Broken Race Gun Fixed With Insurance——seriously!

My friend Johnny in Sweden competes with this old Tangfolio Goldmatch. Just the other day it broke.

So this happened during a lv 2 handgun last weekend. Broken barrel link…

This platform is old and it looked like that I was gonna be forced to scrap it! But help came in the 11th hour. My insurance company is picking up the cost for a new barrel and slide, so I get updated parts before the weekend. I only have to pay the deductible fee 180 usd for new parts worth 1300 usd.

I asked him what kind of insurance covers broken firearms. He said it was not a specific insurance plan for his firearm but rather his home owner’s insurance policy.

He got a new slide, barrel and compensator. Looks great!




I have a separate rider for my firearms but I’m not sure if it covers damage. I will have to look into that.

Nicholas C

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  • Ken

    And homeowners policy rates triple in 3. . .2 . . . 1

    • James

      That was my immediate thought as well. Might as well take a loan if your experience rating is going to suck and you end up paying out the nose for years.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      If you listen to the Obamacare logic, if everyone starts buying new homeowners policies then the insurance rates go down!!!

      • Harry’s Holsters

        The logic is right due to economy of scale, but people need to pay a non subsidized rate so they don’y abuse it. I think that’s the point Ken was making.

  • Spencerhut

    That is just plain stupid. Covering a repair on a gun, a wear item no less. And people wonder why the Swedes are destroying their own country . . . stupidity.

    • Bjørn Vermo

      When the authorities do their job, insurance companies have to stand by their advertised promises. Most policies cover things that suddenly and accidentally break. Why would you pay for insurance that does not cover accidental damage to your insured belongings? And, btw, the Swedes are doing better than most, their economy is healthy and they are not running a huge deficit like, for instance, California.

      • Jwedel1231

        California, the international whipping boy of economic policy.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      So the barrel link area on a CZ or Tanfoglio is a wear item? They’re supposed to just shear off at some point?

      At what round count is that supposed to happen?

      • Spencerhut

        20k to 50k they break. Depends on what load is being used. Some competition shooters will swap out a barrel every couple of years, they wear out. It’s a competition gun, and even if it was not, barrels are absolutely a wear item. Failing to understand a barrel is a wear item shows a lack of understanding.
        “According to Milan Trkulja, senior marketing specialist at the CZ
        factory, the barrel life should be 30 to 40 thousand rounds, for a
        40s&w, 9mm should be 50 to 60 thousand…….”

        • Sianmink

          Indeed. replacing a $200 barrel after putting $10,000 of ammunition through it doesn’t seem like an egregious expense.

      • PK

        Of course barrels are wear items. You don’t think firearms parts last forever, do you?

      • Oronzo

        depends on what round you are shooting. Eventually on all firearms there will be a part which breaks….
        These are competition guns, and they shoot a LOT, probably also hot loads.

    • Johnny Thörnquist

      So why is this so stupid Spencer ?
      And yes I am the owner of the gun in the article.

  • P161911

    I know that my parents used home owners insurance to pay for a diamond lost out of my mother’s engagement ring. Amazing the things that insurance covers.

    • randomswede

      Equally amazing are the things that are not covered.

      • Jwedel1231

        Not amazing, frustrating, but to an equal extent for sure!

      • PK

        My policy specifies “space-based laser attacks” under the list of events that wouldn’t be covered. Outrageous, now if a UFO blasts my house I’m out of luck!

        • AHill

          Guess you better hope the UFO is in atmo when it Independence Days your (white?) house. I can see you having to get a lawyer to argue just when “space” starts. That is assuming the alien overlords haven’t advanced far enough as a society to use all the lawyers as either soylent brown or renewable bull fertilizer creators.

        • randomswede

          Someone at the insurance agency ran out of the movie theater showing “Diamonds are forever” like “O crap, o crap, o crap, I’ve gotta add this exception before it’s too late!”.

  • hking

    I have seen the same thing on a few CZ Czechmates and Tac Sports from high round counts of 9mm major, that area takes a beating.

  • Andrey Martim

    A CZ-based race gun? Forgive my ignorance, but I never saw this… I only saw M1911, Glock and Beretta-based race guns.

    • Nicholas C

      It is very common in Europe. Americans use the 1911 and in some cases the Glock.

