MAS 36 Field Strip

The MAS 36 is a greatly underappreciated rifle that we have worked a lot with on TFBTV, but it occurred to us that we had never taken one apart on camera. In this episode, we decide to do just that.

MAS 36 Video:

MAS 36 Run and Gun:

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Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • The_Champ

    Since simplicity came up in the video, does anyone know if these were cheaper/simpler to manufacture than their common counter-parts?

    Sadly French rifles like the Lebel, Berthier, and Mas 36 and 49 are few and far between here in Canada. I would like to eventually add a few to my collection.

    • Trey

      If you can find a Spanish FR – 8 it’s pretty darn close being a modernized Mauser of sorts. Or even lower cost and the Turkish 98A copies are not a bad choice either.

  • gunsandrockets

    Even though the Mas 36 rifle lacks a gasket on the muzzle, I believe it was intended to fire spigot type rifle grenades off the unmodified barrel (without using a GL attachment), just like the Mas 49. I thinks that’s why the Mas 36 front sight is set back from the muzzle, and one reason why the bayonet does not attach to the barrel. If so, that’s one more interesting (and overlooked) military advantage of the Mas 36 rifle.

    My impression is the WWI French cup launched rifle grenades had less than 200 meters maximum range. Judging by the range adjustment sleeve on the barrel of the Mas 49, spigot launched grenades could go as far as 260 meters. A Mas 36 should be able to match that Mas 49 performance.

  • Austin

    I wonder what the MSRP would be if this rifle were to go into production today?

    • Trey

      Assuming that one puts them in a synthetic stock probably about the same as a Savage Axis.

    • mechamaster

      Must be in premium price range, but I think the ‘modernized’ version will prefer the FR F1 / F2 style.

      • Austin

        I was thinking about $400 if you kept the wood stock

  • Trey

    I will agree that the Mas 36 is a very good rifle I like mine quite a bit. There are others in same class, like the Spanish FR 8 ,M1938 Swedish are the first to come to mind.

    The lack of any safety on the Mas 36 is a bit of a bother maybe not on the offensive but standing a defensive posture it would be nice having a full load and maybe one in the tube with a good quality safety.

    • Richard

      The French military trained to carry MAS 36 rifles with an empty chamber

      • Trey

        Correct. That does not change the fact that with a safety it is more reasonable to have a round in the chamber which would mean the 5 round magazine possibly 6 rounds ready to go instead of the French having only 4.

      • Jim

        That is precisely the reason I sold my MAS49/51, no safety. If the rifle has a round in the chamber then it is cocked and ready to fire! This to me is a very dangerous condition and even if you were simply hunting then you need to carry either an unloaded weapon or one that was ready to fire if the trigger was bumped or somehow the sear was released and then the weapon would fire!

  • Trey

    Never had that problem but then I have very thin long fingers and 10 to work the bolt fingers away ball in Palm

  • Joshua Knott

    Alex C. I say this with due respect,

    You should’ve added the mas36 to your cult following video….I might go out on a limb and assume this is your favorite surplus platform hahaha. (no hate, it’s a fine rifle Alex) on a curious note, how come we adopted the 1903 over the 1915 winchester lever action as they were already in production for Russian forces, and we were still hashing out the lawsuit with mauser ?(I might be mistaken on lawsuit times)I understand the battle of San Juan Hill, our guys were using krags, Spanish using 7mm Mausers. But what of the Turks using lever action rifles chambered in pistol calibers that laid waste to the Russians? it would be cool to see a story correlating the events as they were very close in time span.