Ankara Military Coup Helicopter Firing At The Ground

This video was posted on Twitter about the recent military coup going on in Turkey. We don’t get to see the helicopter and the target is too far away to discern what it was. But you can see the automatic trail of tracers fired down onto the ground. There seem to be some spots in the video that move in sync. Could it be a visible laser targeting system? It seems odd how some of the dots rise up in the air. Perhaps it is bouncing off the particulates in the air?

Nicholas C

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  • Steve

    “There seem to be some spots in the video that move in sync.”

    Dirty camera lens.

    “Could it be a visible laser targeting system? It seems odd how some of the dots rise up in the air.”


    “Perhaps it is bouncing off the particulates in the air?”

    No… but if this was observed, it would be tracer ricochets.

    • Steve

      I should say, dirty window that the camera lens is looking through..

  • DanGoodShot

    Dirty lens. Thats just the reflection of the street lights

    • KiwiGuy

      Yup, this. Just street light reflections, you can see how there’s 2 dots when looking at a double street light, and when panning around quickly there’s some reflections at the top of the frame.

  • Rick O’Shay

    Those spots move in sync with the movements of the camera… I’m gonna second reflection of the street lights.


    its lens flare from street lights

  • MoonStar

    These are the generals planned military coup. All of them arrested by police after defeated by Turkish people.

    • Jay

      Hahaha. You fell for erdogan’s old bait. This ‘coup’ was orchestrated by Erdoga. And bis cronies, to purge anyone who could stand in the way of his Calphate and complete power. They bombed and ro keted the parlament multiple times, but missed his new palace. Yeah. That makes sense.
      Did you bother to check what’s going on now? They had ready lists of people to purge, long before this fake coup. THEY ARESTED OVER TWENTY THOUSAND PEOPLE….in two days! Nearly 3000 judges, 7000 +military personel, over a thousand journalists, thousands of police personel.

      This whole thing stinks and it’s obvious to anyone who payed attention to WTF is going on in the world.

      • Tom

        I do not think he (Erdoğan) staged it but rather that he had advanced warning and hence was able to be in the right place at the right time to put down the rather amateurish coup attempt and now he is free to instigate his purge (because clearly it was teachers that planned it all). A sad few days for democracy in Turkey.

        And on a another note the term for a king in Turkey is sultan or Padashah.

        • MoonStar

          Yes, the situation is exactly like you said. Turkey is still democracy. But authoritarian democracy .There is free elections.

          • Tom

            But will the electorate push back against the authoritarianism or will they continue to sleep walk into a dictatorship all be it an elected dictatorship like Singapore.

            It does now appear that Turkeys EU ambitions are finished at least for the short term, though in the wake of Brexit and possible more nations leaving maybe now is not the best time to join up when Turkey already has good trading arrangements.

          • Jay

            this is the last president you got to elect. Your democracy is done with. They arrested or fired over 50k people up to now already. Your democracy is history. Look at Iran. That’s where Turkey is today.

        • Jay

          He staged it. Why would those who allegedly wanted to bring Turkey to a democratic way, bombed the Parlament, a democratic institution, first?

    • Tritro29

      Turkish people in Syria you mean?

      • MoonStar

        These are high rank soldiers in Turkey accused of supporting the coup. They will spend rest of their life in prison.

  • Avery

    The target is very likely a crowd of protesters further down the road. This ended up getting caught on TV broadcast.

    Supposedly, the helicopters used were Cobra gunships with 20mm Vulcans.

  • DZ

    I saw a vid last night, that helo did indeed shoot at people. One guy caught a round in the coller bone it was prety gruesome. I dont know if the vid would be tfb freindly, so no link.

    • Avery

      Yeah, the video I posted is probably the most “work-safe/mind-safe” video of all that, because it’s still somewhat distant despite you can see what mayhem it’s causing directly. I’ve seen another video that’s was pretty much the aftermath of that same scene and it’s just a line of barely-recognizable bodies. Ugh.

    • Sam

      Just post it.

  • Joe Schmo

    I saw that this was the helicopter that targeted a national police station in Ankara, not protesters. Hopefully it wasn’t civilians.


    Well, you guys are lucky, because Fethullah Gulen is raising his zombies in the USA too. In 20-30 years, you may watch brain-washed Apache pilots raking their own people. 30mm DU rounds! What a spectacle!

  • J.T.


    More like “Reichstag Fire”.