TOZ-106 Bolt Action SBS Hangfire

This Russian man videoed himself shooting a TOZ-106. It is a short barreled shotgun with an underfolding stock that is bolt action and magazine fed.

He shoots it and has a fail to fire. He recharges the firing pin by actuating the bolt lever a couple of times. I must say I was wincing to see if he was going to open the chamber. Luckily he set the gun down in a safe direction and as he moves away the shell goes off.

UPDATE: Probably fake

Nicholas C

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  • TVOrZ6dw

    Yup, firearms safety rules work.
    The last batch of WW2 surplus .303British I fired some years back worked the same way- Pull trigger, hear click, hold on target… hold on target… BOOM!. Another bullseye. Work bolt handle and repeat.

    • Austin

      Like shooting old black powder designs

      • gunsandrockets

        Old like a matchlock!

  • Nada nope

    Seen this before. Seems fake, based on angle of barrel, lack of muzzle flash, and lack of gun recoil.

    • Twilight sparkle

      Also the way the bolt handle jumps when he squeezes the trigger, they don’t tend to do that with a round in the chamber.

      You can try it with a bolt action rifle, it’ll jump like that if you dry fire it but it won’t if there’s a snap cap or anything else in

      This gun could be an exception for all I know though

      • kyphe

        I see no handle jump when the first shot is fired

  • overlander

    Fake. Gun isn’t pointed at the bottle and doesn’t recoil when it ‘hang-fires.’

    • JumpIf NotZero

      I agree, it is fake…. but WHY!?

      It’s a small charge behind or another shot off screen at the water jug.

      • Jwedel1231

        Maybe for views? Maybe to troll?

        • overlander

          One or the other. To either troll the company or to gain exposure for the brand. Dare I say the latter might backfire? Har, har.

  • wetcorps

    The bottle was actually shot by a trolling sniper.

  • Stephen Hubert

    Clearly fake…

  • Jwedel1231

    THIS VIDEO IS A HOAX. Watch the video as the gun goes off. Then watch it at .25 speed, and watch the gun itself very carefully. The gun DOES NOT FIRE. There is no shell in the chamber. The man placed some sort of explosive in the water bottles. Evidence: The gun does not recoil when it ‘goes off’.

    • wetcorps

      I still don’t get why someone would go through the effort.

  • WFDT


  • Jeff Smith

    I see a good bit of people are saying it’s fake, but something incredibly similar happened to a friend’s wife while shooting once. I gave her some old Norinco ammo for her new Beretta and she had a hangfire. Thinking something was wrong, she turned the gun horizontal to her face and it went off, sending a round 90 degrees to the left of the target. From the time she pulled the trigger, it look about 3-5 seconds for the round to go off.

    Luckily, it happened to be in a safe direction – if she had turned the gun to the right, it would have been aiming at me.

    • Gary Kirk

      Most of the people saying it’s fake aren’t saying that it can’t, or doesn’t happen.. Most anyone who puts a reasonable amount of ammo down range, have or will experience a hangfire at some point.. The biggest thing is how you deal with one “when” it comes.. I’m glad to hear your experience turned out ok, and I’m sure you and those involved learned from it.

    • Blake

      They’re not saying it’s fake because it’s impossible, they’re saying it’s fake because the gun wasn’t even pointing at the water bottle that exploded and the gun didn’t recoil at all when it “fired”. Seems they were trying to have the guy be in between the gun and the camera when the non-visible charge went off in order to mask it better, but they pulled it a bit early.

      • Jeff Smith

        Sorry, I didn’t mean for my post to insinuate that others were saying it wasn’t possible. I was simply acknowledging that, while the video was fake, I had a similar experience.

  • Gary Kirk

    Matchlock, SBS… Highly doubt this, although Russian ammo can leave something to be desired.. Most of their “bangsticks” do go bang on the regular.. And are designed with said ammo in mind, last I checked they weren’t shipping in US made ammo for their arms

    • Gary Kirk

      The muzzle blast at that proximity, could maaaybe have popped the water bottles, get demo ranch on the case..

  • Iblis

    I agree that it was faked. The first shot has some decent muzzle flash. When looking a the frame where the water exploded, no muzzle flash when it is on the table. The muzzle isn’t exactly pointing at the water. At that range, the shot would have missed. The way the water exploded, the shot came from about the 2 o’clock position from the shooter….on the grassy knoll.

  • DanGoodShot

    That was fake as hell. The gun wasn’t even pointed at the water bottle and the gun would have flew off the table from the recoil. That gun didn’t move untill he knocked over the table. The only reason I could see someone making this video is as a liberal scare tactic to make guns look scary and dangerous. I can hear the liberals now, “oh look they do fire all by themselves!” Or just a complete jackass. TFB, I’m surprised you didn’t see it as the fake that it is! Tut tut tut.