Crimson Trace Now Making Lasers for Honor Guard Pistols

Honor Defense

Honor Defense announced that Crimson Trace was now making the Laserguard for the Honor Guard line of self defense handguns. The new Laserguard will use a red aiming laser and will be deisgnated the LG-498.

The new LG-498 will mount on the trigger guard of the Honor Guard pistol and will have an activation button on the front strap of the pistol’s magazine well. This will allow the shooter to activate the laser simply by grasping the pistol – a feature found on many of the Crimson Trace products.

At this time, there is no word on pricing or a shipping date. Similar Laserguard units for other pistols retail for $229, so I would expect this model to have the same or similar suggested retail price.

The Honor Guard is a single stack 9mm pistol that was recently introduced to the market. The guns are striker fired and are designed to feed on a regular diet of +P ammunition. The guns bear a resemblance to the very popular Smith & Wesson M&P Shield series of pistols.

Possibly the thing that has generated the most conversation about these pistols is that there is an optional stand off frame that was designed to prevent the slide from being pushed out of battery when the gun is used in a contact shot.

Richard Johnson

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  • Nameson

    Huh. I had no idea the pistols were even available.

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer
    • BearSlayer338

      Oh they are but most gun stores don’t(or won’t) carry them.
      The only store I know that has them is Buds,I’ve not once seen them anywhere else,probably a good reason behind that too like reliability issues,there aren’t even any reviews on Buds either I don’t think they are really selling.

      • Rick

        There selling everything a little gun company can make. There in many stores and stocked by all the biggest distributers.

        • Rick

          *Their, *They’re

  • Anon

    Nice, now I just gotta wait for an aftermarket that removes the roll mark on that slide!

  • SD

    The design is terrible. I prefer not to shoot firearms with huge billboards on the side.