Wraith Tactical’s Concealed Armored Rapid Response Pack

Wraith Tactical posted up this video of their C.A.R.R. Pack (Concealed Armored Rapid Response). It is a back pack that has an armor plate as well as medical pack. We have seen backpack systems that transform into personal armor plate carriers but this one has a medical kit with it. Now those other backpack systems were able to incorporate a weapon into the pack. This does not seem like it does but you might be able to have a pistol in a holster attached to the armored chest plate carrier.

Nicholas C

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  • Lee Attiny

    All backpacks are armor plate compatible. They’re called text books

    • Jwedel1231

      AR550 plates are lighter than most bags full of books. Also, the posture of high school and college aged kids today is horrible.

      • Twilight sparkle

        Probably because we had to lug those things around everywhere, the upcoming classes may be luckier, more and more text books are going digital

        • Jwedel1231

          My problem was with the ones who weighed under 115 lbs who insisted on carrying a 40-50 lb bag with literally all their books, not just the ones they need on a regular basis. They were constantly bent over to keep from falling over, it just looked awful.

  • Jwedel1231

    I think this is targeted to the wrong market. If a cop is going to his trunk, why doesn’t he just keep a normal plate carrier in there? I think this bag is perfect for college students. Maybe trade the medical stuff out for text books or other school supplies, that way this thing can be worn to every class, every day. Make it in different colors so it looks like a normal back pack, and this thing would be perfect.

    • Bill

      I’m as much of a pessimist as anyone, and have done active killer training to multiple agencies and educational institutions, but the chance of any kid being victimized by an active killer are tiny; way way way below catching herpes or getting killed in a car crash.

  • Ebby123

    Out of all the gimmicky active-shooter response gear that’s come out in the last couple years, this one is by far the best designed and most well thought out.

    I like it.