Kirsten Joy Weiss Looks At The Mutt Gun: M1 Carbine

Kirsten Joy Weiss posted up a video about the M1 Carbine which she calls “The Mutt Gun” due to its many different origins. For those who are not familiar with the M1 Carbine, the information is interesting and you may learn something new? The video has copious amount of clips of Kirsten manipulating the M1 Carbine.

Nicholas C

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  • gunsandrockets

    A mutt gun indeed. The example Kirsten Joy! Weiss handles seems like a mishmash of an early M1 carbine converted to full auto, with the M2 carbine fire selector visible at the left front of the receiver.

    • HSR47

      I’m glad I’m not the only person to notice this. She made it through her whole video without flipping that switch forward to the fun setting. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that she clearly hates freedom, and the American way of life.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Good video. A good brief history, giving all-around credit and not naming ‘Carbine’ Williams as the ‘Father of the Carbine’.

  • Lostcoast

    An informative but stylistically totally annoying video…

    • Bob

      I don’t like the shakey Steadicam stuff going on either…

      • Lostcoast

        That and the forced sense of foreboding as our heroine stalks through the grasses in a faux tactical situation, in search of what we don’t know – something that compels her to keep aiming her carbine into yonder shadows as she maintains safe trigger control. The tension is nearly unbearable!

    • valorius

      I liked the styling.

  • Austin

    Well carbine calibers were nothing new to the US military cavalry units used the .45-55 instead of the .45-70 because of the reduced recoil

  • Big Daddy

    Did she say it was in Jaws? I really do not want to watch that annoying video again. It was an M1 Garand.

    Nice looking girl oh excuse me women, seems nice, over pronounces words she probably has trouble with and that made for an annoying video as well as some other things. She’s stiff and has to loosen up and be more natural. stop trying to be professional and be one.

    I guess it was more of an informative video for people that know nothing. I guess she has a following of young women and I hope she keeps the message going to them, arm yourself, train and do not ever be a victim.

    • Twilight sparkle

      It was in jaws
      It just wasn’t used to shoot the tank

      • Big Daddy

        Yeah that, I remember it now, I also remember when he was loading the boat he had a S&W 76 SMG. The good old days when every rich guy had a SMG, oh they still do it’s use poor people that can’t afford them now..

        • DataMatters

          A C&R S&W 76 runs what? $10K? You can’t afford $10K?

          • Big Daddy

            I could if I stopped buying ammo.

    • DataMatters

      I’d be pretty happy if my wife were to take an interest in shooting. Oh well…

    • MarkVShaney

      She usually calls her viewers “sharp shots”. It’s definitely got an adolescent instructional vibe going- kinda like what would happen if Captain Kangaroo started posting prepper videos.

    • Blake

      Uh… you do realize she is a professional right? As in professional shooter? As in way better than you? As in doing way more for the community than you? Not to mention you’re wrong, there is an M1 Carbine in Jaws. Get that sand outcha vag.

      • Big Daddy

        I guess i should stand in line to kiss her ass and thank her for being so great like you would.

        She is not a combat vet so to me she is NOT a professional.

  • Fruitbat44

    Cute little video; cute little gun.

  • Steven

    But she wasn’t shooting an M-1 carbine, That was an M-2 if that selector switch in front of the action means anything.

  • Wanderlust

    Entertaining video! Not too long and droning on or too short without any info, just right. I kept thinking of getting tic bites though while watching the tall grass

  • By any means necessary.

    • Mother Demanding Action

      Thanks for this.

  • Retslav

    Who wears sandals in that environment?!

    • MarkVShaney

      The men in the black pyjamas- that’s who.

  • Sulaco

    I like the rifle for a closet gun but I had two and never could get them to fire a full magazine without jams or other problems…

  • valorius

    The M1 carbine, fitted with the latest hi tech do-dads, is as good as any personal weapon made, even to this day…IMO.

  • Glock twentyone

    That poor Saginaw Gear Carbine, someone molested an early carbine to make a half assed M-2 carbine. Didn’t even bother replacing the mag catch for the M-2, which was designed to hold the extra weight of the 30 round magazines. It has the M-2 potbellied stock and 4 rivet handguards, it may have an M-2 trigger group, slide, and selector switch, but it still has the flat M-1 bolt instead of the round M-2. I hope they kept the origional parts.

  • AirborneSoldier

    Good light rifle. If the oprod springs and ejector/spring is good, and the msgs work, it is great. I usually run 15 rounders in mine, less trouble. Good home defense gun