New Limited Edition Ed Brown 2nd Amendment 1911

Ed Brown 1911

Earlier this year, Ed Brown Products launched a new 2nd Amendment 1911 handgun. The gun is a mix of Ed Brown craftsmanship with a bit of American attitude.

At the most basic, the gun is a government model 1911 with a 5″ barrel and full frame. It is equipped with a number of nice features and festooned with a number of engravings that set it apart from a normal slabsides.

Ed Brown 1911

On the right hand side of the slide, the company engraves the coiled snake logo from the Gadsden flag. On the left side of the slide, the entirety of the Second Amendment is engraved. The word freedom is engraved in all caps on the barrel bushing. A fellow would have to be standing on the wrong end of the gun to read it.

The company uses its snakeskin treatment on the forestrap and the mainspring housing, which offers better grip purchase and a look that is distinctively different from the typical checkering one might see.

Ed Brown 1911

Additional features and specifications on this gun:

  • .45 ACP
  • 41 ounces with an unloaded magazine
  • stainless finish on both slide and frame
  • square cut cocking serrations
  • U-notch rear sight with fiber optic green front sight
  • VZ Operator II G10 grips
  • recessed slide stop
  • base price: $2,995

The gun is listed as a limited edition, but the company does not currently list information on either a timeframe for production or a total number being made. Also, this model is different – although only slightly – from the gun of the same name that was sold previously.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • Major Tom

    Dat price tag…

    • Me

      Freedom ain’t free

      • Major Tom

        But I’m not sure 3000 dollars is a proper price for a pistol model I can find for 1/3 of that.

        Freedom can’t be prohibitively expensive ya know. That’s how tyrants win, bankrupting your ability to keep them at bay.

        • Marcus D.

          There are some pretty reliable pistols at 1/6th that price. Personally, I will buy one of these fancy schmantzy 1911s the same day I buy a Porsche 911. Which, given my age and finances, is never. Tho I do want to pick up a WWII 1911 someday, and probably a full size Springfield. (So many guns to buy, so little money…)

        • The Raven Returns

          I own a EB SF model and paid $2500 for it.

          One time and one time only will I spend that much on a pistol.

  • c4v3man

    Needs to be double stack and at least 11 rounds to limit sales to actual 2a compliant states. Granted this would allow Colorado to slip in, but 16 rounds of 45acp is a bit much to ask.

    • Gary Kirk

      Para Ordinance P14.45.. You can get 15, with 1 in the pipe

      • Bob

        I’ve thought about buying one of those. Weird hammers on the ones I saw for sale though.

        • Bob

          I should clarify: I was looking at the LDA ones.

          • Gary Kirk

            Completely understood now, yes they look very weird.. And to my experience with them, they have been reliable. But I myself am not putting them through what some people on here are.. Therefore, I cannot testify to the integrity of the system under extreme conditions. As far as any of the Paras that I’ve dealt with, they seem well made. But as I’ve said, never run one through everything.. Mostly because I don’t personally own one. Otherwise I would have, I do everything I buy/build.. Doesn’t survive, gets sold, or rebuilt..

        • Gary Kirk

          What weird hammer? Para makes 2 models. The P14.45, which is single action, as all normal 1911s. And the, forgive me if I am wrong, LDA14.45. Which is a double action only. But has one Hell of a DA trigger. The LDA stands for Lighting Double Action

          • Bob

            The LDA, which is Light Double Action. On the ones I saw, the hammer looks like a freaking flipper, a tiny little piece of metal that doesn’t look like it possibly slams home hard enough to set off a primer. Apparently it is a great gun, but the hammer is still weird to me.

  • Iggy

    Does anyone do an 18th amendment edition?

    • Bob

      Not sure I would want my hand to be so close to the muzzle like that. One little “Ooopsie” and you’re missing fingers.

      • Gary Kirk

        Three finger Freddie coming through

  • Uniform223

    I like 1911’s as much as the next guy but do they always have to make a commemorative version of on for every single event/person with jacked up prices?

  • Gary Kirk

    Hmm, another 1911 that I’d love to have.. Have mine though.. Guess I could use another, but in today’s world, think even I’d give in and buy a couple glocks.. For the wife.. And an a#$ load of ammo. And… Just cause… The 1911 has had even more done, old pic, and that Beretta is one beautiful 96FS.. Worked as much as possible, know everyone hates them.. But welcome to come try her, if ever in the SOMD area

  • Peatro Giorgio

    With CNC machines of today. I can not comprehend the reasoning for the price, cost for many of these overly expensive semi custom side arms..Sure they are in deed beautiful highly functional, accurate reliable..But 2,3 or even $4,000. 00 no way. There just isn’t all that much hand fitting hand work labor required. Micing tolorences . Is not all that labor intensive.polishing hand fitting . Come on Lazer engraving Come on get real. And the sure as hell do not shoot any Better then my Kimber

  • Louis Bethel

    Ed Brown, Bill Wilson and Les Baer make the best 1911’s.
    This looks like a nice addition to any collection.