PHOTOS: Guns of Eurosatory 2016: AK Alpha, Arex AKB15, Pro Arms MK3 and MORE

My very good friend Lionel was once again kind enough to send us photos he took at the Eurosatory 2016 defense expo that has just been held in Paris. Below is a selection of interesting guns Lionel saw at the show. Read his report from the show at, with photos of military and law enforcement vehicles and equipment, at

AK ALpha (israel)

AK Alpha (Kalashnikov Israel)


IWI X95 AAC (Israel)

shadow-408-cheytac (canada)

Cheytac Shadow .408 (Canada)

Arex AKB15 -(czech)

Arex AKB15 (Slovenia)

proarms-mk-3 (czech)

ProArms MK3 (CZ)

lmt MARS L


mmr 11.6 (canada)

Colt Canada MMR 11.6 (Canada)


M240 LW (USA)

m-110 (usa)

KAC M110 (USA)

m-32-fcs (usa)

Milkor MGL M32 FCS (USA)

lmt-300-aac (usa)


KAC 3000 CQB Mod 2

KAC 3000 CQB Mod 2 (USA)


KRISS Generation 2 (USA)

bren-2 (czech)


Many thanks Lionel!



Steve Johnson

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  • PK

    Great photos, although much of what you posted here is familiar, some of the photos in the link are quite novel; especially the vehicles and that very retro/Metropolis looking 60mm mortar!

  • plingr2

    Arex AKB15 is not Czech weapon. It is from Slovenia.

  • Jambo

    I thought the AK Alfa was a Kalashnikov USA thing. Did I miss something.

    • Alexandru Ianu

      Well, the AK Alpha was a KUSA – CAA – Hartmann collaboration, so maybe K israel is the middle man we’re not seeing.

      • Rousso

        That child of mutilation is a bastard and has nothing but the name in common with the real AK.

        • Alexandru Ianu

          Translation: I don’t like how it looks, so it can’t into AK.

          It has all AK internals. Of course it’s an AK. A different receiver doesn’t magically make it something else. As long as it’s reliable – rifle is fine…

          • Rousso

            Wrong, brother
            AK is supposed to flex
            And it’s supposed to be rugged

          • Twilight sparkle

            How about ak47 type 2s and 3s? This thing looks like a milled receiver ak with a face lift, kinda like galil 3.0

          • Rousso

            That thing, if you mean “AK” Alpha, looks like an old lesbian on cocaine

    • Rousso

      Of course you missed something. When anything is stolen you should have known that there is always Israel-related something somewhere in the scheme of things.

    • randomswede

      “Modern Firearms & Ammunition” lists the weapon as “CAA Kalashnikov-Israel Kalashnikov-USA AK-Alfa assault rifle (Israel)”.
      With the US import regulations in effect importing complete rifles is problematic, I haven’t heard of a single company that imports sporter rifles to the US that doesn’t have a daughter company or partner inside so that the weapons are “American made”.

      Since this photo is taken in Europe it stands to reason this rifle is built in Israel.

    • Yep, it caught me, apparently they are made by two companies…

  • safsdfg

    So many Fugly rifle

  • Austin

    What are the odds of seeing the M32 on TFBTV?

  • Joe Schmo

    The ProArms MK3 seems cool. Love to see foreign AR platforms in the US, hopefully that can happen.

  • Dom

    Nice pics

  • therealgreenplease

    So what’s this AK Alpha I’m looking at?

  • Paladin

    One of those CC MRRs will find its way into my safe at some point, the only question is when.

    • Jay

      I’m planing on that too. They should be out some time this year. Lots of vendors are already offering preorders.

  • Martin Grønsdal

    If the future Kalashnikov will look like that, then who knows; maybe the Russians will stop drinking vodka for breakfast too?

    EDIT: I don’t know whether I prefer the old, or new AK.

    • Rousso

      Future is now. The fresh AK 400 looks gorgeous. Has all the features of the SCAR or HK416. Regulated gas block, retractable folding stock, Pic rails. Also, there is a model that is unique, it has a “balanced recoil” design.

      • Squirreltakular

        I’m still hoping that the AK-12 gains traction. The 400 series is nice, but I want that thumb safety and bolt hold open…

  • Martin Grønsdal

    Is it me, or is displaying a rifle without the magazine, like showing a car without wheels?

    • Alex Agius

      Except a car cannot drive without wheels, a firearm can shoot (albit 1 shot) without a magazine

      • Martin Grønsdal

        Not all. Magazine safety.

        • Alex Agius

          Sorry I should have said a well designed firearm

          • Martin Grønsdal

            Are revolvers a bad design? Just trolling

  • mig1nc

    Thanks for the article. I was hoping to see an Eurosatory round-up like this. I wish LMT offered the MRP in a Keymod or M-Lok version.

  • LazyReader

    Milkor is From South Africa.

  • Andrey Martim

    The AK Alpha is like a AK-12 and ARX-160 got to Vegas on a shameful trip.

  • mechamaster

    The main stars are AKB15 and AK Alpha….

    Well, the question is… for the AK Alpha, can they entered US market via IWI or Kalasnikov USA ?

    And for the AKB 15, maybe someone in US to bought it into US market… ( like Krebs )
    or create similar concept… ( but it is unethical… )

  • Jay

    Look how many of this military firearms are adopting the M-LOK standard!
    While in the civilian market keymod is still very visible, the military market pretty much ignored keymod and goes straign to M-LOK.