ALLIANT POWDER Introduces BLUE MZ Pellets for Muzzleloaders

Blue MZ

Alliant's New Muzzleloading Powder Pellets: "Blue MZ"

When it comes to muzzleloading, we are all looking for ways to make this primitive means of hunting more modern and convenient. One great convenience muzzleloaders use is pre-formed powder pellets. As opposed to pouring traditional powder, pre-formed charges are easier to carry into the field and are less bulky for the hunt. Alliant Powder is looking to get into this portion of the market with their new “Blue MZ” pellets.

Vista Outdoors, who is the parent company of Alliant Powder, had this to say:

Blue MZ provides outstanding accuracy with a wide range of popular bullets, and its formulation allows for fast, easy cleaning with water-based solvents. Muzzleloader hunters need propellant that ignites reliably and burns consistently, even in extreme weather conditions. Blue MZ delivers on this tall order. The pellets produce higher velocities than competing pellets at safe pressures, and ignite reliably with 209 shotshell primers.

Pellets are definitely the way of the future for muzzleloaders. You may not be able to hand tailor loads to your muzzleloader with pellets like you can when you pour your own powder, but the ease of use is unmatched. Alliant’s Blue MZ muzzleloading pellets seek to be the best with specs like these:

  • 48-pack of 50-grain equivalent pellets
  • Highest velocities at safe pressures
  • Provides outstanding accuracy with a wide range of projectiles
  • Great ignition characteristics with 209 shotshell primers
  • Clean-burning formulation eases cleaning with water-based solvents

Until people begin to use the new Blue MZ pellets and send some rounds down range we will not know what their performance is truly like. Understanding that it is coming from Alliant powder which is very reputable, I am sure their claims are not far-fetched on being a great performing powder.

To see the official press release for the new Alliant Blue MZ pellets, click HERE.

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  • QuadGMoto

    They announced these at Shot Show. I’ve been keeping an eye out for them, but have yet to see them available anywhere.

    • QuadGMoto

      Well what do you know… Cabela’s is showing them in stock. One other place had a listing, but no stock. Every other place I checked still doesn’t list it.

  • Sulaco

    If I remember correctly in my state during primitive rifle hunting season both 209 shotgun primers (musket caps only) and anything other than loose powder (as in blk powder/pyrodex/Seven etc) is illegal….

  • Kivaari

    How about those in the PNW that must use traditional percussion caps? #11s or Musket?

  • Vizzini

    I have both inline and side ignition muzzleloaders, and most of the pellets that I’ve used advise against their use in side ignition systems. I use real black powder in my Hawken and pellets in my Knight Wolverine.

  • Blake

    Two very good arguments against using pellets in your muzzleloader:

    1) every muzzleloader shooter is by definition a handloader. Do you load your metallic rifle cartridges to the nearest 50 grains of powder? I didn’t think so.

    Work up the most accurate safe load for your rifle with your preferred powder & bullets (or sabots), & get (or make) black powder speed-loading gear like this so that your powder charges are ready to go & stay dry in the field.

    2) pellets are massively more expensive than granular powder