TFBTV Hits 200,000 Subscribers

Our TFBTV channel has just hit 200,000 subscribers after just 18 months of operation. We launched the channel at SHOT Show 2015 and hit 100,000 subscribers before Christmas that year. Since then, in under 8 months, we have managed to attract another 100,000 subscribers and have long overtaken many other established gun channels.

A huge thanks to Alex and James. Alex has done an incredible job producing at four or fives videos every week, his passion, integrity and love of history really comes out in the videos. Our channel would not be the same without James’ unique sense of humor, short shorts and t-shirts a size too small. And also a big thanks to our support team Miles, Patrick, Ed, Nick and Nathaniel

Another BIG thank you to our awesome Patreon supporters. Every dollar they have donated has gone towards new equipment which has helped us up our production value. If you can spare a dollar per month to help us out, head over to our Patreon and sign up as a supporter.

And a special thanks to Ventura Munitions who supply all the ammunition we shoot on camera no questions asked regardless of how exotic the caliber or expensive the round.

And of course SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help us reach 300,000.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • BattleshipGrey

    Congratulations! And thanks Ventura Munitions!

  • :(

    stahp hittin people!

  • Pseudo

    That’s because Alex C is amazing. What ever happened to Patrick? James? I had enough of him after he bashed basic math, invented an arbitrary and useless metric for (“scientifically!”) numerically ranking concealed carry guns, admitted that the metric wasn’t useful, and then treated it super seriously as if it were.

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      I ran out of time to get together with Alex and film between writing for TFB, a full time job, a family and a home business.

      • Pseudo

        Bah! Sad to hear it. Damn life.

        • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

          Such is life.

      • Harry’s Holsters

        I really miss your videos with Alex. Just saying. I hope life slows down enough to allow you more time.

    • Hoplopfheil

      Gun math was the best video! And it did have some useful information in it.

      • James R.

        Thanks, glad you liked it. The semi-irony of “SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN” seemed to go over some people’s heads, especially considering the “winner” was kind of a POS. More or less, I wanted to give viewers the chart I made and open up the debate on form factor. That vid is one of my personal faves.

        • Hoplopfheil

          I finally tracked down a Stat Ultrastar, I bet it’ll give the Firestar a run for its money.

        • Harry’s Holsters

          When you first came on the channel I was like who the hell is this guy? Does he think he’s a hair model or something. After 5 or so videos I really began enjoy your videos. Keep of the good work I’ve loved the semi auto sub gun videos!

    • James R.

      Thanks Ms. Capps, I agree that your boy does a fine job on the channel unlike that known math terrorist, James Reeves.

      • Pseudo

        Haha I’m neither related to nor paid by Alex, I just really like his videos. What can I say? You hate on math and you ingratiate yourself with one audience and alienate another. The precision engineering aspect is what originally got me into firearms (I’m an engineer, though not mechanical). I appreciate that you didn’t intend to definitively settle the matter of the best cc 9mm and I liked the discussion in that video, I just felt like your metric didn’t add anything to the discussion. Just my opinion. And Alex? You should call your mother once in a while…

  • Hoplopfheil

    Congratulations guys! Alex and James are making awesome videos and everything on the channel is a good watch.

  • MattB

    there are probably many people here like me who don’t subscribe to any channel but watch every video that y’all post. Always very entertaining content, this is one of 3 pages I visit multiple times daily.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      I did that for 3-4 years to MAC(sturm), Hickok and others before actually subscribing.

    • Just subscribe! It actually makes life much easier. I subscribe to about 200 channels and youtube shows me the latest videos from my subscribed channels. I don’t have to go look up each one.

  • James R.


  • Harry’s Holsters

    Congrats! I love watching your videos and you all are in my top 5 favorite youtube channels. Alex needs to get patrick out to the range more! I love seeing him and Alex respectfully disagree.

  • jcitizen

    200.000 WOW! Great job guys!!

  • BigR

    TFB, I’m happy to be aboard!