Tyrant Designs MOD and Titan CNC Aluminum AR Grips

Tyrant Designs CNC has been in the machining business for over 30 years. In that time they have machined products for the defense industry as well as Aerospace and the medical field.Tyrant now has an R&D team dedicated strictly to design new and innovative accessory gun parts. Currently Tyrant is making a series of grips for the AR platform made from aerospace grade aluminum. Several finishes are available from an anodized black finish, red, blue and natural aluminum.


Tyrant was good enough to send me two of their grips the MOD which has interchangeable front and back straps and the Titan series. I put the MOD grip on my Ruger Precision Rifle and the Titan on my AR pistol. Installation was simple and the same as any other grip. All of the needed hardware is included. The grips are very lightweight in fact surprisingly so at 4 oz for the MOD. While the MOD has the choice of the chevron pattern and smooth interchangeable straps the Titan has a knurled grip with a diamond patter machined into the back. These grips come in a regular size and a large. I normally wear an XL glove so the large fit me the best. The MOD grip is a bit more hand filling than the Titan and I like the ability to change the front and back straps. It’s just a matter of preference. Both designs feel good in the hand. The MSRP for the MOD is $115.95 with the Titan at $99.95. Extra back straps run $14.95. The grips are well made with no rough edges and all the corners have been smoothed.

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MOD Grip with interchangeable front and back straps.

MOD Grip with interchangeable front and back straps.

The MOD Grip is truly the first of its kind. A drop in grip replacement for the AR platform, it has been extensively tested and designed by Tyrant Designs CNC. It is a very lightweight and modular (hence the name) Aluminum and Polymer Composite AR-15 grip. The Body of the grip is made from aerospace grade 7075 Aluminum, then finished in a grey anodize. The front and back straps of the grip are made from a polymer composite, are fully removable, and are offered in different sizes as well as designs. We will continue to come out with new strap options as well as strap designs, making this one of the most modular AR-10/15 grips available. With this design the operator will not have to compromise form vs. function. We have specifically designed this grip to feel just as comfortable as any other polymer grip, but with the American craftsmanship every rifle deserves. Please join us in celebrating the MOD Grip and the end of crappy plastic grips!

Durable (polymer straps and aluminum body, near indestructible)
Lightweight- 4 oz (thats 1 oz LESS than a MOE grip!)
Comfortable (chamfered edges for a smooth feel)
Temperature variation resistent
Polymer front and back straps
Deep ribbing for easy installation
CNC engraved logo
Beveled edge near trigger guard
Comes with everything needed for installation (screws and allen keys)

Titan Grip

Titan Grip

The Titan 2.0 is a upgraded version of one of the finest weapons design by Tyrant Designs CNC. It is a drop-in replacement grip for the AR platform. CNC’ed from a single piece of Billet Aluminum and available in cerakoted Stars and Stripes 4th of July theme! it has endured 100’s of hours of R&D. A simple screw in installation, it’s time that your rifle looks as good as it shoots!

Durable (practically indestructible)
Lightweight- 4.95 oz
Comfortable (chamfered edges for a smooth feel)
Skeletonized Design
Added Knurling for a secure grip
Deep ribbing for easy installation
Laser engraved logo
Comes with everything needed for installation (screw and allen key)

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • BattleshipGrey

    This product doesn’t quite fit my style (or price range!), but if I owned one of those, I’d accept a challenge to fill the void with homemade wooden grip panels.

    • PK

      Agreed! Prime candidate for wood accents and possibly checkering the front and back surfaces. Or just the front. As it is now, it almost looks too smooth. It does look quite nice, but it’s missing that certain something.

      • Gary Kirk

        The center?

        • PK

          Haaa. I sure walked into that one.

          • Gary Kirk

            Yep, left the door as open as that grip

    • Good idea—heck you could do that as a home project.

  • Gregory

    This grip is a step back in technology. Why on earth would anyone want a metallic grip. It will be cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Aluminum has a high thermal conductivity rate which means it changes temperatures quickly. Do not leave your rifle in the sunlight long in the summer, you will get a nice hot surprise. Function over form is always best and this is the complete opposite. The grip looks cool but it makes no functional sense.

    • Shan Stain Bottom

      My exact thoughts as soon as I saw it – unless you plan to install on a precision rifle, which you’ll only shoot at a climate-controlled range . . .
      Of course, there could be add-ons later, like Hogue overmolded rubber grips you could install – and you’ll end with the same Magpul MOE grip you had before, but heavier, 5x more expensive. Great call.
      Clearly, there’s people out there w/ a lot of CNC machines, needing to make a buck, but short in original and/or useful ideas . . .

    • randomswede

      The interesting thing with commercial products is that you don’t have to buy them, just because it makes no sense to you (or me) doesn’t mean it’s not right for someone else.

      • CrazyKg

        Too much reason here. This goes against the most common thoughts seen on here most often: “We must prepare our rifles for every tactical scenario!!!”;

      • Gregory

        A fool and his money are soon parted.

        • randomswede

          True. But it was the fools money.

    • raz-0

      not to mention how uncomfortable the skeletonizing it.

      These aren’t the only grips like this, and of the ones I have handled, they are universally awful.

      Close up pics bring up another horror I hadn’t thought of. Just thinking of having to put the screw all the way in with like 36 degrees of arc for an allen key to work just makes me want to punch an engineer/designer.

      • Blake

        I’m assuming you don’t have any ratcheting drivers?

        • raz-0

          I do, dunno that it would fit, nor how many clicks of arc I’d get. It’d still be annoying.

          As ergonomically awful as they are, couldn’t they have drilled a hole in the bottom to accommodate attachment? I guess they were committed to having them be impractical in every possible scenario.

  • Spencerhut

    Is TFB having a fit of stupids today? Milled alloy grips for and AR? They weigh how much? “Easy to install” – IT’S AN AR GRIP! One freaking screw! Geez I’d take a plain GI grip over that over priced hunk of “Man Bling”. The stupid is epic today.

    • 4oz which is less than my MIAD grip. It isn’t stupid it just means it’s not for you but others like them.
      They are selling them and some are sold out so not everyone shares your opinion.

      • Spencerhut

        Standard GI Grip is 2.7oz, just weighed one. And forget the weight. First time your little piggy gets caught in one of those gaping holes with the nice milled corners and twisted/bent/cut/broken you be sure to think of me m’kay?

        • LOL I’m really not worried about it.

        • I’m sure the intense PTSD causing recoil of an AR15 would completely separate finger from hand. Much like your emotions are from reality.

          • Spencerhut

            Put down the crack pipe and get back to me when you come down.

          • Blake

            You might want to do the same once you recover from your apparent stroke.

  • Kyle

    I bet those grips are downright unpleasant in a cold winter environment after about thirty minutes.

    • Stephen Shallberg

      I don’t get the temperature worries. Does everyone just leave their 1911s at home when it’s not a perfect 73 degrees out? Or all the other handguns with metal grip frames?
      And due to aluminum’s high thermal conductivity, these grips will will quickly “seek” equilibrium with the temperature of your hand, much faster than steel.

    • Dan

      They make these things called gloves. If it gets cold enough to be unpleasant then put a pair on.

  • Parashooter

    Nice to look at – but I’ll bet it gets real painful after a couple magazines.;

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou


    Now if they could just mimic the Pearce Grip and make it take 1911 grip scales, you could get some VZ Grip G10 love on there.

  • Gary Kirk

    Just see all kinds of potential snagging..

  • 40mmCattleDog

    Snag city if your wearing a plate carrier or chest rig and have your rifle slung across your chest.