The Bullet Button “Reloaded” – Inventor Offers New (Likely) Compliant Offering

With the passage of what many have described as “Gunpocalypse” in California, Golden State firearms owners have been scrambling to understand the implications of the various new laws and regulations. While all have sweeping implications for firearms owners, one of the laws was unique to California – the passage of laws to remove the so-called “bullet-button loop-hole”

The Bullet Button was invented in 1996 by a California gun enthusiast Darin Prince to meet the letter of the law that defined “assault weapons” (a purely legal and legislative term) which banned the use of quick-detachable magazines without tools. As a bullet itself was considered a “tool” not attached to the weapon, the use of a magazine disconnect that required the tool was permissible to keep weapons from being classified as “Assault Weapons”.

Unfortunately, SB 880 redefines “Assault Weapons” to preclude the use of magazine locking devices to configure legal non “assault” versions of common firearms.

However, in their place is a similar device that meets the legal requirement of disassembly of the action. Mr. Prince has an offering, the “Bullet Button Reloaded” which will be available soon. Of note, its very similar to the ARMagLock, which we covered previously. 

Mr. Prince has put together a video of the Bullet Button Reloaded installation onto a standard AR-15. Unfortunately, similar devices for non AR weapons will be difficult, as their disassembly is more complex.

Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

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  • Basil Sever Moulds

    Idk what’s worse. Being from North Dakota and stuck in Illinois or being from California

    • Jordan Mickelson

      The former. Old California was a beautiful place but decade after decade of expansion, suburban development, and an influx of Democrats has ruined everything. We left to move to N. Idaho and it is amazingly beautiful as I am sure N. Dakota is. Hope you are not anywhere near Chiraq…

    • Dan

      I dont know North Dakota is pretty horrible. There’s a reason we call you southern Canada. Jk best wishes from Sodak.

  • nadnerbus

    Good write-up and summary of the issue, but you know there is already an article about this like ten entries down from here, right?

  • Gorilla Biscuit

    This is (BAD WORDS) they need to have a recall election for all those involved. Especially the Governor and Mr 30 magazine clip.

    • Jordan Mickelson

      I don’t think you get it, the people who you would need to do a recall are the same people who voted for these guys, the Democrats [both elected officials and their constituents] don’t care about gun rights. There are a lot of God fearing, red-blooded, patriotic, and heavily armed Californians but the problem is they are out numbered 10:1…

      • KestrelBike

        More like 30:1. We’re the state that hands out driver’s licenses to illegals.

        • Chrome Dragon

          It’s a smaller evil than just having them drive without insurance (since without the license…) and screw the other guy in case of an accident.

          Evidence-based harm reduction strategies are often counterintuitive.

          • Goose

            Silly you thinking that people with licenses will automatically bother buying insurance.

          • Chrome Dragon

            Some of them will.

          • CanineCo

            Why? They’re covered. The responsible, legitimate citizens are forced to purchase “uninsured motorist” features at significant expense.

      • Gorilla Biscuit

        Yea I get it. :]

  • anon

    wasn’t there an article about this using the same video about a week ago?

    • Rob in Katy

      thought that I dreamed that…whew!

  • I don’t know why anyone with an AR in CA would go Bullet Button over just a featureless Kydex grip wrap or one of the clever, “non pistol grip” stocks.

    • Cal.Bar

      True. The problem with this thing is that in the event of a JAM, the bolt will not be forward and the rifle will not break open. So you’re only recourse is to pry off the bottom mag plate and PRAY you can get the round WAAAY up there out.

      NOT a great solution. I’d go registered first, then featureless, and only use this as a LAST resort.

      • Bob

        I’ MOVE out of CA.
        Just like I MOVED out of MN with all the libtards there!

      • Solace Greer

        I can’t quite tell if what I’m looking at in this video poses a risk of the hammer falling when clearing a jam, partial reloading, or clearing the weapon… But that aside, the BCG does not obstruct the grip receiver pin at any point in its cycle. If the bolt-catch is retaining the bolt face, pulling the pin will cause the bolt to fall.
        …Normally when servicing an AR platform rifle one would strip the receiver from the bolt in the ‘battery’/closed position.

