Strike Industries Ricci Holster Adapter

Strike Industries has introduced the Ricci holster adapter for the Safariland 6000 series holsters. The aluminum belt hanger adds up to 2.75″ of drop as well as 45 degrees of forward cant to make the holster more comfortable when seated, something that I can really appreciate. The all aluminum construction is really light, after all you have enough weight on the belt to start with. Users will also appreciate the rigidity that the aluminum platform provides, after all who likes a floppy holster?

The holster mounts to any Safariland holster or accessories that use the 3 hole mounting system with some simple screws and uses a Bladetech Tek Lok attachment making attachment to a shooting or duty belt a snap. Here are the specs from the Strike website, it appears the Tek Lok attachment is sold separately.


Package Includes:
– 1x Swivel Houseing Unit
– 1x Holster Mounting Bracket
– 1x Adjustable Drop Unit
– Adjustable for cant while seated in vehicle or patrol car.
– All aluminum construction is rigid, durable, and light weight.
– Wide adjustment range for drop and up to a 45 degree cant.
– Fits any Safariland® holster or accessory that uses their 3-hole mounting system.

The MSRP of the Ricci holster adapter is $99.50 and is in stock today over at Strike Industries page. You can read more about the Ricci adapter by clicking here.


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  • raz-0

    And I thought the BOSS hanger was pricey for being a machined aluminum plate.

  • That’s pretty cool. Back in the day with the HK USP first came out, you couldn’t find many holsters for it. I was doing patrol work so I needed a low-ride jacket slot holster… and there was none. So I used the shank from a Safariland and fitted that to the DeSanti Viper rig I was able to find for it… and created my low ride rig.

  • Gorilla Biscuit

    Dats a good idea!

  • Vhyrus

    This must be targeting some other audience cause it costs double what I paid for the holster itself.