The New Steiner Intelligent Combat Sight!

Steiner released a video about their new ICS optic. ICS stands for Intelligent Combat Sight. It combines a laser range finder with a ballistics calculator in a compact optic. It is a fixed power 6x40mm optic. As expected of Steiner it is water proof, fog prof, and shock proof up to 750G.


Steiner ICS 2


The scope reminds me of the Burris Eliminator series. In fact the Burris Eliminator can reach out to 1200 yards over the Steiner ICS’ 800 yard range.That might be due to the fact that the Eliminator has a 4-16×50 scope version and seeing out to 1200 yards wold be much easier at 16x than 6x. The Burris Eliminator also has the ability take wind as a factor. The one thing I do not know is how robust the Burris Eliminators are but I do not think it can match the Steiner ICS.

Both systems have ballistic calculators that you can enter your bullet information and it will calculate bullet drop based on distance.



One thing not shown in the Steiner video is where the button is to laze the target. You can see it in the Burris video where it is on the side of the scope. You would just have to reach up a bit with your support hand to press the button. Not something that seem feasible on the Steiner optic. I think you would have to break your support hand completely from the firearm to press the button on the Steiner. Now according to B&H Photo, the Steiner ICS comes with a tape switch for remote activation. The ICS also has built in offset iron sights as well as a picatinny rail to mount a small red dot on top.

Steiner ICS 3


The Steiner ICS retails for $3,499.99-$3,999.99

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  • Mark

    Holy smokes. Lemme schedule that kidney removal surgery. I’ll give you a range report soon after.

    • I’m diabetic. I’ll need it in about 20yr.

      Y’know what? I’m a nice guy, I’ll even let you keep it unti I need it!

  • So much want until I hit the price………..

    The only real gun innovations are in the optics industry these days.

    • Microelectronics engineers have made some pretty awesome advancements in Photonic Integrated Circuits.

      • noamsaying

        Just not a lot of advances in price.

        • PK

          This isn’t true, the prices on advanced sights have absolutely plummeted over the past few decades. Give it time and I bet things like the ICS will become as popular as the ACOG is now.

          Even the simplest of holographic sights weren’t exactly cheap a while back, and the same goes for older generations of NVD, both of which are reasonable and getting even more so all the time.

          • valorius

            Speaking of the ACOG- also vastly overpriced.

        • MeaCulpa

          Quality optics are really, really hard to manufacture cheaply.

    • thedonn007

      They should list the price first, LOL.

      • Otm Shooter

        Unfortunately, I would not have read it and moved on. Know I get to know about it AND not afford it. lol

    • PK

      Same thoughts here, both comments. As the price on things like this sight come down, they’ll become more popular. For now, they’re filed with thermal sights in the folder marked “Want, but $$$$”. I’d rather put the $4,000 toward another MG.

  • P. Dogg

    what’s the reason that I can’t post a comment in another article?

    • Cymond

      Comments get closed on old articles, so maybe that’s it.

  • gordon

    Just what I have wanted for my suppressed .338 Spectre SBR. Too bad it is 3x what I would be willing to pay. A few more years to wait I suppose.

  • xebat

    3500 bucks for this ? Get f#cked Steiner.

    • Drew Coleman

      For something that can do all that? I actually was expecting it to cost more.

    • Hammahamma

      That’s pretty standard and actually pretty reasonable for techno-glass. Glass in the “buy once, cry once” category is at least $2k USD on up. Adding technology and even electronic BDC calculation on top of the range finding laser is pretty reasonable in added pricing (compare it to NV optics as well).

      Heck, at the current pricing, the rail segment and offset irons are actually free going by how the optics industry generally charges for their top-shelf stuff.

    • PK

      Haven’t ever priced high end glass, have you? S&B, Nightforce, even the best Leupolds, none of those are exactly cheap either.

      Schmidt & Bender’s PMII line starts at about $5k and quickly climbs to $7k depending on options and exact sub-model.
      Nightforce’s BEAST and ATACR are $4k and $3k, respectively.
      Leupold’s Mk8 3.5-25×56 and Mk6 augmented both hover around the same $4k price.

      Then look at something like the FLIR or ATN thermal/NVD scopes… $12k, easy, on the FLIR AN/PVS-27, and $6k for the ATN PS28-4.

      Good optics aren’t cheap. Combine that with technology and you end up with the $4k ICS actually seeming reasonable for what it is.

      All of that aside, it’s still too rich for me. I’d rather set aside the $4k for another MG, if I had it to spare.

  • stephen

    $3,500! Ouchie.

    The good thing is that over time the tech will become more widespread and the prices will come down. I expect Burris and ATN to make similar products.


    With that said, I’m planning on getting the Eliminator III (Lord willing) and put that on my Thompson Center Dimension – I have .308, 300 win mag and .223 conversion kits.


    • stimr2

      Burris owns Steiner, well technically Beretta owns both. It would be awesome to see a Burris version that is more affordable.

