Does anyone know what this rifle is? It has a huge magazine that looks similar to a SureFire 60rd magazine. But seeing how this bullpup has three barrels, I think maybe it has three magazines coupled into one giant magazine feeding all three barrels. I am curious if this bullpup fires all three rounds at once or if it shoots them one at a time?


  • ahil925

    IIRC it’s a Russian prototype for their version of project SALVO.

    • Cesare Renzi

      I was just about to post that it looked russian…

      What is it that makes its appearance so distinctive?

      • jamezb

        You mean other than the mutant AK mag and AK pistol grip?
        -The ugly as sin prototyping.

  • guy

    It’s an early model of the Soviet TKB-059 assault rifle.

    • d_grey

      Exactly, complete with a 90 round magazine, truly an interesting concept which never fully materialized.

      • oldman

        The Russians have a lot of great concept firearms that go nowhere but they keep churning them out.

        • d_grey

          Exactly! for example another notable rifle is the TKB-022PM which with a 16.3″ barrel had an overall length of 20.3″, which for a bullpup is fantastic + it was 3x more accurate than the AK-47 and subsequent AKM. Even the TKB-517 is an honorary mention and, would’ve actually been chosen over the Ak-47 if it wasn’t for the former’s standardized use and popularity in the military.

          • oldman

            I would love to get my hands on the TKB series of bullpups just to try them out and see how whey work.I am fascinated by the TKB-022PM. As for the accuracy you have to remember the AK-47 was designed to be accurate enough and reliable as well as simple. I think the TKB-517 was not as simple to learn as the AK 47that was why it was not adopted. The Russians believe in K.I.S.S. when it comes to small arms.

          • d_grey

            Well, from what I’ve read, it was simpler to manufacture and was quite similar externally to the AK and, used the delayed blowback mechanism instead of the long stroke operation used in the AK series, it’s rejection was purely on the basis of the widespread proficiency employed by the AK rifle then amongst the military (TKB-517).

            I too am a fan of wanting to try out the TKB-022PM series…quite an interesting an fascinating weapon. 😀

          • oldman

            Yes all the weapons he designed are fascinating and would be fun to try out. There is one american rifle i would put in a category along with his it is the Seig riffle a select fire rifle (mg 34 trigger system) firing full power 30-06 that can be handled single handedly. Some times designers are to far ahead of their time.

          • d_grey

            German A. Korobov was certainly a genius. 😀

            The Sieg rifle? I’ve never heard of this one, I better read up, thanks for the info and I agree, weapons designers think really far. Reminds me of John Pederson at times, even he thought ahead than most engineers of his time.

          • oldman

            Look it up on forgotten weapons there is little more that i have ben able to find.

          • d_grey

            Just did, quite an ingenious weapon. It makes no sense why it wasn’t considered as a future weapon.

          • oldman

            Most likely because it was not what they knew and were comfortable with remember a bullpup was even a more radical an idea back then, then it is today. That and it was to far ahead of its time. Wonder what it would be like if they had developed it further. If they had developed it i would have most likely replaced the BAR and Mi Grand

          • d_grey

            It’s just like what the Russians said about the tkb-022pm, too “radical” a design, if the Sieg rifle had been adopted, then the fully auto m-14 would never have existed. Bullpup’s are clever designs, with the right research and improvements, they can become game changers.

          • oldman

            Indeed Every time there is a article about a new bull pup someone has to vetch about how this or that is wrong with them but fail to take into account that all firearms need to be developed even the ARs of today did not spring fully developed from Eugene Stoner It has taken time to develop in to what we have today.

  • Google search by image is powerful tool of proletariat will, comrade.

    • Jonathan Ferguson

      Charitably, I thought perhaps it was a “name this weapon” thing.

  • Welp, guess I have another gun to put on the “weapons that need to be in video games” list

    • Anonymoose

      Pretty sure they had it in Duke Nukem.

      • Eh, I’d put it firmly in the “same, but different” category.

    • d_grey

      It was going to be introduced in the game ‘Nuclear Union’ which was going to be the first proper Russian Fallout like game, only for the gane to be scrapped just when it was nearing completion. :/

    • Kevin Harron

      Another ‘quality’ post brought to you by Nicholas C.

  • El Duderino

    The power of vodka and long winters!

  • LazyReader

    Typical soviet…..dinghy black metal

  • oldman

    It looks somewhat like the Soviet TKB059 Korbalev Sorry may have spelled the name wrong but thats my guess.

  • Hensley Beuron Garlington

    Looks like it belongs in a Wolfenstein game! But, judging by the AK style grip, I’d guess Soviet or Russian in origin.

  • Billy bob

    “Neva been done befoah’

  • Great_Baldung

    Want to solve a problem? Use a gun. Problem still there? Use more gun!

  • Martin Grønsdal

    The barrel in this shotgun is curved, to allow more traditional overall shape of weapon!

    Edit: bullpup shotgun. Barrel starts where the hinge is in the stock.

  • L. Roger Rich

    I have a Standard Ind DP-12 very reliable 2 bb sa shot gun

  • MIstwalker

    I’ve seen this one before. It was some experimental soviet bullpup, that did indeed fire three rounds at once.

  • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader

    I do believe that is a TKB-059. Russia has some weeeeeeeird guns, man.

  • Archie Montgomery

    I was going to venture it looks like a military prototype for some specific purpose. But it didn’t work out.

    And it has that 1940ish primitiveness about it as well. I was thinking perhaps a NAZI era ‘wonder weapon’ – which was quietly dropped from consideration. Soviet prototype? I’ll buy that.

  • B-Sabre

    So….would it mount three bayonets on the end?