SR22 Threaded Barrel Kit

Silencers are more popular than ever and Ruger wants to help you join the “Cool Kids” club. They are now selling an SR22 Threaded Barrel Kit for their rimfire guns. Between the modular grips, adjustable sights, multiple magazines, and overall accuracy, it has been a great selling firearm for Ruger since its introduction. Ruger does have one offering with a threaded barrel from the factory, but they did not want anybody who owns the other 7 models to feel left out. So they now offer a factory SR22 threaded barrel kit for everybody. Ruger had this to say about their newest product:

This Genuine Ruger® Factory Accessory is compatible with Ruger® SR22® pistols bearing serial numbers 361-7XXXX and higher. The threaded barrel accepts any 1/2″ – 28 (Class 2A) muzzle device – including the Ruger® Silent-SR. This kit contains a factory-manufactured stainless steel barrel for optimal fit and function. Barrel changing is quick and easy with no gunsmithing required. Barrel cap, adapter and wrench included. Made in the USA.

So with this kit you can dive into your first (or maybe your 5th) silencer. With the universal 1/2″ – 28 TPI you could add any brand silencer you want or run an entire Ruger setup with their SR22, threaded barrel kit and Silent-SR.

The addition of this product is likely in response to the growing popularity of silencers and to help push their newest and only silencer, the Silent-SR. The product category of silencers has been one of the fastest growing in recent years in comparison to firearms, optics, ammunition, and many others. So this is a logical move for Ruger.SR22 Threaded Barrel Kit

To see the new SR22 Threaded Barrel Kit from Ruger’s own webpage, CLICK HERE.

To also explore Ruger’s Silent-SR™ silencer, CLICK HERE.

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  • PK

    This momentum, if it keeps up, will eventually get silencers away from being NFA due to sheer volume of demand and how ordinary they’re becoming. I expect the same to eventually happen to barrel length restrictions on a Federal level with the ever-increasing popularity of SBRs, and with how absurd such regulations are in the face of pistol braces and similar.

    • Gary Kirk

      We can only hope

      • Hope in one hand. Contact state and federal representatives in the other, as my father never said. 😉

        • PK

          Bingo! Hope, sure, but take action, too. If enough owners/potential owners of NFA items get loud enough, we’ll get silencers and SBRs and SBSs deregulated through Congress, eventually.

          MGs and DDs… well, maybe, eventually. Those are a harder sell, but I’d bet that eventually we’ll get 922(o) struck down or removed via Congress as well, and then we’ll have to get rid of the stamp cost… then, at that point, we can see about the entire process going away and all guns of any kind being done on a simple 4473 at the point of sale, regardless of type.

    • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

      I agree. Things like barrel restrictions and hearing protection (suppressors/silencers) will be EXTREMELY difficult to support constitutionally.

      We might not get MG’s or DD’s anytime soon, but Hearing Protection, certain AOW’s, and barrel length restrictions should fall with just the smallest bit of constitutional scrutiny.

      • PK

        I’m patient. I’m just never giving up, I’ll push and push and push for as long as I live. I hope everyone does, it’s the only way to get the absurd restrictions removed.

  • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

    Im glad Ruger is getting out of their self imposed “Assault Weapons Ban” and giving the consumers what they want.

    • Cymond

      They got out of it years ago after Bill died.

  • Red McCloud

    The amount of capitalization in article names is pretty bad lately, but this, this takes the cake.


      • PK

        ExACTLy tHE PROblem.

    • thedonn007

      Funny, I did not really notice until you said something.

      • Cymond

        It’s become so widespread online that many of us don’t even notice anymore.

        But once I see it, I can’t un-see it.

  • Every firearm possible should have a $40 option to purchase a threaded version!

    (Extremely biased, but whatever~)

    • PK

      What, $40 extra if you don’t want the threaded muzzle since everything should be threaded at the factory in today’s world? I agree!

      • Cymond

        I like your thinking, but realistically, good threading means more machine time, which always adds cost.

        • PK

          You’d be surprised what demand can do. Look at the cost of getting a manual transmission (remember when they were called “standard”?) in comparison to an otherwise identical vehicle that uses the more complex and expensive to manufacture automatic transmission. Since the manual is made less frequently, it ends up costing more than the objectively more labor/material intense automatic.

          If demand for threaded barrels continues the way it has, the price will do the same. Have you tried to price out, or even find, an AR15 barrel without muzzle threads?

          • iksnilol

            I couldn’t live in the US simply due to the stupid automatic transmissions.

          • PK

            They bothered me a lot, too… until it really set in how enormous this place is. People here do an unimaginable amount of driving in conditions that shouldn’t be legal.

          • iksnilol

            Me, my brothers and my parents have no problem driving 2500 km in about 30 hours (sometimes without changing drivers).

            So, no, I don’t think I will ever stoop so low that I will drive an automatic. Heavier, more complicated, less efficent and of course less personal.

  • Theo Braunohler

    A $150 upgrade for a $300 gun? Is that a joke?

    • Cymond

      You kids these days don’t know how good you have it! Back in my day, you had to send your Mark III to a gunsmith!

      Seriously, I spent over $200 to have my Mark III threaded before Ruger introduced factory threaded models. I remember when the Walther P22 was the standard entry-level rimfire host because all they needed was adapter.

  • claymore

    What a difference for the better at Ruger now that Bill has gone to the big range in the sky. He must be rolling in his grave with all this stuff being offered that he never would have allowed in his time.

    • Drew Coleman

      They are using his rapid rotation to generate electricity for their manufacturing plants 🙂

      • His casket is a man sized rotary magazine?

  • Drew Coleman

    If only the SR22’s trigger wasn’t embarrassingly bad.

    • Anonymoose

      And the whole gun wasn’t a shaky, loose rattletrap that jammed every shot.

      • Drew Coleman

        Mine doesn’t jam, but I usually only shoot bulk pack high velocity through it (suppressed). Just not super accurate and the trigger is just awful.

  • Christian Hedegaard-Schou

    It still kinda amazes me how much Ruger has turned around into a genuinely 2A-supporting company after Bill Rugers passing.

    Talk about excellent marketing, it makes me want to give them more money!!