  • sean

    It’s a very nice well thought out design but its basically a Elcan with a range finder…so that better be a thousand dollars worth of range finder.

  • stimr2

    Burris and Steiner are both owned by Beretta. Not surprised that Steiner developed something like the Burris Eliminator.

    • Wanderlust

      maybe they will make a ffp eliminator?

  • guest

    4000$ can buy one pretty good sight (say 1000-2000$) and the rest in ammo of the shooter’s choice. In return train with that sight until ranging becomes as natural as breathing.

  • ProLiberty82

    I really like the ruggedness and huge eye box of the Elcan’s but the fact that the elevation turret is just held in place by spring tension worries me, debris could get jammed in there and seriously change the point of impact.

    • I’ve heavily used Elcan Spectres and cannot reccomend them

      ALPS mounts suck ass. I had to affix aluminum shim tape to the qd mounts to remove wiggle. The heght adjustment has play in it too, the entire mount can roll/wiggle like 2-3 degrees in each direction.

      Reliable, rugged? Yep!

      Precision beyond 200yd? As long as you’re fine with 4-?MOA depending on rifle. Def a good urban rifle optic!

  • c4v3man

    Looks like a pretty slick optic. While I’m not a fan of the “kitchen sink” approach to scopes, the small BUIS and top rail seem well executed. I’m fascinated by the low/mount vertical adjustment as opposed to a standard turret, I’d like to handle a traditional scope with that arrangement. It almost appears that the reticle doesn’t move at all, with the entire tube being shifted instead. I would think this would help give the scope a significant amount of vertical range to compensate for bullet drop, as opposed to using a sloped rail adapter to gain more elevation. Is this used on any other modern scopes?

    If it had 100moa of adjustment would make a fun toy for a 9mm carbine to lob lead at 500 yards.

  • Ron

    Smart scopes are the future, the goal is to give the infantrymen the shooting capability that the sight of the M1 gave to tanks.

    Even the Marine Corps as one of the most hidebound of the US services has recognized the eventual replacement for the RCO will be a smart sight that compensates for the ballistic offset for the shooter

    • valorius


  • Bob

    Nifty, and one of those things I had as an idea, mentioned it to a buddy, who immediately said “Your idea has already been made, the Eliminator. It is really cool, it does blah blah blah…” Too expensive for me though. I literally cannot in any way shape or form justify spending enough for a new car on a scope.

    • Twilight sparkle

      I’d like to know where you get new cars that are that cheap

      • Gary Kirk

        The mid atlantic region.. Home to the retitled flood cars from other states

      • Bob

        I mean new to me. I have only owned two cars and both were purchased for about $1000, used obviously. Either way, I can’t try to justify emptying such a massive proportion of my bank account on something so totally non essential.

  • Ranger Rick

    The future is closer everyday, hopefully the price will be so soon enough.

    • PK

      I bet it will. Look at what happened to things like basic IR/thermal scopes and things like the ACOG. Give it time.

      • Gary Kirk

        When did acogs become affordable? To most anyway.. I have one, had to do a side job wife doesn’t know about, but really wouldn’t consider them affordable to most.

  • Grump

    My Fuhrer, Steiner…
    Steiner has priced their new optic at $3500, we can’t afford it.

    • xebat


  • PK

    As electronic optics such as this overtake things like the ACOG in popularity, the price will come down. When they reach the cost of things like the ACOG, expect sights like the ICS to enjoy the same popularity.

    For now, I’ll pass. I’d love one, don’t get me wrong, but it’s hard to justify at the present cost.

    • IndyToddrick

      Cept people like me cannot even afford an ACOG. It needs to be in the $400 range to reach the average shooter’s hands IMO (like Aimpoint PRO). Definitely the way of the future. I don’t see why any military/LEO sniper would settle for anything less at any cost though.

      • mig1nc

        Aimpoint PRO definitely found the sweet spot for quality to price ratio.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I like everything but the price! I understand why it’s there though.

  • therealgreenplease

    That price…

  • VF 1777

    Wow, at $3500 – and a whopping 28 oz! – I think I’ll just go with a BDC or Mildot and pretend there’s a pretty little glowing red dot there 🙂

    • Gary Kirk

      Use tracers.. There will be for a bit, and no batteries

  • Rob

    “As expected of Steiner it is water proof, fog prof, and shock proof up to 750G.” Also poor people proof it seems.

  • Does anyone know which mini-RDS is shown in the top photo?

  • Goody

    > intelligent
    > fixed power

    Hahahaha you almost had me interested. Their 1-[n] variables are good, though!

  • valorius

    Can’t wait til you can get something like this for $300 bucks. Probably another 10 years, i guess.

  • Kivaari

    How about a simpler dumb version. A similar sight, no laser, no mini-red-dot, 4x and only $4-500?

  • cwolf

    Nikon M-223 2.5-10×40 Laser IRT is roughly $700

  • aevangel1

    I have an eliminator and it is AWESOME!! Plus it is only about 1/3 to 1/4 the price of this thing.