Thanks to Dickson L. of North Sylva for sharing these. He shared the regular MR308 pics with us before. Click here to see those images.

RAL8000 is the official color of Cerakote. Click here for more info of this color. This time H&K has the SFP9 and MR308 in RAL8000.


13620762_1822740611278647_3239582798121890962_n 13620370_1822738177945557_2389303506028891257_n 13619904_1822738174612224_3199933634226221791_n13620762_1822740611278647_3239582798121890962_n 13620812_1822739291278779_7216612300332684097_n 13620297_1822754537943921_2217842257943694713_n 13615073_1822739284612113_5927855347906800830_n 13599833_1822754544610587_7083476998082125534_n 13592555_1822745024611539_6604132211698816715_n 13590379_1822754547943920_7358921492015359478_n 13567512_1822739287945446_7418030558786441200_n



  • The Russians are Coming

    The colors don’t match. But “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature”, right?

    • Anonymoose

      “Welcome to the club.” -FNH

    • Marc

      Mismatching colors is the new black.

  • Bill

    Looks like poop. I mean it looks like real poop.

    The metallic parts of the rifle are kind of neat, and not poop-like, unless someone really has a GI disorder.

  • Havok

    Baby Sh*t Brown as it’s more commonly known

  • Gary Kirk

    Heh.. Screw H$K

  • BattleshipGrey

    I like butterscotch as a flavor, not a color.

  • Adam D.

    If it comes to color and HK, my favourites are still the USC and the SL8.
    That grey is just awesome.
    If I had an MP5 with a polymer lower in that color, with matching coating on the metal parts, I’d probably sleep with the damn thing.
    The new RAL MP5 is cool, but it’s just not the HK grey.