Russian Belt-Fed Pistol

Unknown belt-fed pistol. Anyone read Cyrillic? Looks like it is a 7.62mm and possibly 20rd belt? I think the hook protruding out the back might be the charging handle? Is this pistol semi auto or manually actuated? Perhaps it is like a revolver and the trigger advances the belt as well as firing the round.

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Nicholas C

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  • Tyler McCommon

    Only the Russians could come up with such ingenious creations.

    • Paul Joly

      There is creativity everywhere, not just in Russia.

      • jamezb

        No insult to Russian designers intended, – they are more likely to explore the fringes of what is considered practical than Western designers…. And honestly, I think that is a complement. Innovation is taking some idea conventional wisdom says “can not work” and making it work regardless.

        • ARCNA442

          I think it’s more that Russia has long been somewhat isolated from the West so their engineers have had to deal with a different set of requirements and a different assortment of available technologies and skills.

          Combine these factors, and you have a society that often created excellent designs that just don’t fit into the Western frame of reference. I’m sure that many of our less well known creations look equally odd to Russians.

        • Southpaw89

          Except that the Italians also experimented with a belt fed pistol, I forget what it was called, but there’s an article on it somewhere over on Forgotten Weapons.

      • Tyler McCommon

        It was sarcasm….

        • Paul Joly

          I just want to make things clear. The current trend is to think that “Russian” are misunderstood geniuses, and “westerners” just pragmatic marketers ; that’s just not the reality.

  • vwVwwVwv

    7,62mm Pistol
    test model from the 20’s.
    belt feeded.
    belt capacity 36 bulets.


    Prototype. 1920’s. 36 round belt.

  • vwVwwVwv

    i have seen somewhere a kind of 92 bareta belt feeded.
    can imagin what they needed it for in the 20’s, horrible.

  • LCON

    Because DANKA!! DANKA!!

    • Porty1119


  • Paul Joly

    That looks more like a chain pistol than a belt one. The main difference is that the belt/chain is a part of the firearm. It’s actually just open chambers linked together.

  • That thing looks Khyber as hell.

  • sean

    I just love Russia more and more…Thank you TFB

  • Southpaw89

    Seeing as the belt is in line with the barrel I would guess that each segment is an individual chamber, the lack of any apparent recoil or gas system suggests that it is manually operated, though to what degree I cant tell.

    • Tassiebush

      I agree! I’m strongly suspecting the linked chambers theory.

  • Sianmink

    Would this get around magazine restrictions?

  • Mike

    I want one

  • hikerguy

    That just looks like a recipe for disaster.