the bullet nose indenting the primer in front is about zero.
        However I would still not take chances and go for flat/JHP.
        It could be tested in a fairly safe way, though:
        a primed case (no powder nor bullet) at the bottom (primer up) of a suitably sized pipe kept vertical, at the top a weighted case with bullet (no primer nor powder) dropped in free fall. The primer of the bottom case can be seated a bit above the level of the base to create a worst case scenario (bad ammo), while the weight to be added on the “striker” bullet and the length of the pipe can be calculated to have a force equal to the maximum recoil force expected.

        • iksnilol

          Or just load a round in the chamber, one in the mag and one snapcap. When firing the first round, the other round in the mag should be laying against the “primer” of the snapcap.

          • Giolli Joker

            Yep, but the “primer” of the snapcap will give no real feedback on the effect of recoil… a live primer is needed, imho.

          • iksnilol


            Instead of snapcap just use a primer without anything in it (empty cup and anvil). It will still get crushed/not crushed whilst not blowing up the rifle.

          • Giolli Joker

            I don’t know how easy it is to get an “empty” primer… anyway a single primer detonating would not do any real damage to the rifle.

  • Craig Miller

    They are about a 20 minute drive from me and I have one of their large loop levers on me .30-30AI. Dropped right in. Perfect fit and cycling. Additionally, they are great to deal with. I expect to take my rifle to them for some additional work in the future.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Thanks. Great people at RPP.

    • Justin Coone

      how does the 30-30 AI shoot?

  • Giolli Joker

    It’s odd but I like the stock with the shell holder.

    What is the parent case of the .44 Ripsaw? .454 Casull?

  • Damn you. I’m genuinely pulling out my excel spread sheet to see if I could afford one, as they’d be a “new caliber” for me. Just bought two guns since June, ughhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      There’s a wait list. Which is good if you need to save up…think of it as monthly installments.

      • Adam D.

        What’s the price range of RPP lever actions if they supply the rifle?

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          Good question. Shoot them an email. (Get it. Shoot them an email…)

          I’ll be here all week

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      (That’s how I do it anyway.)

    • YZAS

      Awww hell, me too. Might have to get a little creative to make excel ‘find’ me the funds this time, but I will not be content without a custom short-stroke 10mm in the collection. Guess we’ll see how long the wait list is….

  • Peter Nissen

    God I loved my 94 Winchester in 30-30 with John Wayne lever. Sadly gone by the wayside with the Police State of Australia.

    • Goody

      Go get licensed, and go get one! We need all the help we can get when things start getting crazy.

  • Ezra Bristow

    I just… just… please… I want one…

  • gunsandrockets

    Interesting stuff. And if a $1,200 conversion is beyond your budget they also have some interesting custom parts available, like a Marlin large loop lever for $145.

  • Thamuze Ulfrsson

    Now we just need .44 RIPSAW in a SAW.

    • eriky

      My god that would be like a gas powered erection.

      • iksnilol

        It would be a highly efficent gas powered money burner.

  • Edeco

    Inneresting, I wonder how short they can get the stroke.

  • Samson

    doo.doo.doo…This is the Operator….please hold for…..The Stupidest Shtuff I have Ever Seen…. doo.doo.doo…

  • Justin Coone

    The Levermatic Lives on! 😀 do an article on a Marlin 57 Levermatic and 62 in 30 carbine if you can guys! love the site and reviews

    • jcitizen

      I think they copied this straight from Marlin. The only one I ever ran into was a 22 magnum that a cowboy owned. I was amazed at the short stroke action, but Marlin had discontinued them years before I saw my first one.

  • kzrkp

    is there pictures or video of the short stroke lever action? I want to see how it works.

  • iksnilol

    Would be cooler if they made a version with a magwell to accept common pistol mags. Would love for it to share my CZ mags in 9mm.

  • uisconfruzed

    I’d love an 18″ Ripsaw with a threaded barrel for my Hybrid, and a rail to accept my Aimpoint!

  • Actually

  • dltaylor51

    I’m glad these guys brought out this special nitch lever gun but you would be better or just as well served with a model 1892 Win.saddle ring carbine in 32-20 or 38-40,the 38-40 uses the exact same 180gn .401 bullet as the 40 Smith but the Win. case is a semi bottle neck with a larger powder capacity so it feeds and ejects like greased butter,Same with the 32-20 a .312 dia 100gn bullet,bottle neck case that zips along at around 1900fps.1892s hold 11 rounds and the tube mag can be refreshed on the fly so there is no reason to ever let the mag run dry.

  • dltaylor51

    After Hildabeast gets the AKs and ARs banned the libs will figure out the lever guns are just as efficient and they will be next in line for her never ending desire to disarm America.

  • Zebra Dun

    I would like a Lever gun in .45 acp.
    Yet short stroke always throws me off.

  • Archie Montgomery

    I just checked the RPP website. Frankly, a lever action carbine in .45 ACP chambering appeals to me, but the $1200.00 conversion cost is a bit unsettling. I’ll just have to muddle through with the .357 Magnum…

  • Tacticool lever action,,, I just threw up in my mouth.