Russian Man Buys Wood Crates for Firewood and Finds 79 AKs Inside

Have you ever walked down the street and found some cash laying on the ground? One time I found a $20 bill on the sidewalk when I was walking home from school, that was pretty cool. Not as cool as one lucky guy in Russia who found a horde of AKs (or that guy who found machine guns in a river). According to the Facebook page Russian Look a guy in Russia got quite the deal when he bought 60 old wood crates for around 500 rubles (around $8 USD) to use as firewood, when he opened them up he found 79 Kalashnikovs inside.


The story seemed too good to be true so I did a bit of Googling, turns out the story is true but was from back in 2012. The lucky man also stumbled upon 253 rounds of ammo and spare parts in the crates as well which were produced at the Izhevsk arms plant. Apparently he bought them off of a truck driver who was supposed to take them to a nearby landfill but decided to make some extra rubles on the side and sell them not knowing some of the crates still had guns and ammo in them. The Russian man who found the arsenal turned them over to the local police instead of losing them in an unfortunate boating accident like I’m sure most of us would have done.

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  • Mike Crognale

    Damn! Nothing like that ever happens to me. LOL

    • P161911

      If anything like that happened to most folks NOBODY would hear about it.

    • Michael Rice

      Same, nothing exciting ever happens to me…now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to rake those suspicious mounds of fresh dirt in my back yard and make them not so suspicious looking…

  • Austin

    Are we sure there weren’t 80 to start with?

    • wetcorps

      Yes 😉

  • Andrew Miller

    Probably was “95 guns and 4000 rounds of ammo” before being turned over to the police, but you never know.

    • Dakota Raduenz

      I was going to say either 80 or 100- you know, even numbers and all. But that was my first thought.

    • Aleksandr Kamarov

      And then the police reported “50 rifles and 1000 rounds of ammo turned over by local” to their superiors

      • Major Tom

        And then those superiors turned in a dozen non-functioning weapons and 300 spent cases to their superiors.

    • willem hammersbach

      rusky math

  • BryanS

    Looks like he found a nice big supply of shut the hell up.


  • AMX

    No, I’m pretty sure he handed over all of them.
    Because if he didn’t, whoever was waiting for the crates at the landfill would come looking for the missing pieces.

    • Giolli Joker

      Good reasoning indeed…

  • Joshua Knott

    If this happened in the mid west …it wouldn’t be a story . On a side note I’d be curious as to how much ammo and guns the US has stored around the nation .

    • Jonathan Wright

      Enough, but there’s always room for more.

      • Joshua Knott

        I mean citizens aside, i probably shouldve added that in there for context haha, I always wondered how much was put away in preparedness for a cold war going really hot.

    • Marcus D.

      Lots of 1911s that were promised to the CMP, but now look destined for the furnace.

  • 40mmCattleDog

    Jesus, I got excited an hour ago when I found a dollar in my jacket. So much jealousy.

  • Michael Lubrecht

    A few years ago, a container ship ran aground off the coast of England, dumping a couple of containers in the drink. These were damaged and opened up, disgorging their contents – new, in-the-crate BMW motorcycles. Since this happened during a storm, the crates floated around and were dispersed widely.
    BMW went to great lengths to ty to track all the bikes down, and I’m sure the serial numbers were transmitted to all of the licensing agents, but still wouldn’t be surprised if a few Beemers aren’t being ridden around here and there by smiling owners.

    • Smedley54

      BMW has relatively few former KGB working for them.

      • Former Stasi, on the other hand…

        • Smedley54

          They all have campaign work until at least November.

  • Bob

    I recently bought a used backpack and found two brand new condoms in it. Not really the same thing I suppose…..

    • Gene

      What’s worse – buying a used backpack with those in it, or having to specify they were “new”?

      • Bob

        I didn’t want anything to be unclear…

    • ShootCommEverywhere

      Better than a new backpack with used condoms inside!

      • Longhaired Redneck

        Great minds apparently do in fact think alike ?.

      • John

        What do ya mean dude…FREE DNA!!!!

    • John Doe

      I bought a Chinese SKS and found a scrap of cloth in the butt compartment…

  • John

    “79” Kalashnikovs and “239” rounds of ammunition.


