New SecureIt Gun Cabinet with CradleGrid Technology


SecureIt Tactical, Inc. announced the introduction of a new gun cabinet that uses the company’s CradleGrid technology. The new cabinet is called the Model 52-KD.

This cabinet is a locking box that is designed specifically for six long guns both with and without mounted optics. The CradleGrid system combines a series U-shaped “cradles” that snap into a grid mounted at the rear of the cabinet. These cradles separate the guns from one another and offer enough offset from the rear of the cabinet that large scopes do not bang or rest against the cabinet walls. The CradleGrid system was developed in conjunction with the US Army Special Forces and can also be had from the company independent of this gun cabinet.

The Model 52-KD uses 14 gauge steel and is designed to bolt to both the floor and walls. It uses a push button electronic lock. According to the company, optional accessories allow the owner to modify the interior to also store handguns and other smaller items. The cabinet is 52″ tall and can store rifles up to 50″ in overall length. The suggested retail price of this gun cabinet is $599.


I should note that this cabinet is not a safe, but rather a locking box that offers resistance to theft. Actually, most gun “safes” aren’t true safes either, but all offer increased resistance to theft and burglary. I highly recommend that all gun owners use some type of locking storage device to reduce the possibility of theft.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • lolwut

    So you can buy a residential security container with at least some fire protection for the same price that can store the same amount of guns. So why buy this as a home owner?

    • Jeff S

      Do you even operate?

      “The CradleGrid system was developed in conjunction with the US Army Special Forces…”

  • Kevin

    Why would you buy this when you can get a real safe for the same price???

  • What gun safe do you recommend as the “safest” measure if you have kids?

    • Devil_Doc

      If you want to keep curious hands off of guns, there are any number of inexpensive locking cabinets. Stack-On comes to mind.. Any of the big name sporting goods stores (Bass Pro, Cabelas, Sportsmans Warehouse) will have a selection to choose from. These cabinets will hold a half dozen rifles, as well as a couple of pistols, and are usually $100-150ish. If all you want to do is secure a pistol, these same stores will have small locking pistol cabinets for around $50. If you want to deter a thief, you can look into actual gun safes. A quality gun safe will be into the thousands of dollars, and will weigh 6-800 lbs or more. These are usually fireproof as well.

    • Bob

      There are also the basic human factors as well. Getting a safe is little good if you use it in front of the children and they remember the numbers you used or where you hide the key. I know that sounds obvious, but people are still careless sometimes. The most sophisticated and expensive safe in the world won’t help if you do the wrong thing.

      • Cory C

        This man makes a good point. Well said.

    • Edeco

      One that won’t tip over 🙂 kidding mostly. I’m no expert, wouldnt go so far as to make a recommendation, but I like having the artillery locked and keeping the only keys with me, for which Stack-Ons are OK. Convenient to own, not much burglary, fire or humidity protection…

  • darryl

    The price is ridiculous for a metal lock box. Costco has something nicer right now for $299.

  • Renegade

    So… How many of you clicked for the girl?

    • 10/10 would check clear with.

    • adverse4

      I am so shallow.

    • Billy Jack

      I’d secure that box with her anytime.

  • Risky

    As far as a metal locker as a theft deterrent goes… paint it utility gray, slap a high voltage warning sticker to it and dare anyone with a sliver of common sense to go at it with a pry bar.

  • Smokey_the_Bear

    I like how it holds them in, but it seems very easy to break in to. Plus doesn’t hold very many guns.
    My favorite safe ever is a Pendleton…but I’m no Billy Gates.