Red Dot on AK – New Midwest Industries AK Railed Gas Tube

Expanding from their well-known AR accessories, Midwest Industries has released their latest product, this time for the AK platform. The new Midwest Industries AK Railed Gas Tube is exactly what the name implies. It replaces the standard gas tube on an AK rifle adding the option for the user to use a picatinny rail for lower 1/3 co-witness using micro-type red-dot sights.

The Railed Gas Tube competes squarely with the UltiMAK, which clamped directly to the barrel. The MI AKRGT looks to space itself directly off the barrel using set screws, which will make it much easier to don and doff for cleaning and maintenance.

Of principal interest to those asking about compatibility, the AKRGT comes with an adjustable steel nut that one can twist to change the length of the tube for use across a variety of makes and models. Specific options are also being manufactured for Yugo M70, Yugo M92 PAP, and M85 PAP rifles.

Construction is of the usual ordnance-grade materials including 6061 aluminum and 4140 steel where its needed. The aluminum is anodized and steel likewise coated. Installation requires no permanent modification and the internal dimensions are identical to as General Kalashnikov intended.

Introductory pricing it set at $99.95. The standard AK tube is available now with the Yugo specific models coming soon.

Nathan S

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  • PK

    Interesting, but I expect prolonged firing will shift the mount noticeably due to differential expansion of the metals. Time and testing will tell, but if this works it is an interesting option for sure!

    • FalconMoose

      Texas Weapon Systems dust-cover/rail. Solid.

  • micmac80

    Had an ultimak and optics would heat up to alarming levels even without any volume of shooting

    • BillC


  • Ken

    If it simply squeezes between the gas block and rear sight block, won’t it be bad for accuracy? The barrel will expand with heat and possibly loosen it. How does it eliminate lateral slop?

    I do like how it’s smaller than the Ultimak since it doesn’t need space for the screws. Should be easier to place wood or something along the sides so you don’t burn your hands.

    Also, no mention of weight. I weighed my Ultimak and it came in at 0.41lb. I haven’t got around to weighing a regular gas tube with gas tube cover, but I’ve heard the Ultimak is lighter.

    • hkryan

      The polymer upper handguard and gas tube off my SLR-107 weighs 138 grams and the Ultimak I installed weighs 184 grams. Not much heavier. I like that the Ultimak clamps to the barrel but floats between the gas block and receiver.

    • Risky

      It looks like the mounting system uses screws to push the tube off of the barrel and back into the trunion, so it might not have enough contact with the gas block to be affected by any movement.

  • El Duderino

    Don’t these suckers get pretty hot?

    • 11b

      Should be fine for a military grade optic….unless you have an Eotech 😉

      • Twilight sparkle

        Even cheaper optics (not nc-star cheap) have handled the heat fairly well. I’ve heard good things from primary arms and mostly good from the trs-25 but mixed stuff depending if the word bushnell is white or yellow

      • Richard Lutz

        You have to be kidding. If you like throw you rifle on the ground for good luck each time you pick it up a milspec optic would be best, but why put any optic under this stress in the first place? Putting an optic on a gas tube is nuts if you are might use this gun to save lives.

  • Anonymoose

    I prefer their optic-specific handguard mounts.

    • Twilight sparkle

      Can you co-witness?

  • FalconMoose

    Texas Weapons Systems makes an OUTSTANDING dust-cover/rail. I have a Vortex Sidewinder mounted on it. NO MOVEMENT.
    Had to extent the stock with ingenuity, but excellent at 100yds with my C39.