Review: XS Sights 24/7 Big Dot Tritium Night Sights

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The Big Dot sights have been the staple of XS Sights product lineup for as long as I can remember, if they have been a fixture in the aftermarket sight community for this long there mist be something to them right? After a quick phone call to XS to set up a review we came to the realization that we were in the same city and set up a range day and visit to the XS facility.

I met up with XS’ new team member Zack for lunch at a local BBQ joint and we talked about the future of XS. Zack hinted at some new products that might be coming to market from XS in the near future as well as expanding their lineup of what firearms they currently produce sights for. I would keep a close eye on XS, there are some really great things coming from them soon.

Once we got over to the XS facility we dove head first into installing some 24/7 Big Dot sights on the Glock 43 that I carry just bout every day. Zack started by securing the slide into a vice with a towel as padding and tapped the rear factory plastic dovetail protector out of the slide. Once the dovetail was free of the factory part Zack degreased the dovetail channel with some alcohol and wiped it clean.  IMG_2808 IMG_2809

The next step was to apply some red thread locker on the bottom of the new rear sight, Zack did say he uses a bit more than is recommended to make sure he gets complete coverage and wipes the excess away once installed. He also applied some thread locker into the channel the sight will be slid into to make sure that there is plenty of thread locker keeping the sight in place.IMG_2810 IMG_2811

Once everything is coated in the thread locker Zack slid the sight about half way in then used the included non metallic punch to tap the sight to a centered position in the slide. The two small holes in the top of the sight house small set screws that you tighten once everything is centered, do not apply thread locker to the set screws!  As for the front sight, XS thoughtfully provides a tool with the Glock sights to unscrew the factory front post and install the new Big Dot tritium front. IMG_2812IMG_2815

Once we got out to the range I had to snap some photos of the new sights, they really do look pretty fantastic. The machine work on them is nothing short of fantastic, they even added little details like the XS logo on both front and rear sights. The tritium vials are provided by and installed by Trijicon, a name that just about every shooter will recognize as the top supplier of tritium vials. IMG_2822 IMG_2823 IMG_2824 IMG_2825

As a surprise Zack had brought along a P320 for me to run through the paces. I have been dying to take a look at one of these for a while and have been waiting some time to get one in for evaluation. The P320 sights are every bit as nice as the Glock sights as you might expect. One feature that people kind of gloss over on the Big Dots is the white dot, they do not use paint because they want to see a lifetime of use with the sights. Instead they use a machined PVC insert with a convex shape to it in order to keep the dot bright and easy to pick up. A side benefit of the convex shape is it will not collect debris and lint when you are carrying it and the surface area is a bit larger than it would be if they went the conventional concave route.

The rear sight on the P320 also includes a tritium vial to illuminate the rear sight in low light. It took some getting used to getting the sights lined up since I normally shoot 3 dot sights, but after several hours at the range I was getting it down pretty fast.IMG_2828IMG_2830

As I previously mentioned the sight picture is a bit different that most shooters including myself are used to. The shallow V design of the rear sight lends itself to quick acquisition of the front sight, in low light shooters can rely on the Trijicon vials to outline the sight picture. Getting the sight picture in low light was the most challenging thing for me since it is pretty different than the normal 3 dots I am used to.   IMG_2848

Time to get shooting with the new Glock sights! I lined up at 25 yards and started taking some shots at the steel target I set up and quickly started landing hits on the man sized target, it looks like those guys that preach Big Dots might be onto something. 3

After getting my Glock dialed in I turned to the P320, something that I had been looking forward to since Zack told me he brought it. I started with some shots at the steel target to get familiar with the pistol. I really am impressed, thankfully we will be reviewing the P320 soon.

After I got familiar with the pistol it was time to see if I could still shoot a good group with the Big Dots. We stapled some targets up and stepped back to 7 yards. I was able to get the P320 to turn out a pretty good 5 shot group, turns out that the Big Dots didn’t impact my shooting ability at all. 4IMG_2851

So what do I think about the Big Dot sights from XS Sights? I really like them a lot and will definitely be buying some more for my other carry guns. If you are in the market for a set of aftermarket sights you really should see if they make a set for your firearm of choice.

The MSRP for the Glock 43 Big Dots tested is $130, the P320 sights come in a bit cheaper at $125. You can learn more about XS Sights and their history by visiting their website HERE. Don’t forget that they are offering TFB readers that 10% off with the code TFB10.


  • Alex

    I’ve had Big Dots on my G26 for about a year/4-5K rounds, and I’ve finally given up on them. Despite my best attempts, I am unable to get these sights to shoot fast for me, at all. If I take my time and make sure the dot is just on top of the V, I can hit all right out to about 30 yards, but if I’m working on shooting fast, draws, or anything like that, I’m all over the place, usually high.

    The last straw was the last time I was at the range, I brought my 26, G42, and Auto Ordnance GI 1911 clone, and I was getting ~90% on my 10″ plate at 75 yards with my 42(stock sights) and A-O(stock all black tiny sights), but not my 26, the handgun I have the highest round count with by far.

    ShouldagotTrijHD’s/10, would not recommend at all.

