Tips On Shooting: Pants And Stance

Clay Martin of Off The Reservation talks about the simple aspect of a shooting stance. He also brings up the type of pants one wears while shooting. Now while he doesn’t actually draw attention to it or even mention it out loud, his message is clear. It is along the same lines as Dave Spaulding’s thoughts on Gear Gap. You can read about that here.


Shooting stance is not that important. Many people have demonstrated that it is possible to shoot and hit things in awkward stances. What most people do is get too comfortable with their shooting stance. This even applies to shooting positions. I was at a USPSA match and a competitor was trying to get other shooters to sign up for his long distance AR class. Where he teaches you to shoot 400 yards with a red dot. I asked him what kind of shooting positions and how big were the targets. They are all torso sized steel at different distances and you can shoot any position you want but most people tend to shoot from prone. I then start to think about all the uncomfortable positions I have had to shoot 100-400+ yard steel targets during FNH USA 3Gun matches. Not only are you forced to shoot that far without a stable position to fire from but you are on a time constraint and the long distance targets are not your only concern. For example one stage had the shooters shoot from a shooting box that was 2ft square. You cannot have any part of your body touching the ground outside this box. In the box is part of a boat trailer tongue. With a 2×2″ square metal tube sticking straight up. You can try and shoot off hand at 200-400 yard steel or squat and try to use the boat tongue as a shooting platform. It is as uncomfortable as you can imagine. Also these targets range from gopher sized poppers up to 12″ gongs and for the furthest targets an ipsc torso. It is challenging and yet people manage to get hits on target without the use of bipods or even a decent shooting stance.

aint nobody got time for that!

Shooting stance can help but what works for some does not work for all and it does not always work for all scenarios. Practice being uncomfortable if you can do so safely. Many shooters get into the habit of being comfortable and into a routine. By doing so you do not progress as a shooter. Sitting at a bench or shooting in one position repeatedly is great for that sole task but does not help much when you are forced outside your comfort level.

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  • stephen

    Yawn… okay so he doesn’t like ’70’s disco stance, got it.

    Maybe its just me but everything he went over was very barney basic. Thats time I could have spent chasing pokemon.


    • Squirreltakular

      Some people need it to be broken down Barney style for them to get it.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I prefer jeans that fit me.

    • Edeco

      Yep, I like em due to being snag and ignition resistant. 70s retro fatigues make good PJ’s tho.

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    Camouflage pants aren’t very camouflage for most people
    Russia knows this very well

    • Anomanom

      Man in the center is a true Slav. Fights war in a pink backpack and tracksuits.

    • Kivaari

      Camo, is great for all environments. Even Woodland camo works well in a city setting. The worst are solid black or dark blue SWAT uniforms.

  • raz-0

    There’s really only one thing that matter for pants. If you can squat in them and kneel in them without them binding on the knees or elsewhere, they are good for moving and shooting. If not, find new pants.

  • Tim

    When things go wrong at 3 AM, pants are optional.

    • Some Guy

      If your home defense plan doesn’t involve chasing an intruder across your front yard with a raging hardon and something beltfed than you need to re-think.

      • Tim

        Belt-fed, running, and naked don’t mix. Too much dangling and un harmonize movement.

      • Klaus Von Schmitto

        I run naked and the harmonics destroy my groups. I don’t mean barrel harmonics.

        • Some Guy

          It’s important to time your shots appropriately just as in long range shooting one times shots with one’s heartbeat / breathing

          Practice more.

        • Tim

          Ahhh…. Try this, might be useful dampening those harmonics too.

  • Will

    I’m partial to a kilt. Freedom of movement and allows you to take advantage of any breeze and to “breathe”.

  • Cory C

    I liked the video. The guy’s pretty funny.

  • Anonymous

    Tight pants, tighter groupings

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      I’m guessing these guys were shooting sub moa then….

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    I prefer shorts………or dickies

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