FIRST LOOK: Silencer Shop’s ‘Secure Identity Documentation’ Kiosks

As July 14th is now only a few weeks away, thousands of NFA buyers are wondering what the new application process is going to entail. Suppressor buyers have the option of using Silencer Shop’s network of “Powered By” dealers to facilitate their transfers. And in a post 41F-world, that will include the use of a new Kiosk system that will take electronic copies of fingerprints for submission into the BATFE’s National Firearms Act (NFA) application process.

In preparation for the new system, Silencer Shop is shipping out the “Secure Identity Documentation” Kiosks to select dealers along with information on the new system:

SILENCER SHOP has officially selected XXXX as one of the initial 300 Secure Identity Documentation (S.I.D.) Kiosk Locations nationwide!.

In the next week or two I will be receiving the kiosk (see attached photo to see what SID will look like) and shortly thereafter the software will be installed.  I will let you know when SID’s first day on the job will be.

How does SID work? – SID’s kiosk contains a computer, monitor, and a fingerprint scanner. This kiosk will allow the you to scan your fingerprints and signature so that we can complete all ATF paperwork. This system is fully secure and compliant with the ATF. None of the data is stored locally, it is securely transmitted to Silencer Shop where they highly secure servers for data integrity.

  • Customers and Trustees have to scan their finger prints one time and they will be kept on file for future purchases
  • Software will automatically determine if the finger print scan is clear enough and done right, greatly reducing rejected fingerprint cards
  • Customers will not have to make appointments with local Sheriff department for prints
  • We handle all the ATF paperwork

Silencer Shop will securely store fingerprints for future use!  Once in the system the customers will be able to make future purchases without having to rescan their fingerprints every time. This is the case for orders via trust, corporation or individual.

There will be a small fee associated with the use of the kiosk (probably $XX) but when you consider that it’s a one-time fee for ALL your future Form 1 and Form 4 transactions (yes, I can use it to do any class of NFA transaction!) you’re saving money in the long run …

We continue to “provide the simplest buying experience possible for suppressors.”



SID Kiosk

I plan on being first in line at one of my local dealers to document the kiosk process on July 14th. See you back here for a full report in a couple weeks.

Thanks “F” for the tip!

Silencer Shop
13729 Research Blvd STE 630
Austin, TX 78750
Phone: 512-931-4556
Fax: 888-659-1246


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  • KestrelBike

    One of the biggest issues I have w/ Silencer Shop is their limited amount of stock. They often seem like they only have just a few models of any particular brand in stock, meanwhile *everything* else is listed as “SALE” with a price, but it’s unavailable.

    One thing I really wish this kiosk could do would be to create prints/photos you could take with you to use for your own filing purposes.

    Regardless, what a poll tax this 41p bulls*** is. Now it’s not just the $200 tax fee, usurious to begin with, but now the extra time out of people’s days to get fingerprints (people probably have to take more than their lunch break time to get this done, if they can’t get it done on the weekends) and the cost/time of passport photos, as well as everyone listed as a trust if they’re doing the form 1. And for what? How many criminals were sending in $200 and applying for a can or SBR? How many Trust holders, knowingly or not, included criminals on their trust in an illogical and false attempt to “stay legal”?

    GodDamn the atf and the executive for this mockery.

    • PK

      “One thing I really wish this kiosk could do would be to create
      prints/photos you could take with you to use for your own filing

      You can take your own photos and roll your own prints. I do the prints on cards requested from the ATF/FFLC, and the photos are just glossy printer paper, neutral background head shot.

      • MrEllis

        Any place that does passports can also do them. In a pinch once I had photos done at Walgreens.

      • HSR47

        “You can take your own photos and roll your own prints. I do the prints on cards requested from the ATF/FFLC, and the photos are just glossy printer paper, neutral background head shot.”

        That’s not what was talking about.

        If I roll my own, that means that I’d have no real choice but to ink up my fingers. Frankly, I’d rather not do that. I’d LOVE it if I could use one of these terminals to scan my fingerprints and then print the cards out on my own at my leisure.

        Further, if the fingerprint scans are good enough to print out and be accepted by FBI, there is absolutely no reason why ATF couldn’t create an eform system that would accept the digital fingerprint card files. When/if they do that, it will/would open up e-filing to everyone.

