Nerdgasm – All Blasters from Star Wars Legends

I love science fiction. Its ability to create universes not constrained by our practical reality is alluring. However, authors have a tendency not to take too many liberties from current reality in terms of weaponry, of which Star Wars is no different. While moving from mainly kinetic projectiles to light or laser powered weaponry, the fundamentals of what makes up a weapon remain largely the same.

They parallel current technology, albeit with some fun dress-up from props department. Weapons tend to have grips, stocks, sights, and typically are powered by disposable “power packs” (magazines). Types include pistols, rifles, and support weaponry.

Star Wars Minute has dedicated two minutes to covering the various types of blasters from the Legends expansion of the Star Wars Universe. While this “expanded universe” has been swept under the rug, its fun to see the various types of weaponry that authors were able to conjure up in their minds.

My favorite? Han Solo’s heavy blaster pistol. Built on a Mauser broomhandle, the pistol is one of the most iconic weapons of today (even though it never existed). A close second is the stormtrooper blaster rifle, which despite being touted as solid weapon system, seems to never find its mark when deployed in the Empire’s “most feared” forces.


Nathan S

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  • BattleshipGrey

    I’ve always been impressed that even in within the empire, you could walk around with a blaster on your hip and no one gives it a second thought and you don’t see “Blaster Free Zone” posted anywhere.

    • Major Tom

      I’m pretty sure Imperial leftist politicians attribute that to Jedi mind tricks and bureaucratic inertia.

      • Martin M

        Jedi Mind Tricks are the parlance of Leftists.
        Jobs are plentiful….
        These aren’t the illegal immigrants you are looking for….

        • MrEllis

          Firearms not…

      • hellofromillinois

        The Imperials were based on the Third Reich and thus are a Far Right group.

        • Martin M

          Lucas did base the Empire on the Reich, but the Reich and Party are both Far Left (which Lucas likely didn’t realize). They were National Socialists after all. NAZIs are routinely placed in the Far Right spectrum (either erroneously or purposefully). Even Wikipedia incorrectly lists them as Far Right. NAZIs were authoritarian and favored low personal and economic freedom. Hitler himself was opposed to both Communism AND Capitalism. For instance, Communism controls the economy by owning the means of production, whereas Facism controls the economy by regulating the means of production by law (i.e. laws and regulations). So, using any measure of political spectrum (such as a Nolan chart) places them in the Authoritarian Left. Essentially the Facists are just a tick to the right of Communists.

          • MrEllis

            You willfully misunderstand socialism or really need to brush up. The Nazis had it in their name but they were no more socialist than Stalinist Russia. The Nazi party subscribed to fascism and totalitarianism, which are far right of center. They used the term “socialism” to ease worker fears and cease control of heavy industry.

          • Martin M

            So, Communists are Far Right? There is nothing Right about Fascism. You willfully misunderstand totalitarianism and it’s position on the Left Right scale.

            All three (Fascism, Communism, and Socialism) seek to suppress or eliminate expression of religion (limiting personal freedom). Fascists in particular used the Catholic Church, but firmly established the cult of personality in Hitler and the Party.

            All three confiscate or absurdly regulate firearms (limiting personal freedom).

            All three firmly control commerce (limiting economic freedom).

            All three heavily tax and or firmly control the movement of money (limiting both personal and economic freedom).

            All three use unions and labor controls to limit personal and economic freedom.

            What you end up with is Left, Lefter, and Leftist. Where is the ‘Far Right’ in any of that? What exactly was ‘Far Right’ about Fascism?

          • MrEllis

            None of that has to do with being left. Revisionist history that preys on ignorance. You want everything good and wholesome to be right wing and everything evil to be left wing. The Nazis had “socialist” in their name so you strive to connect them with the left because it satisfies a need you have. How much democracy goes down in Democratic Republic of Congo? How many republicans are there? How about The People’s Democratic Republic of Korea? German Democratic Republic? None of those places are a democracy or a republic.

            Nazis were far right totalitarians who used nationalism to achieve fascism. Pretty much, unless you are a Nazi you’re not that far right, it’s an extreme. Most, not ones in threads in comment sections, people considered right in America are closer to centrists than they’ll ever be to Nazis. It’s just a scale, if you have to rewrite nomenclature, history and all of society to allow your worldview to fit properly, maybe you should consider delving deeper into your world view?

        • jay

          Nazi’s (third reich) were national socialist, meaning ultra left. Got your hands mixed up again?

    • Sianmink

      The movies really didn’t show any locations in the Empire though.
      Tattooine: outer rim, nominally Hutt space
      Hoth: Anoat sector, outer rim, lawless
      Bespin: Anoat sector, outer rim, corporate/independent
      Endor: outer rim, ungoverned
      Meanwhile open carry of blasters wasn’t really seen in the locations visited on Coruscant and Naboo seen in the prequels.

      • Trey

        Light sabers only.. special rules for very special people.

    • LazyReader

      Empire did have power setting and capacity laws into place. That’s why holdout blasters were so popular.

      • Karl William Raymond Stack

        For some elaboration on that point: Han Solo’s hand canon, a modified DL-44 is VERY illegal.

  • Pete – TFB Writer

    When the Empire decided to start issuing 300Blk suppressed SBRs to Storm Troopers, there was a disturbance in the force.

    • Sianmink

      Damn I shoulda got my 300BLK suppressed SBR cerakote’d white instead of FDE.

  • Franivelius

    I was expecting the video to tell the real guns behind the blasters.

    • Michael Rice

      Starwars Minuet sticks more to the Lore/Expanded Universe stuff. I’m sure there’s others that go into the more behind the scenes stuff.

  • Michael Rice

    The Death Star was an Inside Job to drum up support to invade the Hoth System and Nationalizing the Vespa mining operations of Bespin! There’s even rumors that Lord Vader’s Illegitimate son lead the attack! One of the so called ‘Rebels’ was even a distinguished Officer in the Imperial Navy before being recruited to be an undercover agent posing as a smuggler! The Entire Rebellion is just a cleaver ruse to outlaw Civilian ownership of Autoblasters and High Capacity Battery Packs.

  • Franivelius

    Thank you! I didnt know that web existed