    On the plus side, that particular police department is now well armed. I understand that some Russian police agencies have problems with funding and getting equipment, particularly if they’re not on the take.

    • Harry’s Holsters

      They’ll look intimidating even if they only have 3 rounds per rifle!

  • Lance

    OK IO and Century need to visit that man!!! Lol

    • Gene

      If they did, then the sights would be canted.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    I don’t know the laws there but he should have at least stripped off the furniture and mags to try to sell some of it over here.

    • Cuda

      talk about flagging and getting direct attention of the KGB, you do realize the furniture he would sell would need a history when they asked him where they came from…

      • Harry’s Holsters

        See that’s what I mean by not knowing the laws.

  • Harry’s Holsters

    As cool as the story is it was probably more of a hassle for the poor guy considering what he had to go through and the village being searched.

  • Evan

    One time I found $12 at the train station. I was thrilled with myself. But 79 AKs? That would make my week. I don’t have room for all 79 of them either, so it would make a few friends’ weeks as well.

  • Gary Kirk

    I drive all around a few military bases on quite a regular basis.. And I keep having this reoccurring dream that I’m gonna find a crate of something that fell off a truck.. Constantly find myself watching the roadside

    • Useful things I have found on the side of the road in central/south Texas:

      Box of “build-a-cube” squares with bag of connectors
      Several knives, folding and fixed blade
      Several serviceable coolers
      Pair of steel loading ramps
      Several screwdrivers/nutdrivers
      9″ crescent wrench
      High end collapsable camera tripod
      Bundled stack of various pornographic magazines
      Grocery bag containing a “personal massager” and lifelike silicone “Gentleman’s Apparatus”, still in packaging
      Three different dogs (no longer in service)
      Two different cats (still in service)
      Entire Chevrolet short block V8 engine with water pump attached
      Several plastic garbage bins, miles from nearest house
      Mounted mule deer head (15 points) with plaque reading “Bozeman, 1976”
      One serviceable crutch
      Approximately two miles/10k feet of bailing twine in one long line
      Solid core wooden door with peephole and attached hinges
      Several functional toilets
      Mini 14 magazine with two rounds of M193
      Camper shell for 1983-1988 Ford Ranger

      • Gary Kirk

        See, I know you’re from Texas now.. If you were from W.Va the list would’ve been “everything”

      • Marc

        I just might have to move to south central Texas.

    • AirborneSoldier

      Find out where the old, now unused, motor pools were. Me andva buddy alway found interesting stuff outside the moto pools from the 70s. Lots of excess stuff went over the fence before IG or other big inspections…

  • guest

    Smart move by that guy.
    Picture this: every gun, like anywhere else, has a serial number. As in Russia (as in anywhere else) a select-fire weapon can not be legally owned, minus the pre-86 tax stamped transferrable yada yada ad nauseum, long story short no new weapon – and in Russia no weapon at all – that is select-fire can be privately owned for all intents and purposes of this discussion.
    So ok, he keeps them. What does one do with so many guns? No good for hunting, it would instantly get too much unwanted attention, or someone who can’t keep his/her mouth shut… and hello prison.
    Even if he does not use them, but sells them, ONE of the guns will be found sooner or later, and connected to those other “missing” guns that “just so happened” to go missing with some crates… or say does not sell them just hides them in his basement or something. One day Izhmash is put on red alert because someone finally understands that weapons with serial numbers xxxxxxx01 trough xxxxxxx79 are unaccounted for. This may be … scratch that, this WILL be big enough of a deal that FSB gets called in. They want to shine as newly polished shoes in a shoe store – so they assume the worst: terrorists aquired a whole crate load of AKs to do their nasty busyness… or something to that nature, because 1 gun is kinda like police work, 10 are a stretch, but 5 dozen guns is a big deal. Izhmash won’t sweep this under the rug because its reputation as a govt contractor is far more important than saving some’s rear end. And when they get connected to this case they will turn over every rock, refresh any “forgotten” memory, including that of say Boris Borisov or whoever it was that decided to sell “some crates” to a civilian without checking them. Either he or 10 other people very quickly remember what happened to those crates, or losing their jobs at Izhmash is the very least of their concern.
    Now say our hero is a clever fellow, hides them outside his house, even says he never saw no guns, and the crates have been burned up. He has no extra income so he didn’t sell them as far as anyone can see, so at any rate he is the last plausible witness to see them no matter what he says. This means that at the very least he and his family gets interviewed, if none crack – and that is unlikely under coersion and threats of prison time – then they will be watching him like hawks until some of them cracks.

