Man Shot 5 Times In Murder Attempt In Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

In Malaysia legal gun ownership is somewhat like transferable NFA machine gun ownership only not as expensive but just as limited and somewhat more strict. According to my friends at Cresdo, a firearm importer in Malaysia, has told me that there are only little over 100k firearm permits allowed in Malaysia. On top of that you are only allowed one firearm. Say you buy a gun and you don’t like it. You cannot trade it, sell it or destroy it to buy another gun. Most permits are for handguns for self defense. There is a premium on these guns. Many permit holders are wealthy business men and they opt for high end guns like SV Infinity or STI often paying more than double their retail price.

On the morning of June 29, last week, a gunman attempted to assassinate a business man on a busy highway in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was like something you would see in a Jason Bourne or James Bond film. A motorcyclist ran alongside the victim’s car. Pulled out a gun and fired six shots. Five of the six shots struck the victim. According to other sources, 9mm casings were recovered at the scene of the crime.


WARNING, there are some photos that may be disturbing to see.


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There was a similar attack where a motorcyle riding assassin killed another business man in a car. That hitman fired ten times and six shots struck the victim, killing him.


Just earlier last week a possible ISIS attack was performed using a grenade.

A general view of the site of a grenade attack at a restaurant in Puchong district outside of Kuala Lumpur on June 28, 2016. Eight people were injured after a hand grenade was thrown at a restaurant in Malaysia's central Selangor state, police said, citing business rivalry rather than terrorism as the likely motive. / AFP / MANAN VATSYAYANA (Photo credit should read MANAN VATSYAYANA/AFP/Getty Images)

A general view of the site of a grenade attack at a restaurant in Puchong district outside of Kuala Lumpur on June 28, 2016.
Eight people were injured after a hand grenade was thrown at a restaurant in Malaysia’s central Selangor state, police said, citing business rivalry rather than terrorism as the likely motive. / AFP / MANAN VATSYAYANA (Photo credit should read MANAN VATSYAYANA/AFP/Getty Images)

A Grenade Attack on a Malaysian Bar May Have Been Islamist Terrorism

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  • Matrix3692

    Damn, I’m a Malaysian and only half month away from graduating and returning to home…… what has happened in the time I’ve been abroad for five years……

    • mechamaster

      Well, the Southeast Asian Nations is definitely got targeted by global terrorist community because it’s very soft target
      ( unlike the USA with pro 2nd Amandment that capable to defend themself )…
      and there are political / economical / cultural situation that create that vulnerability.

    • PK

      Stay safe over there. Perhaps think about work/further schooling in the US, along with citizenship of course. It takes years, the sooner you can start, the better.

      • Matrix3692

        Since when did you had the impression that I’m studying in the US?

        • PK

          My apologies! I shouldn’t have assumed.

          In any case, do stay safe.

        • Sampson

          This is a U.S.-based blog, the general topic of which is heavily U.S.-centric, with articles primarily written by U.S. authors. It’s not too much of a stretch to assume its readers are in the U.S.

        • Bill

          “Lighten up, Francis.” That’s an Americanism.

        • DB

          In your blog it states you’re only half a month from graduating and returning home. It just gives the impression you were in the U.S.. I’m sure if that offended you, it was an unintentional assumption, and no intent was there to do so. As he said, wherever you’re coming from, be careful!

  • mechamaster

    Definitely the another real example of why the strict gun control nation doesn’t stop the crime with firearms ( and explosive ).

    And the last picture of Puchong district terror is remind me of nearly identical case in 14 January 2016 Jakarta attack in Sarinah Starbucks, except the Sarinah shooter is ‘ready to die’ and doesn’t run / hide until the police neutralized them.
    The shooter + bomber of ISIS-allegiance terrorist create a deadly and dangerous situation. And the civilian cannot defend themself.

    But still … great condolences for the victims.
    It’s likely the motive for the KL Seremban case is domestic crime-mafia-syndicate power struggle, or political assasination attempt. But the last case is ‘sensitive’ topic.

  • Paul O.

    Here’s where an armored sedan comes into its own.

    • Bill

      Or a sharp left or right turn, as appropriate.

      Having been on the losing side of a car versus bike confrontation, I’m amazed that both in reality and fiction people in cars get chased by people on bikes.

    • Sianmink

      Doesn’t even need to be fully armored. Just the doors and side windows, and you’re 99% covered.

  • PK

    At least they haven’t started using limpet mines. Those tend to be far more successful than either thrown grenades or the use of guns for targeted hits such as these.

    • ballan

      Is that what the Winter Soldier used in Captain America the winter soldier film?

      • PK

        I haven’t seen the movie, sorry. A limpet mine is an explosive device, usually with a timer or command detonated, that attaches via suction/magnets/adhesive to the target.

        In the case of vehicle-based assassinations, they’ve been used a few times by motorcycle teams. The driver pulls up along the target vehicle, the passenger applies the mine, they leave and moments later the mine is detonated.

        The application apparently doesn’t cause undue concern, it must sounds something like a slap to the vehicle, certainly not a “your life is about to end” sort of noise.

        I’m glad such mines have only been used a few times, as they are understandably much more effective in achieving the murderous goal than are firearms.

        • Stan Darsh

          I believe that was the same method used by the israeli hit team to assassinate that nuclear physicist in iran a few years ago.

          • PK

            That does appear to be the latest incident using this method, yes.