        • PK

          Oh, I see what you’re saying now. I agree with your desire, and I think we’re headed toward that step by step. Give it time, the ATF (and Federal gov’t in general) can be pretty slow to adapt to new tech.

    • Jordan Mickelson

      +KestrelBike The reason for their very limited selestion is lots of companies have stopped doing business with them because they keep intentionally violating the manufacturers MAP [Minimum advertised pricing] They were given warning after warning and refused to comply, so companies like SilencerCo and Dead Air dropped them. Anything you see from there that is in stock is “old stock”

      • Theo Braunohler

        Um, SS has more brands than they’ve ever had before, by a huge margin. The MAP thing is also likely just a made up rumor. Every time I hear that, I ask for some kind of evidence and nobody has an answer. So, please tell me the evidence you have. While you’re at it, list these lots of companies you’re talking about too.

    • Chrono777

      You realize that there is a panic buy going on right? Everyone is having problems keeping silencers in stock. If you look on social media pages they show stuff coming in all the time.

      • KestrelBike

        The stock issues I’m taking about generally pre-date the looong 41p “panic” which has slowly ramped up, and any additional issues possibly as a result of Orlando.

    • HSR47

      “One thing I really wish this kiosk could do would be to create prints/photos you could take with you to use for your own filing purposes.”

      My understanding is that the kiosks will be available for use for transfers done by the FFLs that host them; It’s not clear what the fee structure for this will be. It’s also not clear what the fee structure will be for prints taken for a Silencershop transfer at an FFL OTHER than the one doing the transfer.

      What’s also not clear at this point is whether there will be a way for individuals to use these terminals to facilitate NFA applications that involve neither the hosting FFL nor Silencershop.

  • MrEllis

    Do you think the more “big brand” names that start making cans he greater chance we’ll have the process for buying them lifted or streamlined? I find it slightly ironic in countries where gun ownership is highly restricted you can literally just buy one off the shelf.

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      We can only hope.

      • MrEllis

        I don’t really use cans much, but it’s one of those laws driven by a huge misunderstanding that’s been perpetuated by movies and books.

        • Pete – TFB Writer

          Agreed. I think the Ruger rimfire can was a pretty big step.

  • Jaedo Drax

    “This system is fully secure and compliant with the ATF.”

    The above quote begs the question, what is your plan for when your system isn’t fully secure any more? What amount of ongoing protection of the stored fingerprints do you intend to use? How do you plan to notify your customers of a breach?

    The biggest drawback of biometrics is that once they are compromised, there is no way to change them.

    • HSR47

      I understand your concern, but I think it’s misplaced: If you’ve already submitted biometric data to the government, it’s likely that your data has already been compromised.

      Remember the OPM breach? Frankly, given the long history of governmental incompetence and malfeasance, I assume that anything I send to the government will get compromised at some point.

      In other words, why should I worry about whether or not these kiosks are entirely secure when the federal government takes such a lackadaisical attitude towards security anyway?

      • ProudAmerican

        “Things are bad, so don’t resist at all.” …a philosophy worthy of herd animals. I ask you, “Why help them be more efficient in accomplishing their totalitarian goal?”

        • HSR47

          You’re completely missing my point.

          To put it simply, why should I worry about silencershop’s security practices when the data is collected with the specific intent of sharing it with the government, which in turn has a long history of having effectively no data security (e.g. OPM breach, Clinton email server, etc.)?

          In other words, either you’re worried about your data being subject to a security breach, in which case the government is the more likely target of attack, or you shouldn’t be buying Title II firearms via the current “legal” process anyway.

    • Ethan

      Well, no way to change them that doesn’t involve concentrated Lye and a certain amount of discomfort.

    • Mad Veteran

      They’ll send an apology email.

  • Ben M

    Is there a list anywhere of the dealers that will be receiving kiosks? I would like to know if any / how many of the dealers in my local area (Kansas City, MO) will be getting supplied with these.

  • Gorilla Biscuit

    So here’s a question, what happens if a group of thieves steal the kiosk??? What data is potentially at risk here?

  • Mad Veteran

    P.S. Dave at silencershop is a lil’ beeeeotch. There are other dealers out there that are a bit friendlier and aren’t such an asshat.