    So considering all that calling it in like he did was the best and easiest solution. Some potatoes are too hot to handle, as simple as that, and this guy knew it.

    • Kurt Akemann

      I don’t like it, but you’re right that he made the correct decision.

    • Kjk

      Idk, think I’d keep at least 1.

      • guest

        you don’t know , like most people here, that’s the issue.

        You keep one, and then what? At the very best the cops never figure out that one gun is missing. So then the hot potato is in your hands and is your responsibility: in Russia you can not show up with it anywhere, even that 30rd mag that came with the gun is illegal and will turn heads and make people ask questions. You show it off to someone you “trust”, that someone spills it to someone, you’re done. 100 different ways it can go wrong.
        No practical use for the gun unless you plan on doing something…. extraordinary, let’s just call it that. If you’d do that in Russia you’ll end up dead, they have a very simple policy towards such things/groups/people.

    • John

      Oh come on! I heard that Russian prisons are just like staying at the Ritz Carlton in New York but instead finding a mint on your pillow your pillow gives you hepatitis.

    • wetcorps

      “What does one do with so many guns?”
      He stacks them in his living toom into the shape of a throne.

      But yeah good points 🙂

    • Dondon

      Nobody knows or cares where those rifles ever went. Russians leave whole Columns of military vehicles in the woods. Friggin live missiles deteriorating in the middle of nowhere. What are you babbling about.

  • Do you remember the 1996 movie The Saint, where they were in parts of Russia so poor and cold they were chopping down ornamental trees along the streetsidws, or disassembling dresser drawers for the wood to burn to heat their flat with?

  • John

    So it’s TRUE….it’s hard to find a Russian AK47 in U.S…
    …but in Russia, AK47s find YOU!

  • James in Australia

    I found the major components of 4 M2 carbines mixed up with machinery and metal moving a workshop once, no one living knew they were there. There was some argument as to what to do, as the only “Gun Guy” present I had to explain the legal implications to the others present. There was no sane alternative, they had to be handed over to police.

    Sadly if I tripped over any other full auto gear I’d do the same again.

  • Rooftop Voter

    At first I thought this was going to be one of those stories similar to the surplus Jeeps-In-A-Crate that was circulated so many years ago.
    Can I keep just one?

  • Arandor Thinnorion

    I would not have kept all of them, but when I called the police I would have told them I found 70 AKs in a bunch of old crates. 🙂

  • Mark Allen Buus

    When I was in the Army, someone in my platoon found a .45 pistol in the woods of our base during a training exercise. Turned it in, found out it had been lost in the 70’s sometime, never found, and written off. But the Army STILL HAD THE RECORDS. The pistol, to be honest would have been useless to keep, it was so corroded, you couldn’t even pull the slide back.

  • Tyler Norona

    AKs only cost a few dollars in Russia. Not much of a find.

    • Cuda

      but dollars are very expensive there!!

  • Robert Willis

    Guns….in wooden creates…..well here are the creates but I didn’t see/find any guns. I have no idea what you’re talking about sir.

  • sean

    I want those BAKELITES!!!!

  • Sulaco

    Got called to a house under re construction in a wayward eastern part of the county one time. New owner had bought the house after the old owner had died. During tear down they found an M2 .45 “Grease Gun” between the studs/wall boarding. Still covered in cosmo, dead owner was WWII US infrantry officer who had fought his way into Germany during the war.

  • M

    I’m assuming he kept the 80th one for himself

  • jeffrey melton

    AKs what AKs, I don’t know nuthin about no AKs.

  • AirborneSoldier

    Were talking russia here. All the former combloc nations are still poor countries. Gotta love marxism