An interesting compatibility of parts. Brian B. built this cool SBR. First he started with just a SBR and a barrel extension. Then he got his preferred can. I was a bit confused as to how the MP5SD handguard was attached to the AR upper receiver.



Turns out it is a perfect fit over a samson rail that he is using. It looks good especially with the HK style iron sights.



Looks like a great gun and a fun one too.


  • Austin

    If only it took MP5 mags….

    • Steve Milliron

      Quarter Circle 10 is supposedly coming out with a lower that does.

      • Austin

        Good, the straight mags just never looked right to me.

        • Anonymoose

          Uzis tho.

          • Austin

            If it has to go through a pistol mag well it’s ok but the 9mm ARs always looked off to me.

          • jamezb

            I always thought that if they shaped the bottom of the magwell adapter like a funnel it would be a practical conversion, I’ve no idea if they do or not though.

    • JoshCalle

      nah, glock mags

      • Austin

        And screw over the aesthetics more?

  • Giolli Joker

    It does look good!
    I like the iron sights, any idea on the manufacturer?
    Too bad it’s not roller delayed/retarded.

    • Anonymoose

      Check I think these might be the same ones they sell for the MR556.

      • Giolli Joker

        Lots of cool stuff there, but I can’t find this set.

        • JohnnyBGood

          look up HKN10015 and HKP17716 and be preparred to cringe… I wanted to put these on my Sig 556xi but good lord

          • Giolli Joker

            Those are the ones I saw, didn’t focus on the prices, though… ouch!
            The rear sight might be a match, but the front there is an open circle, here it’s closed.

    • 1911a145acp

      It’s definitely retarded………

  • iksnilol

    OOOoooh, who’s the cuddest, widdlest AR there is? Oh you are, yes you are.

  • William Nelson

    Sexy as hell.

    A 9mm AR type SBR is my guilty dream gun. One day…one day…

  • vwVwwVwv

    only woman can look beter

  • jamezb

    Add one of the new PDW /231 style sliding stocks and REALLY confuse everyone!
    I really like this.

  • Marc

    That would be sweet with a dedicated pistol lower.

  • Garmanarnar

    Buy an MP5 if you want an MP5; don’t try and turn an AR ink one.

    • JoshCalle

      Why not? Brethren armament turns MP5s into ARs.

      • Garmanarnar

        This is asinine. Just because it fires 223 doesn’t make it an AR. Ever heard of the HK 33? The gun in this article is still an AR type.

        • JoshCalle

          Theirs fires 300 blk, and is comparable in size to a MP5

          • Garmanarnar

            That’s not an AR, they just rebarreled an HK53, the compact HK33 variant.

  • Al

    It is a niffty little carbine, wonder how it would perform in 10mm?