POTD: Belt Fed Chainsaw Flare Launching Wonder Gun

Thanks to my fellow writer Adam Scepaniak for sharing this. Adam runs a gun store during the day and helped his employees to order the parts.

Here is a break down of the parts.

*S&W M&P-15 Sport II rifle
*Freedom Ordnance FM-9 Belt Fed Upper
*Spike’s Tactical 37mm Flare Launcher
*Mossberg Chainsaw Carry Handle
*TruGlo Gobble Dot Red Dot
*Weaver Single Rail Riser (used with Flare Launcher to give it appropriate clearance on the bottom)

According to the employee, he is not done just yet.

I think that this setup would work better on an ARES SCR rifle than the traditinal AR-15 style of the M&P sport. The shotgun style grip of the ARES SCR would be more ergonomic when wielding this as a chainsaw.  Also the folding machine gun carry handle seems superflous when you have the chainsaw carry handle, but it is part of the FM9 upper assembly. I would have skipped the TruGlo red dot and gone with a decent laser that way you can aim while wielding it chainsaw style. Also I would but a binary trigger in this to make it go even faster.

I am curious what the creator of the creator of this rifle has in store if he is not done with it yet.


Here are two more photos of it.

IMG_20160628_163243829 IMG_20160628_163324782

Nicholas C

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  • Twofer

    All of that and it’s still got the A2 grip.

    • Gary Kirk

      And a standard 6 po. waffle stock

  • Ambassador Vader

    lol I like the location of the sight in front of the handle.

  • Pilot

    Mall ninja much?

    • Gary Kirk

      Much too much

    • Billy Jack

      By ninja you mean operator!

  • Gorilla Biscuit


    • spotr

      That’s funny! Good catch GB. The owner would need to use a large hole saw and a file.

      • Gary Kirk

        Nah, it’s a Truglo.. Won’t work for long anyway

  • Evan

    That chainsaw handle with the optic seems pointless. Then again, I don’t see any non “tacticool”/mall ninja use for the chainsaw handle in the first place. I also have trouble seeing the point of a belt fed semiauto, or, for that matter, a belt fed 9mm. So yeah, this guy spent a lot of time and money building a monstrosity that not only looks ridiculous, but can’t do anything that can’t be done by any other 9mm carbine.

    • Jwedel1231

      The point of the 9mm belt fed upper is pure range bliss, without the expense of an actual machine gun nor the cost per round.

      • Evan

        It doesn’t do anything that any regular 9mm carbine can’t, and it has weird proprietary links, and linking ammo is a nuisance no matter what. And since it’s still a semi, you might as well just have something mag fed, because the bliss one gets from belt fed weapons is entirely due to the full automatic nature of most of them.

        • matt

          Maybe if you put on a bumpstock??

    • Bob

      I saw an episode of Top Shot where they used a shotgun with chainsaw grip to breach through a door, and that made it seem somewhat practical for said purpose. Not particularly useful for a civie owner I don’t think, unless they are into creatively cutting down trees in a loud and unorthodox fashion…

      • Evan

        I saw that too. I’m not convinced. I’ve done some breaching in my time with a regular Mossberg, never had any need for that monstrosity.

        • Bob

          I’m not entirely sold either, but I’m starting to like this tree cutting concept…

        • Klaus Von Schmitto

          Did the babies make it OK? Most of the time they just try to turn them and then they’ll pop right out like normal.

      • Pilot

        My Mossberg came with that stupid chainsaw handle grip thing from the factory. It also came in a cool waterproof tube. The tube is useful, the grip is not. I didn’t throw the grip away only for the fact that it’s worth something and I don’t throw things away that may have some type of value to it. But I never used it. I don’t know what kind of useful shooting can be accomplished with that type of grip.

  • Gary Kirk

    Because a PCC needs to weigh 30lbs…

  • Anomanom

    I’m expecting to see this in the next Call of Duty.

  • Jeff Smith
  • Porty1119


  • Bill

    “Gobble Dot” and “Chainsaw Handle” are two phrases I NEVER expected to hear in regards to an AR. “Gobble Dot” sounds like the name of an Appalachian hamlet.

    • Gary Kirk

      Kinda like Tommy holler w.VA.. Where the children chase you down the street on all fours like a dog.. Real “the hills have eyes” kind of place

      • Klaus Von Schmitto

        Ever been to War w.Va? Paint your face gray, don’t smile, and carry a BFK and you’ll blend right in.

  • Bob



    And for today only, as a limited special, we give you a bonus Why?

  • RealitiCzech

    Gonna need a tripod to hold it up.

  • Bal256

    No light or bipod. Not tacticool enough.

  • Longhaired Redneck

    Bacon might make it legal in Germany…

    • Billy Jack

      That’s the UK

  • Badwolf

    Perfect set up for hosing down a bunch of ewoks

  • DanGoodShot

    Why? Because… ‘Merica!

  • Iggy

    Definitely prefer the original:

  • I guess this does look like a good idea to someone who doesn’t care about accuracy.

  • DIR911911 .

    reminds me of the first time I showed a friend my dpms 308 , first thing he does is hip hold it like it was an m60 . NO.

  • iksnilol

    If that was alive, I’d euthanize it out of mercy.

  • Dotcoman

    And a beer/ wine Bottle Opener, that will get you past German Customs.