The Hackett Equipment Range Bag

Hackett Equipment

I’ve never found any dedicated range bags that seem to really address my needs. All of the ones I’ve tried seem to be a variation on the gym bag style, and not offer a lot of additional functionality. Consequently, I wind up just using a large, heavy duty duffel rather than any of the special bags on the market.

However, I was recently introduced to the Hackett Equipment Range Bag, and I am intrigued. Instead of being just another duffel with extra pockets, this is a backpack that appears to have some real thought put into its design.

Hackett Equipment

First off, I like the idea of a backpack since it leaves both hands available to carry other gear from the car to the bench. But, I’ve not used typical backpacks simply because I like the ability to open up a duffel and have access to everything at once. It appears the Hackett Equipment Range Bag solves this issue as it unzips all the way down the sides and allows the pack to be completely opened on the bench.

Hackett Equipment

Inside, there are a plethora of pouches and compartments designed to hold all of your gear. Four pistol pouches are standard, as is a divider that holds paper targets and a wealth of pouches that hold magazines, tools and ammo.

Hackett Equipment

The backpacks are black and are made of 900D polyester. The bags are fairly plain looking meaning they are low profile and do not scream mall ninja. The main compartments are lockable. For $99.99, the bags are reasonably priced when matched up against some of the other quality bags on the market. I know I’ve paid more for several of my Maxpedition bags that are similarly sized.

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  • Joe

    If the stitching and zippers are heavy duty and quality I might be interested. I like the idea…but it all depends on the execution.

    • Erik J Hackett

      Ive been carrying the first prototype since February. The construction inside and out is quality, heavy duty and made to carry weight. I carry 4 pistols and an mpx in the large compartment adjacent to the mags.

  • DrewN

    Fer Pete’s sake, just head down to Goodwill or any garage sale and grab a standard roller suitcase. More space, opens fully,usually more structure and completely anonymous. Soft side,hard case whatever.

    • RocketScientist

      They sell roller suitcases at goodwill with internal reinforced dividers with factory-swen slots for standard-sized pistols and magazines with built-in retention systems and you can wear on your back to keep your hands free? Thats awesome. I’ll have to check that out.

  • Blake

    This thing does indeed look really well thought out, thanks.

  • Badwolf

    I like the simple design on the outside. It’s hard to keep low profile if your bag is covered in molle webbing. But I hope it’s rated to hold the weight of all pistols, fully loaded mags, and all the other stuff.

  • Steve Rothaug

    While not quite as slick as this bag, I’ve been using my 5.11 Rush 12 as a range bag and it’s been great. I can have it fully loaded with shotgun ammo, ear pro, multi-tool, small first aid kit, plus a few other small items – and still have room for a soft handgun case. When it’s not being used as a range bag, it’s still a really well-laid out backpack that’s excellent for overnight trips or hiking in cooler weather (too heavy and hot for the summer).

  • Badwolf

    No problem. I appreciate your reply. I’ve had many a gun bag fail on me because they can’t handle the weight so that’s why I’m a bit skeptical. But thanks for the assurance, I think I’ll give your bag a try.