    • BattleshipGrey

      A recent sheriff had the Big Dot set, I think he liked it, but he let some of the deputies try it and they all hated it. They’re not gun guys though so they couldn’t really describe what it was they didn’t like.

      • Alex

        I think the problem for me is the fact that unlike shotgun beads and rifles with express sights, there’s no stock to kind of ‘get it close’, where with practice throwing the gun up, you can naturally hit around the same point on the stock for quick shots. With a handgun, there’s not really such an automatic(with practice) index for quickly shooting, that will get you close to the target just by bringing the gun up, so you have to use the sights for all of it, and the fact that Big Dots don’t have any kind of notch at all, leads them to be almost like shooting with just the front sight.

        • BattleshipGrey

          That’s what I wondered. With the square standard sights, the top of the front post has a reference point of when to stop when bringing the gun up. But aside from knowing exactly what spot on the dot to place it in the dip on top of the rear “post” would take some practice and trial and error just to find the sweet spot, then more practice once you’ve found it.

  • Thomas Gomez

    Good shooting!

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      Thanks Thomas, I think the P320 was to thank. I have a long way to go before I consider myself good.

  • BillLow

    Glad to see the folks at XS get some ink. Good people and great products plus we love hometown folks. Patrick’s piece was well done as usual.

  • I shot XS Big Dot sights for about two years shooting them on all my guns in excess of 20,000 documented rounds. At the time I felt that they were the best sights on the market for defensive shooting. But I’ve felt that they’ve been eclipsed by better designs on the market.

    At short distances they are among the best on the market the wide V of the rear sight, allows you more leeway to see the sight and take less refined shots that short distances allow.

    The biggest issue with them is the time it takes to refine the sight picture for distance shooting. That wide V that was so nice for the short distance shots works against you because it provides harder to see clues on your sight alignment. So yes with practice and time you can make 25-100 yard shots you won’t be as quick as notch and post sights. And don’t take this criticism as being unable to shoot with them, I won a walk back drill against some highly skilled shooters in a class run by the late Todd Green.

    Now I feel that they have been eclipsed by Trijicon HD/Ameriglo iDot Pro sights. These sights feature a slightly wider traditional post front sight that is painted with an orange or yellow dot around the tritium tube. The rear sight is U notch rear sight with a notch width that is much wider than what most people are used to.

    Normal notch width is the same was the width of the front sight (normally approximately 0.125″), on these sights the notch is 0.030″ wider so the notch is 0.185″ that doesn’t sound like much but it makes a big difference, as it increases the available hit radius from around 8″ at 7 yards to around 14-16″ (or about the width of a person). So if your rear sight is anywhere the notch you will hit a man sized target. So at speed I felt that they were equal to XS Big Dots. But when you moved back to distances the differences became apparently, 25 yard head shots were effortless. Same with 50-75 yard body shots. With the notch in back I had better feedback on the horizontal and vertical alignment.

    So IMO though the XS Big Dots work very well even with their limitations, I feel that the Trijcon HD/Ameriglo iDot Pro style are the best of both worlds as they have fewer practical limitations.

    • Spencerhut

      This is my experience as well.

    • JSIII

      It is totally counter intuitive but look up the enhanced duty sight from Meprolight, I cannot believe how quickly I pick up targets and my bullets go right where I want them close range or at distance. Some people find them too busy but they work for me. My only issue is I have found when it is just dark enough to be a PITA to see the white lines and just light enough for the tritium to not be glowing I have an issue picking up the front sight.

  • Hoplopfheil

    “factory plastic dovetail protector”

    Hahah harsh! Harsh but fair.

    Occasionally I consider getting night sights, but then I imagine them going dim in 5 years. I think if they did I would never replace them. Feels like carrying volcano insurance in Kansas.

    • AK™

      I went with Vickers Tactical sights in my Glock 17. Green fiber optic in front. The rear U shape sight really helps line up the sights quick.

      If I were to get a G19 or smaller Glock,i’d probably go with some XS sights.

  • Cal.Bar

    LOVE them on my carry gun. Tried them on my IDPA full sized. Tried for over a year to get accurate with them. NOPE. Just too large to do much other than point and shoot.


    LOVE EM’

  • Pete – TFB Writer

    Awesome review. Love me some Big Dot.

  • Andrew Duffey

    Currently they don’t have a tritium rear sight for the full size M&P but word is they’re working on getting one to market.

  • Zkins43007

    They are garunteed for 12 years.

  • Blake

    I absolutely love my Heinie Straight Eights and won’t ever switch unless I see some serious merit. Once I switched I saw an insane increase in shot placement consistency and target acquisition / sight alignment speed. The thing I like about the Straight Eights over the Big Dots is they Heinies still have a ‘normal’ notch so longer distance accuracy is much more achievable. The odd thing is my sister shot much worse with the Heinies than even with stock Glock sights. The over/under sight style definitely has merit, but I think it’s really up to each individual shooter to find what they shoot best with, not just pick one style out for whatever reason without trying more.

  • Treiz

    would like to try these, but they still don’t offer tritium front and rear for M&P. WTF?

    I tried Trijicon HDs instead, and next I’m going to try some Heinie 8s.