A major global small arms and ammo manufacturer deals in military surplus shared these photos with us. They have tons of images from similar surplus caches that they have seen and purchased.

Some of the photos are a bit blurry but you can still see the horde of weapons.

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  • d_grey

    Man what I wouldn’t give for that Dragunov in the 4th pic from the top.

    • Anonymoose

      How about your soul?

      • RocketScientist

        Deal. I’m not using it anyways.

      • Steven Meyer

        Well you’d need to add some cash to this deal…lol

      • Gary Kirk

        That’s already gone by my “religion”..

    • Gary Kirk

      Are they drags, or SVDs?

      • d_grey

        It’s the same thing really, SVD Dragunov is the full name for the rifle, apparently in recent times, some folks have confused the description by stating that SVD and Dragunov are two different rifles (personal experience from talking to a military officer, same officer also stated that the mp5 is a carbine and the AK is an smg…..)

        • Gary Kirk

          Ok, I know the Dragunov was “the” SVD.. And may have gotten the 3 letters wrong on my end.. But wasn’t there another variant that was made after the original? I am truly interested.. And know exactly what you have dealt with as far as the uneducated towards certain things.. Me, I know the Ar/M-16 platform, Know where the m16A3 went?.. Have just begun getting “more” into the Russian platforms, and would greatly appreciate any input I can get

          • d_grey

            I apologize if what I said came out exasperated, I assure you that wasn’t the case, I was merely sharing my personal experience. 🙂
            To be frank, there are several copies and variants that were made by soviet aligned countries, but the original is the dragunov. In terms of russian variants, you have the civilian dragunov “tiger” rifle and a modernized svd-m variant as well as a bullpup variant called the SVU (there’s even an automatic variant of this one called the the SVU-A and a long barrel semi auto update to the SVU).

          • Rousso

            Actually SVD-M was a Polish variant with a heavier barrel. The Russians are at the present times making the classic SVD, the folding stock SVDS for paratroopers, the big caliber SVDK and the aforementioned SVDU bullpup.

            Tiger is a hunting rifle based on the SVD, but is not the same as the SVD.

          • Elijah Decker

            Well, I’m more of an AK guy, but I’ll give it a shot.

            The M16A3 is the US Navy variant with the flat top railed receiver and full auto fire control group instead of the three round burst used in the M16A2 and M16A4.

            M16A1: Carry handle receiver, full auto FCG.
            M16A2: Carry handle receiver, 3 round burst FCG.
            M16A3: Flat top receiver, full auto FCG.
            M16A4: Flat top receiver, 3 round burst FCG.

            To confuse things, some M16A4s also have the full auto FCG.


          • Gary Kirk

            The A3 also had a heavy barrel

  • sean

    Suchka makes pants tight

    • Just say’n

      Meanwhile, Alex is choking back the vomit in his throat after seeing so many Mosins in one place.

      • Gary Kirk

        The “garbage rods” kept the crates from collapsing

  • Martin M

    All arsenal refinished and ready for the next world war.

    • micmac80

      Add to that some 4mio jet unnisued AK74 and AK100 series that are in storage.

    • wetcorps

      They would do little good in the third, but would certainly be useful in the fourth 🙂

      • Martin M

        You never know. Perhaps the alien invaders have little knowledge or defense against kinetic weapons.

  • Ed

    If we could just import them here, they find new homes;)

  • marathag

    Could you make the watermarks more opaque?
    a bit more, and all underneath would remain hidden

  • john huscio

    Century international?

    • Nicholas C


      • iksnilol

        Thank God!


  • Zachary marrs

    Watermarks need to be a bit bigger

    • Nicholas C

      Those were placed by the company that shard them,

      • Blake

        …a company with a name that’s obviously not “The Firearms Blog” slathered images with TFB watermarks so huge you can’t even see what’s in the picture?

    • spotr

      The over-use the watermarks and solid obstructions on pictures and videos is very obnoxious. It has the same negative distraction that I get from seeing gang graffiti sprayed onto beautiful buildings.

    • disqus_XlYouOiadt

      Agreed, if you don’t want us to see it; don’t post it… is this for ‘our protection’ or for ‘the sake of the children?’ Just stupid.

  • Devil_Doc


  • nmgene

    where can we buy them ?????

    • Gary Kirk

      Can’t.. 🙁

      • Gary Kirk

        But we can get nice pics like these to salivate over.. Thankfully my phone is water resistant

  • Mekusapv

    I can imagine the smell of cosmoline that was in the air.

    • Samson

      Mmmm Mmmm baby — I love the smell of cosmoline in the morning….. smells like……. Cold War Victory….

  • Brocus

    that’s quite possibly the most obnoxious watermarks I’ve ever seen

  • Klaus Von Schmitto

    If I were king for a day I’d make the folks at Sarco and Apex very happy.

  • l2a3

    Gee you are learning that the Soviets throw NOTHING away. They never know when it might come handy to use, in defense or to give to someone who shares their theology. It is cheaper and provides deniability to give rebuilt weapons from someone else manufacture than having to build a new one yourself. They have rebuilt and stored weapons from WW! on. The fun part is finding out where all these “old” stocks are stored.

    • Rousso

      Right. The Soviets… I hate them damn commies, too

      • Gotta watch out for those subversive pinko fifth columnists.

        • Rousso

          For sure!

          The thing has a new color now: pink. And it has a new name! Liberalism™

      • jamezb

        They aren’t commies any longer, unless our stupid embargoes make them abandon capitalism. Your elected representatives in DC are all that stands between you and buying those sweet, sweet, guns on the cheap!

        • jamezb

          place the blame where it is due!

        • HollowTs

          And Putin’s dumb ass!

  • Harry’s Holsters

    Our import laws are incredibly stupid.

  • Uncle Festet

    Any Winchester Lever Actions in there? #wantone

  • ill take one of those revolvers.

  • POsP-Eye

    Awww… *I* want a Russian small arms warehouse! [pouty face]

  • jamezb

    I like to believe that if we are basically good, when we die, Heaven has extensive warehouses like this one, -only with the common and prototypical obscure military and civilian goodies of ALL countries and ALL eras… We each get as many shopping carts as we desire, and the guns never run empty at the extensive 1000 meter interactive and reactive shooting gallery style ranges due to Heavenly Hollywood style magic magazines…

  • TheStoneOfTheBuilder

    What a great gallery of watermarks, don’t what all that Russian warehouse business is about in the title though.

  • Billy Jack

    What a tease. This is like browsing the Sears catalog underwear section. Frigging sanctions.