Benchmade’s Limited Edition AXIS Stryker II

Benchmade AXIS Stryker II

The AXIS Striker family of folding knives has been a successful line for Benchmade. The knives are made in a wide range of blade styles and opening types. Now the company is offering a limited edition version of the knife that kicks things up to the next level.

The AXIS Stryker II is a Gold Class knife that offers a number of desirable features. The blade is an Odin Heim patterned Damasteel (58-60 HRC.) Measuring 3.57″ long, the blade has a drop point with a plain edge. It measures 0.124″ thick. The knife uses a manual opening AXIS mechanism.

For the handle, Benchmade went with a red and black carbon fiber material with anodized red hardware accents. Red hardware accents include the pivot ring and barrel spacers. The stainless steel liners have a black oxide finish. The handle is just over one-half of an inch thick. It has a reversible, deep carry pocket clip that aligns the blade with the tip up.

Benchmade AXIS Stryker II

Closed, the knife is 4.72″ long. When opened, it measures a total of 8.29″ long. The knife weighs 4.67 ounces.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $600. Although Benchmade lists this as an “every day use” knife, I think I would probably keep this one for the fancy barbecues and carry a $20 Kershaw for my knock around tool.

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  • Dickie

    Looks like valyerian steel

    • BattleshipGrey

      Looks like the price is about spot-on too.

  • Pete

    A little out of your taste. Good people carry good knives.

  • cons2p8ted

    If the axis lock Stryker is so successful…why are the older model with the liner lock commanding more money on Ebay? Sometimes even commanding double the price compare to a new axis lock! I missed the old liner lock….

  • Wanderlust

    Great brand, great knife, not for me (I like cheap disposable stuff that i can loose or break without worry) but I can see the attraction.