New Comp-Tac Revolver Holsters: IDPA, USPSA Compliant Models

IDPA Revolver Holster

Comp-Tac Victory Gear announced a number of new competition holsters for revolvers that are based on the company’s existing International rig. For those not familiar with the design, the International holster is an outside the waistband synthetic rig that uses a modular mounting design. The mounting options allow the shooter to adjust the kind of belt or paddle mount and drop offsets. Made of Kydex, these holsters are already available for a range of existing firearms.

According to Comp-Tac, the new rigs will be available for a variety of Smith & Wesson revolver frame sizes (further described below,) and with a choice of one of two leading edges: the USPSA front and the IDPA front. The USPSA front is cut low to help increase draw speed and is legal in United States Practical Shooting Association competitions. The IDPA front is not cut as low as the USPSA and is competition legal in International Defensive Pistol matches. The IDPA front is likely a better choice for concealed carry purposes.

Comp-Tac is offering these holsters for three frame sizes: K, L and N. Here’s how it breaks down:

K frame:

  • 4″ barrel with IDPA front
  • 6″ barrel with USPSA front

L frame:

  • 4″ barrel with IDPA front
  • 5″ barrel with USPSA front
  • 6″ barrel with USPSA front

N frame:

  • 2.5″ barrel with IDPA front
  • 4″ barrel with IDPA front
  • 5″ barrel with USPSA front
  • 6.5″ barrel with USPSA front

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  • Cattoo

    So this would make for a reasonable belt holster for an early eighties Model 629-1. How secure are these holsters? And even getting jostled around while packing such a large revolver it’ll stay put?

  • Jwedel1231

    No x-frame models? Pass.

    JK, the holsters look nice.

  • jng1226

    Not a revolver fan, but definitely a Comp-Tac fan. Used their holsters for CCW and competition for over 10 years, excellent stuff. Good people running the company too, all made in TX.