    • Ben West

      Tanfoglio is VERY popular in Europe and is now starting to appear more frequently in the USA. This mostly applies to the shooting-sports crowd, such as USPSA for the US and IPSC everywhere else in the world.

    • iksnilol

      Tanfoglios are pretty darn common comp guns.

    • disqus_sgMcKYCZZ3

      There are lots of CZ based competition guns. I used a CGW P01 in IPDA CDP class.

  • james

    I’ve read before about home owners insurance being used to cover firearms. Usually its for collections where someone is worried about fire risks.
    That said I wonder what the premium cost is. Insurance is still a gamble set in the House’s favor after all

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    Why aren’t there any sights on the original slide OR the replacement slide?

    When I noticed the replacement, I just assumed he hadn’t pulled them from the original yet. But then I looked at the pic of the original one, and it’s missing sights too.

    Is this guy like the worlds best point-shooter? 🙂

    • Nicholas C

      He runs this in open division and runs a red dot. It is just not mounted.

      • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

        I still like my theory better 🙂

        (Thanks for the clarification)

  • Will

    There is a multi-million dollar idea.
    Firearms insurance that covers cost of parts and repairs of broken firearms due to shooting.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      As long as you don’t cover lost parts you’ll make a fortune if you got clients from all gun owning groups. I’m afraid you’d only get the high round count guys who would probably come out to the better.

    • PK

      You just described nearly every homeowner’s/renter’s insurance which includes firearms under a catch-all in the main policy or specifically called out on a rider.

      I’m beginning to think I may be very lonely in the “I’ve read my entire insurance policy” camp.

      • YS

        But most insurances only cover theft, loss, or damage from fire/flood/etc. I don’t think most will cover wear/tear.

        So, if your gun safe burned down, then the gun is covered, but if you break it under normal usage, I think you’re SOL. I guess you can lie, and tell your insurance that you lost the component…

        But I didn’t read my insurance policy, so I could be wrong.

        • PK

          Do, please, read your policy. I think you’ll find that ordinary wear and tear resulting in a non-functional item, unexpected breakage, leaving things on the trunk/roof and driving off… all of that tends to be covered.

          Even accidents caused by negligence, such as dropping something or knocking it off the bench, is covered under the policy I currently have.

          I am in no way advocating that anyone lie to get insurance coverage on items, simply saying that you may be surprised how much is actually covered. There are also usually eyebrow-raising specific exemptions to coverage, such as (and this is a direct quote) “space-based laser attacks”, which appears in one policy I have.

          • Willy

            While working as an independent insurance adjuster I was assigned to appraise a VW Jetta with engine damage. The owner, a young Cornell college gal, had been blocked in a parking spot, angry she drove forward over a cement tire stop punching a hole in the oil pan. Then she ignored the warning lights and drove until the engine seized. After I inspected the engine I called the head of the claims dept and asked if they were going to pay the claim, his response was “Well there is no such thing as a stupidity clause so yes we will have to cover it.”

          • PK

            “Stupidity clause”, I love it! It’s fairly surprising how little isn’t covered by insurance, these days. It’s simply not always worth claiming every little thing, rates increase or coverage decreases with frequent use… unless that’s changed recently as well.

          • Sam

            Cornell. It blows my mind how dumb some college kids are.

          • Bob

            Heh. I got mad one time after a rough day at work and drove right over a curb to get past a truck. Of course, I drive a Crown Vic, so I had the clearance and knew it, so whatever. ;D

          • YS

            Good to know.

            I wonder what my insurance will say if I told them that I lost my bullets and powder when I went to the firing range… 😉

  • Drunk Possum

    I wanted a Gold Match hecka bad when I was in the market for an open gun. I didn’t end up getting one but I got a sweet double stack 1911 on a trade for a Glock. And that’s funny if you ask me.

  • Johnny Thörnquist

    Hey fellas! I am the owner of the gun in the article. It is a Open gun/Major with a Skoog customs side mount holding a C-more Slideride, it has been around for quite sometime so a barrel change was planned to take place after the season was done.

  • B.

    I took out a separate policy for my firearms so I have enough coverage to cover everything. They said it even covers ammo, parts, tools, etc.