    • Cymond

      I tried a BB, but eventually went featureless. Still, I can understand the appeal of a telescoping stock of one rifle is used by more than one person. I also understand if we’re taking about a rifle with a folding stock.

      • Zack

        Featurless is the way to go. I’m pretty sure if its featureless you dont need to register. Seeing as the law said that only BB rifles had to be registered

        • Patriot068

          You mean they actugly want people to register BB guns?? If that’s a law WTF?? Have the lawmakers been drinking out their. Hopefully Frankenstein will get a full time job as a walker on TWD or FOTD, series and leave the rest of the nation alone and Pelosi ‘s face / mouth will stop moving due to plastic surgery and botox, complications and you CA voters might get some new people hopefully not a fruit or a nut which CA seems to overbreed and export to the rest of the country right in front of NY & CT or any state which stomps on the2nd and allows and GIVES CRIMINALS THE UPPER HAND!! Because as good little lemmings!! And tars they all know the criminals will follow the law RIGHT?? !!

          • Cymond

            Was that sarcasm, or are you completely unaware of CA rifles?
            BB is short for Bullet Button.

  • Major Tom

    And this is making me really wish I could’ve run for President this year. But alas, I’m not old enough. (I turn 31 this October.)

    But in 2020…

  • Richard

    Not sure why you would choose that over the ARES SCR.

    Looking forward to the first modern stripper clip fed AR design.

    With DI that should be fairly easy to do.

  • Pedro .Persson

    If engineers manage to somehow dance around the regulations of NASCAR and GP1, did the people that drafted the legislation really though they had beaten innovation? I can’t wait for somebody to come up with an en-bloc clip adaptation.

    BTW: What is the status of the Garand and other similar designs in California?

    • zardoz711

      I’ve often wondered if something similar could be made to work for ban compliant places:
      An AR lower with most of the magwell open up except for the very bottom and a spring and follower inserted.
      Then something like a 5 round mag shell inserted mostly just for use of the feed lips, possibly just the top section of a mag pressed into the magwell.

      Sure, you’ll have to pop the rear take down pin to reload, but it seems to me that would work for ban compliance.

      • Cymond

        The original Prince50 mag lock fixed the magazine into the magwell. It required opening the upper receiver to load the magazine.

  • Cymond

    Yeah, it’s similar to the ARMagLock, which is similar to the MR2.

  • Ghost930

    Simple cure folks, and it’s non-technical. Move. If you believe in the Constitution, and your personal freedoms and rights, then you have no business living in California (or several other states). Sorry, but that’s the no PC truth of it. We are becoming a divided nation. If you want to enjoy your full rights under the Constitution, you are going to have to choose where you live now. Won’t be easy I’m sure (I made the decision several years ago to move to a gun friendly state) for most, but like the man said, “it is what it is”.

    • Budogunner

      I’m not aware of any State in the Union where citizens are truly free as per the US Constitution anymore. And I live in a gun friendly State.

      • Ghost930

        But some are way more free than others, and usually the only reason they are not better, is the interference of the federal government in what should be state matters. I live in Arizona, which is a second amendment state (no CCW required to carry concealed), we are ahead of the game in most statistics here than the other so called “enlightened” bastions of liberal think. Our crime rates are historically lower, even in the population centers per capita of other states (Phoenix, the sixth largest urban area in the US had a reported 119 murders, and not all by firearm last reporting year), and with the exception of education levels (which is an immigration issue partly) our state works just fine, while trying to respect the Constitution as much as the federal government will allow (ironic isn’t it). I fully expect in my lifetime to see several states such as California, and NY to ban firearm ownership completely. What the civil war failed to accomplish, the liberals and Democratic party are bringing about, and that is a division of the country by states, and regions, depending on people’s beliefs, rights and even political affiliation. Welcome to the 21st century in America.

