Predator Thermal Vision With Night Vision?

Talking to some friends and one of them mentioned the PSQ-20 ENVG (Enhanced Night Vision Goggle). He described it as Night Vision with thermal vision.

So I found this video to share with you all. This is just plain cheating LOL.


There are commercial versions available and a real bargain at only $15,000 LOL.

If you watch this video you can see that the thermal image is superimposed over the night vision image. Possibly with the use of a prism?

Nicholas C

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  • William Elliott

    be prepared to pay as much as a small car though…IF you can find one…

    • Nicholas C

      From a quick Google search, there seems to be a couple retailers with these in stock.

  • Anon

    …Hot damn, $15,000.

  • The battery pack looked like it should have had “Front Towards Enemy” molded into it.

    Knights has been selling something like this for a over 6 years now if I remember right.

    Once again, improvement in optical systems but firearms technology seems pretty stagnant since around 1968 on.

  • Blackhawk

    .. I don’t know what the current iteration of the military NVG costs, but 15 years ago, a set of AN/PVS-5 Night Vision Goggles cost $10,000.

    • Paladin

      I got a set of PVS-5c’s I’ll sell, only $5,000. Fair deal, right?

  • Does anyone make a set of these sort of things that has thermal on one eye and passive light amplification on the other? Getting the angles right would be tough, but I wonder if that would give back some of the depth-of-field loss you get from a monocular setup.

    • Irfan Zain

      If you already have a dual tube night vision setup, you could get the AN/PAS-29A COTI (clip on thermal imager) for each tube. With the COTI and nvg it would work the same as the PSQ-20. Would cost less and give you depth of field, but might be bulkier.

  • Anonymous

    A few years back these were quoted as close to 60k for said systems….

  • James Bridges

    You can also fit your legacy NV with a COTI, adds more weight of course but can be done much cheaper if you already have a pvs14. The outline mode is like something out of Halo ODST.

    • Machinegunnertim

      Who does the mod? TNVC?

      • James Bridges

        Yeah, guess my link not approved, it just mounts on the front, tnvc has them for about 7k

  • whskee

    Not having gotten a set to play with yet, I’m really nervous that like other thermal imagers it won’t detect my aiming lasers IR beam…I worry the thermal overlay would hide my dot. I need my friggin dot. I know, I know…First world problems…