This Zippo Lighter AOW shoots .22 caliber rounds.

EverydayNoDaysOff posted about it back in 2010 with hand drawn schematics.



  • sean

    A real Gentleman’s pocket gun

  • Steve

    Schematics, POD, and the ‘gun’ in the video are totally different…

    • PK

      There are about a billion different “lighter gun” designs out there, many of them one-offs. AOWs are fun, but hardly any gadget guns have been produced since 1934. Can’t imagine why…

      • Twilight sparkle

        Wwii had a few gadget guns

        • PK

          Government, sure. Most of which we’ve still got barely any information on, sadly. Innovation seems to have been stifled in a major way by legal issues, which is a shame.

          I’m still hoping for an increased interest in gadget guns overall, they truly are fascinating but except for small runs of pen guns and a few knife pistols, they aren’t made in any real numbers these days.

          Even with the paperwork required and the $5 stamp, I think a modern, factory-produced Day-style cane gun (updated to use coil springs and with hidden hammers) in a common caliber, say 9x19mm or .45acp, would be a decent seller.

          The various Remington and Briggs types would be interesting to modernize as well, with the former firing as a can and the latter being quickly disassembled to reveal the grip to be a small pistol! The Bean patent gun would also be a wonderful item to offer in a rifle cartridge for the single shot to be packing some serious power.

        • The .22lr Cigarette Gun was my fave – fired by pulling a string that protruded out of the filter – with your teeth.

          This and many others were depicted in the “Ultimate Spy Book” by Melton. One of my all time faves to read as a kid.

          • PK

            The cigarette gun wasn’t 22lr, so far as I’m aware. That fired a short, although there was a variation made to take a 22 long shotshell, as a blinding device.

            Either way, what a neat little thing. Although the paperwork I read mentioned firing it by holding it between the fingers like a regular cigarette, and depressing a concealed firing lever with the thumb. Recoil emptied the hand.

          • It’s been a while since I read the book, but I believe they generally referred to things as “.22, .32, .45” rather than specifying precise nomenclatures of LR and ACP’s.

            As for firing, the one in the photo (which I’m still trying to find online) had a short, 1cm or so tobacco colored string that extended out the filter. I believe the application was as a “last cigarette” before execution, last-ditch counter custody option.

            “May I have one last cigarette?”


            “Oh drats, seems I’ve misplaced my lighter, may I have a light?”

            SS captain leans forward with his IMCO lighter, SOE operative fires the cigarette into his face.

            This would be an awesome opening scene if they ever did a movie about the SOE/OSS.

      • daktur savitch

        How about sharing a few of the “billion” lighter gun photos/designs with us.

        • PK

          Sure thing! Search Google or whichever search engine you prefer for “zippo gun” (4,300 results), “lighter gun” 22 (33,500 results), and the like. You’ll find quite a few, extremely quickly.

  • BigYojimbo

    Don’t let any journalists try it. The resulting PTSD could scar him for more than a minute.