      • Mr. C

        Vermont is very nice, both law and otherwise.

      • asoro

        freedom is an mined set, the only real freedom you have is to make your own choice in life.

    • Patriot068

      Sad but very true!! People voted those clowns in office repeatedly and the people holding the elected offices now feel they are ENTITLED TO THEM!! Next time The Gov is up for reelection try getting them out , start a pro-gun , try and at least vote them out or pray for a huge EARTHQUAKE!!” But get out! Liberalism/Demorat thinking is a disease and like a disease it’s spreading!!, WE’RE THE CURE!!

  • hummmm

    did he say an assault, he should have said semi auto rifle. Don’t let the gun control people define the rifle as assault rifle.

    • asoro

      no such thing as an assault rifle, thats a political term to make them sound more evil.
      they are sporting rifles, they do not shoot fully auto. but CA is being run by these kind of people, how there Governor says in office I can’t figure it out.

      • progun2

        It’s simple; the governor stays in office because the same idiots that vote for these gun control morons in the legislature also elect the governor. By the way, everyone on California is not a gun control idiot. San Francisco and the coast cities including Los Angeles out vote the rest of the state just like New York City out votes the rest of New York.

      • Doom

        There are assault rifles, not “assault weapons”

  • misterrabbit

    Productive folks leaving California in droves. Progressive democRAT slum now.

  • F.T.

    What a stupid friggin law. It does nothing to reduce crime and amounts to nothing but a show by law makers to destroy the 2nd Amendment. This only affects law abiding people. No criminal is going to pay attention of any such stupid laws by these ignorant law makers.
    The people of Ca. need to recall as many politicians as they acn bcause they have a whole bunch that need to be removed from office.

    • asoro

      it looks like they want the criminals to have the edge…

      • Solace Greer

        Yeah, it looks simple enough to remove to enable correct operation of an AR platform rifle.

        That said, it amuses me, the concept of a break-action AR system.

        • CanineCo

          I can’t imagine trying to tactically and successfully employ an AR with that mess installed. Let’s strongly support our Cali brothers and sisters and hope for cooler heads some day, probably wishful thinking on my part. So glad to be out of there.

  • PatriciaFoxx

    Really the better option here is to just go featureless. Thankfully the “representatives” here haven’t taken that option away from those of us living here. As others have mentioned already while you’d retain the look if you have any kind of failure it will be a nightmare to address.

    As to the others parroting the “just move” comment I must say it must be really nice to have that option. For many here, especially with the high cost of living and the job market, just moving your entire family to a different state is NOT an easy thing to do. Thankfully we have a group like Calguns here to help those of us try to fight junk like this. But, when your representative is Feinstein and others of their ilk the only real options we have is to take them to court which doesn’t always work in or favor (see the CCW outcome here killing our hopes of reform).

    Those who could move already have or are in the process of doing so. But for the rest of us stuck here seeing my fellow firearm enthusiasts & 2A supporters throw us under the bus to put it bluntly stinks especially when you rub our noses in it. We’re going to continue to fight with our without your help because a lot of us are quite stubborn and don’t like to be bullied by those who would rather make decisions based upon fear instead of rational thought.

    But remember this the rest of you are only one election away from suffering the same things we have dealt with for YEARS here. And when that happens to the rest of you I’m certainly not going to tell you to “just move” and will be there to help you fight however I can.

  • rturnquist57

    Next thing to regulate is assult style pressure cookers. They should also have permanently mounted lit to prevent quick opening.

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Build that wall!

  • CanineCo

    We need to do our best to strongly support our Cali brothers and sisters in their efforts to escape this irrational madness. As a retired Marine officer, I can’t imagine trying to tactically and successfully employ an AR with that mess installed. Hope for more rational government some day (instead of the current tyranny of the majority), probably wishful thinking on my part. I was raised in San Bernardino, before it became virtually a third world slum. So sad but glad to be out of Cali.