BREAKING: Slide Fire and Bump Fire Settle Lawsuit

In late 2014, Slide Fire Solutions initiated a patent infringement lawsuit against Bump Fire Systems over the use and ownership of intellectual property that is the backbone of their rapid-fire stock products. It appears that Slide Fire has won the suit and is set to receive damages from Bump Fire who will no longer be allowed to sell their bump-fire stocks.

From the Bump Fire Systems homepage:

Slide Fire Solutions, LP and Bump Fire Systems, LLC announced that they have resolved their patent infringement lawsuit. Pursuant to their agreement, Bump Fire Systems, LLC pays a confidential sum of money to Slide Fire, acknowledges the validity of four patents asserted in the litigation and agrees to a judgement under which it must cease and desist from any further sales of bump fire stocks for the duration of the terms of the patents.

TFB has contacted Slide Fire Solutions for further details and we will update the story with any additional information.

UPDATE 17:30 (Eastern):

TFB just received a response back from Slide Fire Solutions:

Slide Fire Solutions, LP is pleased to announce the resolution to the patent infringement suit with Bump Fire Systems, LLC. As part of the agreement, Bump Fire Systems, LLC acknowledges the validity of patents possessed by Slide Fire Solutions, LP, and agrees to a judgement under which they will no longer infringe on the patents in question. It is great to have another instance of verification as the sole patent holder of bump fire technology. We are eager to put this situation behind us, and look forward to continuing to expand our product line in the future.


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  • Gary Kirk

    Well.. Anyone who got a bump fire is sitting on an investment.. You know in a few years there’ll be that one group of people that swear they are better and have to have one.. Buy em while you can, investment time

    • Budogunner

      Sounds like they can’t sell them, but it would be awesome to give all remaining stock out for free. That’d be a major PR move and every person who got one wouldn’t need to but an overpriced slidefire.

      Don’t get me wrong, I own a Gen 1 slidefire. I bought it used, though, for about half price and still feel overcharged.

      I support protection of IP rights but we need competition in this market to make pricing reasonable.

  • Joseph Goins

    This story and the FIREClean news make me happy.

    http://www . vuurwapenblog . com/general-opinion/news-storieseventsopinion/fireclean-v-tuohy-dismissed/

  • Stan Darsh

    If it was still 2012 this would be good news for Slidefire Solutions. Nobody wants to spend $400 on a chunk of plastic that turns an AR into a giant shakeweight, especially now with the Fostech Echo trigger pack.

    • Gary Kirk

      “Not good infomercial like slap-chop, more shake-weighty”…

  • thedonn007

    Even for $100 I do not want a Bumpfire stock. I need to save up for a fostech echo or franklin armory binary trigger.

    • Gary Kirk

      Save another 50-75 and buy an actually nice trigger, There are some out there

      • Kivaari

        Geiselle SSA

        • LG

          Also the Elfman.

      • Dave D

        Until Mossberg sues almost all trigger manufactures for infringing on their “two hole” trigger group patent.

  • Badwolf

    by the way, a big thanks to slide fire, fostech, and franklin armory. i love it when manufacturers split legal hairs. i imagine it frustrates the heck out of the atf.

    kinda like when i told my kid to stop hitting his sister. he surprised me with his phd dissertation on the definition of “hit”.

  • gunsandrockets

    when do the patents run out?

    • Volk

      Probably at least another decade from now, it’s 20 years after submitting their initial claim.

  • jeff

    i saw slide fire and lawsuit and thought the ATF was calling them machine guns. Got me a bit scared until i actually read

  • mazkact

    Seems to be too simple of an idea to patent,basic mechanics. They never turned my switch anyway, much prefer careful aimed fire .

    • Twilight sparkle

      Especially since the Akins accelerator had been it for a long time

  • Jar-Head

    Frustrating…. Good for them… Woo Hoo<<< Please note sarcasm. They won a lawsuit that wasted precious time and energy, and probably threw the cost of their product higher to pay the legal bills. Even if not… Bump "technology" is that for real? Does that mean the people I know that learned to bumpfire with their thumbs are patent breakers too??? Go hit YouTube. There's hundreds of them. Someone should've patented their thumb along with bump "technology"… All this company did was put another American company out of business over something I'm sure where the many could hardly consider this "patentable technology"… It seems to me that a lot of people have thought about how to do this… That makes it "common technology" and only their exact method would be protected. Change the design and process enough and they have no basis for infringement (I used to work with patents).
    You know what all this BS truly does… Puts bump firing in the cross hairs of the ATF and gives the ATF an easier time now that they just have to shut down one company rather than two!!!

    • Cory C

      So you disagree with intellectual property laws altogether or is your position more nuanced?

  • Anonymoose

    Meanwhile, the guys at Fostech are like

  • Cal S.

    So they won the lawsuit, but effectively lost the war. No one will ever pay more than $99 for their overpriced pistol grip again.

  • Dave D

    Sorry to see Bump Fire Systems go. While I don’t have any of their products, I do feel they are responsible for the price going from $300+ to $99 for a plastic stock. Any guesses on which way the price will go now?

    • Lee Enfield

      I got an AR and AK from Bumpfire for $90 each. The AR version on a 6920 runs at 800RPM rate.

  • AJ187

    A screw, a piece of rolled over kydex, a sloppy fitting M4 stock and rubber band solved all my desires for a bump firing device. I know someone that 3D prints a design based on mine. Not hard to do and very inexpensive. With less companies making these, it’ll only ensure either the ATF and/or the legislators have less hassle in banning them outright.

  • BigR

    Kinda like BumpFire was guilty of using their patent, wasn’t it?