          • iksnilol

            That’s messed up.

        • Bill

          “it must sounds something like a slap”

          Which is why in the States they are commonly referred to as slap charges. And because we have no class, duct tape is the attachment method of choice.

        • Phil Hsueh

          Iirc, in the movie a car drives over the mine and it either sort of flies up and attaches itself to the undercarriage of the car before blowing or it just simply blows up after the car passes over it.

      • Gary Kirk

        Pretty much, but a whole lot more sci-fi than the real deal, don’t know of any that you can just Chuck down the street and they’ll automatically attach to the target.. They do take manual attachment, and can be directed shaped charge, or area coverage like a claymore. And PK is more than correct with being glad they aren’t used more frequently.. Nasty bastard..

  • Bill

    Motorcycle-borne assaults date back to at least the early 70’s in Europe, Asia and the MidEast, The norm is for the attacker to wait until the victim was stuck in traffic or at a light, split lanes to where they were next to them, and have the bike passenger or rider open up with a Scorpion or Uzi which were relatively easy to conceal, then head out and get lost in traffic.

  • Cory C

    Have you guys every gone to the “watch people die” section on Reddit? At least five videos a week are of people in Brazil getting assisinated by some skinny punk riding a dirt bike while wearing sandals.

    Also, um, don’t go that part of Reddit. It’s as terrible as you would imagine.

    • Limonata

      Or, if you want to see man’s inhumanity to man simply go to LiveLeak and get a daily dose. A quick check shows the first page full of inhumanity.

    • iksnilol

      I’ve seen worse (r/deadgirls or something).

      I checked it out because I thought it was a joke, nobody would collect and post such messed up stuff. But there it was, these sick fvcks were looking at pictures of dead girls and commenting how beautiful they were and whatnot.

  • Jacob Peters

    In my younger days I worked as an expat in Malaysia. | remember reading in the New Straits Times of a Chinese farmer who built a homemade shotgun out of pipes and scrap metal to protect his family from 2 and 4 legged predators. He was arrested and sentenced to death.

    These draconian gun laws did nothing to stem the violent crime in that country as anyone who knows that country will testify. Rapes, highway robbery, armed home invasions was routine as Malaysian gangsters smuggled weapons into the country from Thailand.
    Malaysian Condominiums are unique in that even on the 20th storey, all windows are barred.

  • lbeacham

    Call for motorcycle ban needed?

    • Gary Kirk

      Only high capacity black assault bikes

      • lbeacham

        Now we’ve got the solution. Anyone remember the problem?

    • Joshua Madoc

      Only if Malaysia and Indonesia does something to curb the constant housing and overpopulation crises, which is often the reason why so many people own motorcycles.

      • lbeacham

        God have us hands to build with and feet to walk with and brains to decide where and how we want to live. Samuel Colt gave us repeating guns to insure we are always equal. The rest is up to us humans.

  • Jeff Smith

    I’m sorry, but I completely fail to see why this was posted on TFB.

    • Tom

      Because its a slow news day and they need to post something.

      • Bill

        I wondered – plenty of dudes get shot up and survive in plenty of places.

      • Jeff Smith

        How can it be a slow day – it’s July 4th! Millions of people are out shooting guns and having fun. I’m sure there are plenty of pictures being sent in that could have been posted under POTD. I want to see what everyone is shooting so I can shamelessly copy your setups!

        • Nashvone

          Or bust their chops for shooting a gun that wasn’t made in ‘Murica!

          • Jeff Smith

            Haha! My Norinco 1911a1 confuses everyone.

          • iksnilol

            Luckily proper American designed and made guns still exist, such as the Springfield xD.

          • Jeff Smith

            I see what you did there.

          • iksnilol

            It is an American pistol, from the best all American armory in Springfield.

            I don’t see the joke here.

        • Nicholas C

          Actually this was submitted last week and was automatically scheduled.

    • jamezb

      Tis’ a bit political, but truth of the matter is, gun ownership is inexorably a political issue. The writers and editors here try not to choke us out with it, but avoiding it entirely would be doing us a dis-service as well. This is an example of how a society with draconian gun control cannot prevent violence by legislating it away. It is presented in the same spirit as the fascinating articles they provide us from Improvguns.

      • Jeff Smith

        I would agree with your point that gun ownership carries with it an element of the political, but it’s possible to report news with delving into the political realm. Had this article dealt with firearms or ownership of firearms in Malaysia, I would have understood, but it barely touches on the subject. It just seems to say (paraphrasing here) “it’s hard to own firearms in Malaysia, but gun crime still happens.”

        Long story short, I’m not sure I completely understand why the article was posted here. The purpose of the article seems kind of vague. Is it that gun crime still happens in states that have strict gun laws? If so, the article is overtly political and violates the primary rule of TFB.

        • Harold

          Well it’s still a free internet so just vote with your feet and leave.

          • Jeff Smith

            Nah, I like it here.


  • Bal256

    I wonder how well they can regulate with all the strict laws. I have friends in a certain Southeast Asian country when, after you put the country’s laws and their Facebook posts together, you realize they have to be violating SOME laws. One guy continues to post hunting pictures and says his firearms license has been expired for years.

  • sean

    Cheap ammo and auto glass saves life

  • cheekucai

    probably a little late entry. But in my opinion, the same very restrictive gun law is what’s keeping the country from blowing up into a race war. Tension simmers underneath the warm smiles of its citizens..