TFB Exclusive: New Information On The Aimpoint Nano And B&T USW

It seems that everyone is clamoring for more information about the new B&T Universal Service Weapon project where they collaborated with the Swedish firm Aimpoint. Early this morning TFB came across some new information about the two projects and verified it with sources within both companies.

Aimpoint Nano –


The new Aimpoint Nano that we posted about yesterday has been confirmed to be a B&T only model that is not planned for separate sale currently. Our contact did hint at the possibility to develop the internals into a commercially available MRDS at some point, but that is a long way off. Aimpoint did confirm that the Nano is very close in size to the currently available MRDS on the market but with a much better run time. They also stated that the Nano has a 3.5 MOA dot that is adjustable for brightness, but as the Nano is only a working prototype that is being evaluated to ensure that 3.5 MOA is the optimal size.

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Questions have been asked about how the Nano mounts to the USW, whether it screws in from the top or the bottom. Aimpoint was not able to go into detail about the mounting system but did state that the Nano mounting screws enter from the top of the sight. They also spoke briefly about the battery that is being used, they were able to confirm that the Nano is using a CR 1225 button cell

B&T Universal Service Weapon – 

USW rechts ausgeklappt kurzes Magazin

The B&T USW was the project that the Nano was developed for to fill a hole in the European police market. B&T did state that that the USW is a working prototype at this time and the production version will be a bit different in regards to the frame. We know that the USW uses a Sphinx 3000 design and was built using parts purchased from the now defunct Sphinx AG (not the US firm). The final design will focus more on ergonomics and an adjustable grip size. We did get the indication that in addition to the 2 variants we currently know about there will be a third version later, we do not have any details on the third variant yet.


B&T did indicate that there are plans to offer the USW in the US commercially at some point as a pistol. Once the buyer has a tax stamp the stock will be available separately.

Patrick R

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  • PK

    “B&T did indicate that there are plans to offer the USW in the US
    commercially at some point as a pistol. Once the buyer has a tax stamp
    the stock will be available separately.”

    EXCELLENT news!! That tells me that at some point, the Aimpoint will be available by itself, as well. It just isn’t, yet.

  • Austin

    It would be nice to have some size and battery life specifics to determine how good it is compared what’s on the market. While the sight is interesting news but it remains to be seen it the excitement is merited.

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      Whenever Aimpoint does a proper press release we will share whatever information we have. Right now there just isn’t a lot of information that is available.

  • dave

    dear aimpoint,
    do you want my money?
    cuz i want your sight.
    but only if its cheaper than an rmr.
    come on. come take my money
    you know you want it.

    • Austin

      Just going off the images released it looks to be a bit bigger than a RMR or Romeo-1 but that mount isn’t helping determine the size. In theory if they don’t have to shrink it as much it should be cheaper.

  • Ramsey

    That seems like a lot of weapon length for very little barrel length.

    • It’s actually 10″ folded; a 4″ barrel gp100 is 9.5″ so quite reasonable.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I need to make so more money so I can buy at the cool imports coming in. We do live in the golden age of newly manufactured firearms. If only 922R and the import ban didn’t exist. We could have almost anything!

  • Dario B.

    it’s just me or this thing is the ugliest swiss thing ever. (and i’m swiss)

    • Mr White

      It’s UGLY!

    • Richard

      It’s pretty terrible, does not look ready for release at all.

      • Red McCloud

        Well in the article it says multiple times that it’s simply a working prototype soooooo

  • Able_Dart

    This doesn’t make any sense unless it will eventually be chambered in 6.5 CBJ.

    • Red McCloud

      The idea is to have a weapon that’s easy to use accurately and is only slightly larger than a service pistol, so for being what this is I think B&T has done well. This will probably be available in more cartridges than 9mm though, so there is a chance there will be a 6.5 CBJ version (although I heavily doubt it).

    • William Elliott

      I like how you think. Here stateside, I could see .22 TCM being popular [have no idea if we will ever see 6.5 CBJ here]

  • Richard

    Is it just me or is this weapon completely uninspiring?

    It looks like a PDW prototype from the 1970s, not exactly what I’d expect from B&T.

    I would not feel very good as a european beat cop going up against a platoon of Islamic State terrorists armed with AKs with this weapon.

    Europeans are used to seeing their cops with long arms, so just issue them with rifles and be done with it.

    If that can’t be done, I’d say the Hera Arms triarii would be a better bet – I am very impressed with how useful a weapon they make.

    • Hensley Beuron Garlington

      “B&T did state that that the USW is a working prototype at this time and the production version will be a bit different in regards to the frame.”
      It is a prototype.

    • William Elliott

      The Triarii is bulky compared to this. Its not a true PDW, more of a stocked pistol. The benefit to this arrangement is its CZ75 based [reliable and tons of parts and experience with the platform, and common too], its service pistol sized [easy to tuck in a belt holster or other holster rig], and it gives the user a third and 4th point of contact once the stock is deployed. It is NOT meant to replace a dedicated patrol rifle, however for those who find themselves in a situation where accurate shots are needed, but only have their service weapon, it would be better than just a pistol.

      • William Elliott

        oh, and sometimes, you need that accurate, stocked weapon shot NOW, not in 5 minutes after you run back to your vehicle and get your rifle. A pistol/PDW is a reactionary weapon. If you know you are going INTO a fight, you know enough to bring your long arm [here in places where we can actually have long arms].

    • iksnilol

      Hera Arms Triarii is gigantic in comparison.

  • Kivaari

    What have you folks found on reliability of the new generation sights like the RMR and many of the latest and greatest red-dot combat sights. It seems my dealer is having to send quite a few of the newest generation sights in for repair. Even a RMR last week. NIB condition – like just opened new stock. NO QC?

  • Anonymous

    What I’m still trying to figure out is why they went with the over-the-top frame mount for the optic. Sure, it frees the sight from the slide, so you don’t have to bother with tuning the slide weight to include the optic…but I just can’t think of any other real serious benefit. Is the Nano really so big it can’t go onto the slide?

    I love the concept of the stocked duty pistol, but some of the details on this one are just downright puzzling.

  • Joe

    This is as close to the VBR-B as I’ve seen, which is my ideal pistol caliber SBR.
    Someone needs to build a Glock clone with a similar telescoping stock.

  • Mmmtacos

    Not doubting them but…

    “The B&T USW was the project that the Nano was developed for to fill a hole in the European police market.”

    What hole is that exactly? I don’t recall machine pistols ever being very popular, but rather a strange niche. From what I understand the Beretta 93R was a fairly good machine pistol in and of itself, but didn’t have much place outside of Hollywood.

    Am I misunderstanding something altogether? Is this even a machine pistol? Or just a semi-auto pistol redesigned with a stock in mind? Even still, the original qualm still stands.

    • Patrick R. – Staff Writer

      This is not a machine pistol. It is a semi-auto duty pistol that also has a stock so that officers can respond to a threat at a greater distance with a higher degree of accuracy.

      it is my understanding that it is not common in Europe for an officer to have a long gun in their car. The USW allows those officers to have a firearm with a stock whenever they are carrying their duty weapon with the public perception that it is only a pistol.

      • iksnilol

        It isn’t unusual with an MP5 or shotgun in the car.

        But this allows your run of the mill constable that isn’t on high alert to carry a stocked weapon without much hassle. USW on hip is less of an hassle than a M4 or MP5 slung is.