3 New Deer Caliber Loadings from Winchester – Just in Time for the Season

Winchester has announced three new calibers within its Deer Season XP series of ammunition. The new calibers continue to round out the brand including loadings in .30-30 Winchester (150 grain), 7mm-08 (140 grain), and 300 Blackout (150 grain). This brings total offerings to over 10 SKUs for a variety of calibers:

• .30-30 Win. – 150-gr. (NEW for 2016)
• 7mm-08 – 140-gr. (NEW for 2016)
• 300 Blackout – 150-gr. (NEW for 2016)
• .243 Win. – 95 gr.
• .270 Win. – 130 gr.
• .270 WSM – 130 gr.
• 7mm Rem. Mag. – 140 gr.
• .308 Win. – 150 gr.
• .30-06 Springfield – 150 gr.
• .300 Win. Mag. – 150 gr.
• .300 WSM – 150 gr.
The Deer Season XP ammunition is loaded with an “Extreme Point” (hence the “XP” name) bullet designed to expand immediately and impart energy for a clean and ethical kill. The bullets feature large-impact-diameter technology using the Extreme Point polymer tip. Construction of the bullet is three-part. The Extreme Point bullet is front, supported by a tapered bullet jacket over a lead core.

The XP ammunition is loaded into factory-new brass, but there is little information on the availability of the bullet-only. Re-loaders may have to wait for Winchester to catch up with production demand before experimenting with their own hunting loads.

All calibers are available now from the big-name retailers. Expect matriculation down to gunshops over the next few weeks, especially with deer season to start soon in a variety of locales. Price is typically around $24 for 20 rounds.

Nathan S

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  • Anonymoose

    lol 150gr

    • gunsandrockets

      Patient Zero zombie deer?

    • KestrelBike

      Ugh. That’s no way to live.

    • Joe

      I’ve put down big northern deer every year for the past 6 years with a 150 grain Barnes 308. 1 shot every time and found them within 100 feet of where they were shot.

      Sad picture though. Like someone used a prairie dog round on a deer because moar expansion is better right?

      • Anonymoose

        No it was a Monarch 150gr .308 JSP.

        • Twilight sparkle

          Brass cased monarch is just rebranded ppu.
          I’ve used 150 grain hornady custom sst rounds on deer and I’ve never had an issue.

          PPU isn’t very good quality and I wouldn’t really trust it for hunting something like that. It’s fine for pigs but I’d rather make sure there was a clean kill on a deer

  • Reid

    This might be a really dumb question, but why isn’t the 7mm-08 more widely used in the AR-10 platform? My father and I bought a pair of Winchester 700s in that chambering, and together we’ve taken a good number of pretty big bucks and pigs. I was always impressed with the easy recoil compared to something like a .308, especially in an AR-10. Other than something like Palmetto State’s uppers or Remington’s R25, I just haven’t seen ARs in 7mm. Is there something inherently bad or disadvantageous about the caliber that I’m not aware of?

    • THE_manBEar

      Same question could be asked of 243 Win as well.

    • Jwedel1231

      I think that if the AR-10 got as popular as the AR-15 then you would start to see more .308-based calibers. 7mm-08 is actually a really good candidate for a semi-auto gun. I wonder if there are any people out there making barrels for this configuration?

      • Anonymoose

        You can get custom AR-10/DPMS barrels in just about every flavor- even .22-250 and .450 Marlin. They’re just not as common as custom intermediate-caliber AR15 barrels. BHW makes 7mm-08 barrels in almost every conceivable length, and PSA apparently offered a run of complete 7mm-08 PA-10s last year.

        • Jwedel1231

          Black Hole Weaponry is just the best. I guess the OP did mention that PSA made 7mm-08 rifles. Still, I would like to see them more popular, but bulk/affordable ammo for them will be nearly impossible to find in stores. Another caliber I’d like to see become popular would be the 338 Federal. A man can dream…

        • Toxie

          You can get a LMT MWS barrel in 7mm-08 also, or 243.

    • derpmaster

      I think that most that are looking to buy an AR-10 are interested in having it in a military chambering to take advantage of cheap ammo, hence 308.

      I’m a huge fan of 7mm loadings in general – vs a .30 they shoot flatter and have less recoil. There’s nothing bad about them at all, IMO.

  • Ratcraft

    .25-35? no? Never again? I’m so sad.

  • Help I’ve just been sent to the hospital with a life-threatening case of Traumatic Marketing Injury.

    • smartacus

      Buy two Hornaday Zombie Maxes and call me in the morning