CZ Scorpion Evo Field Strip (SBR)

The CZ Scorpion Evo is certainly getting a lot of attention from various gun guys around the USA since its introduction, and the simple blowback operated gun from the Czech Republic certainly seems to have a favorable price point. In this field strip, we take a look at what makes the Evo tick.

Update: CZ Actually saw this video and reached out to me to get the magazine issue resolved (in less than 24 hours after posting this video). I have griped about many firearms and gun manufacturers over the years, and this is the first time this has ever happened.


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Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • thedonn007

    I will admit that I have not watched all of your field strip videos,, but is this the first one where you diss the firearm while you disassemble it?

    • No. I did in last week’s as well.

      • overlander

        Ahh, how proud you must be. Sad to see the current trend of child ‘journalists’ here at TFB. Anything for the almighty view count, am I right?

        • I took a product apart to show inside/how it works. I then compared it to similar products I have extensive experience with, and explained why I think it’s an inferior offering (showing manufacturing defects in components and how a competitor has a lighter design).

          • Malthrak

            You compared the Scorpion to a Unicorn conversion of a niche firearm that is no longer being imported, and even when found is ~5x+ the Scorpion’s pricetag in the configuration you weighed, to which it was very marginally heavier. That’s a wee bit ridiculous. The Scorpion is not particularly heavy amongst 9mm subguns.

            The CZ Scorpion is lighter (to a greater degree than it is heavier than the UMP) than a similarly sized MP5 and MPX according to H&K and Sig’s website’s (6.8 and 6.5lbs respectively for SBR’d and ~8″ barreled iterations like the SBR’d Scorpion), and only marginally heavier than a Beretta CX4 (but significantly more compact). About the only 9mm subgun that’s notably more lightweight that I can think of is a Kel-Tec Sub 2000.

            You’re itch about the Scorpion’s weight is baffling.

            Every time you’ve posted about the Scorpion people also pointed out that the mags have been fixed and nobody is having issues anymore and the mags are plentiful and easily found now (and even still in stock on CZ-USA’s site right this moment even with the current rising panic).

          • Evan Ferguson

            Obviously, you are a scorpion owner. I looked at it alongside the MPX SBR, and the choice was simple. MPX got a form 4, scorpion went back on the shelf in about 3.5 seconds. The CZ is a great range toy if you’re on a budget, but that’s about it.

          • Malthrak

            I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with the MPX. I plan to get one one fine day, I’m a sucker for 9mm carbines and own several including the Scorpion amongst others like the CX4. But there’s nothing wrong with the Scorpion either, it’s a decently accurate, utterly reliable, 9mm carbine that has gobs of accessory space, is compact and relatively lightweight, and it’s dramatically cheaper than the MPX. It’s not as finely finished as the MPX’s beautiful aluminum frame and not as ergonomic (the base Scorpion grip is pretty underwhelming), that I’ll totally grant and those are legitimate criticisms, but, at least according to Sig, the MPX *is* heavier, and it’s dramatically more expensive, and with magazines that are 3x+ the cost of the Scorpion’s and have two different non compatible magazine types to watch out for.

          • Evan Ferguson

            Mal, wasn’t saying you were, I was replying to overlander’s comment which was trying to insult the author. It’s his opinion on the CZ, which happens to be pretty spot on, imho. It’s just built like a throw away gun. Nothing particularly innovative about it, just an affordable smg pattern 9mm. With affordability, of course, comes draw backs. People shouldn’t be butt hurt because someone thinks it has a lot of room to improve.
            I applaud CZ for bringing it to market, as it’s essentially the same thing as the H&K’s for a lot less money. Still….

          • Malthrak

            Ah ok, Disqus showed you replied to me so that’s why I posted that response.

            Still, I don’t find the video’s criticisms to be particularly appropriate. The Scorpion’s weight isn’t the issue Alex C claims it to be for the reasons above, and the post early/mid 2015 Scorpion mags do not having the cracking issues, only the very earliest US imports had that issue so it’s weird that that keeps getting harped on a year later. I wouldn’t say it’s built like a throwaway gun, it just has no finesse, it’s a very simple and straightforward design. I’ve put a couple thousand rounds through mine with no issues and nothing looks like it’s wearing hard at all.

            Decent criticisms would be the ergo’s, without question (stock grip is weird and the right hand safety is annoying), the availability of mags until ~8 months ago, etc, but the mag cracking thing appears to be solved (and none of mine have had any issues) and it’s certainly not a heavy 9mm carbine next to most other offerings.

            Maybe next year the MPX will happen…maybe one of those HMG Stg’s will delay that however.

          • overlander

            Actually, no, I don’t own a Scorpion. Friends have and I’ve shot them and enjoyed them, but haven’t purchased one.

            You may see my comments as an insult to Alex, but I see the current set of ‘writers’ on this site as an insult to the readership. Occasionally I get perturbed enough to post a rant about the shoddy writing or videos, but rarely does the inverse happen. I would love to read an original article here where I was actually inspired to comment positively. The vast majority of so-called-content here is regurgitated news gleaned from other sites with no effort to investigate independently and possibly dig up another angle. If they add anything, it tends to be shoddily founded opinions. The original content is greatly clickbait bull honkey or a hit piece, like the one above. Sadly, modern internet journalism has made its way to the gun community.

            Don’t even get me started on the James guy on TFB TV. Doesn’t have a brain in his head.

          • David

            At least he doesn’t copy and paste press releases like some others.

          • Really and what vast amount of writing/shooting experience makes you qualified to make such statements? As far as James if you knew what he did for a living and how successful he is at it you would feel very embarrassed making that statement.
            Constructive criticism is welcome taking verbal shots at writers and TFB in general is not.

          • overlander

            A journalism degree, a lifetime in the shooting sports and a career that involves both.

            If you can read my previous posts and not be able to decode the issues that have led to my disdain, then I don’t know how I can help you. Honestly, the set of young folks that have joined the ranks in recent years are doing fine if BuzzFeed-worthy articles are all you wish to create, but in the age of extinction for paper publications, I would truly hope for better.

            And I don’t really care what James does for a living, I hope he’s very successful at it. That bit about not having a brain in his head was rather inflammatory, and I apologize, but to watch him ‘review’ a gun with which he has absolutely zero knowledge base on is painful and furthers my disappointment in the content being created.

            I truly hope for good things here, I don’t visit TFB to troll. I just don’t want it to go the click-bait direction that other sites have gone.

          • David

            Go check out Sigforum and read all the bs in the MPX thread Sig has pulled and you may feel differently about that gun.

          • De Facto

            Alex; I understand the MP5 is likely the best 9mm subgun ever made. It’s on my list of guns I WILL own someday. I realize the MPX is possibly better than the EVO (unsuppressed anyway). However, when it comes to firearms a lot of gun owners are looking for a Honda Civic. Reliable and a good value for what it is. That’s why Glock is so popular, and why the Evo is becoming popular. No, a Honda Civic isn’t a Cadillac or a Mercedes-Benz. It IS affordable and fairly enjoyable to drive. The EVO isn’t the smoothest, most accurate, or best 9mm PCC. But it IS affordable, enjoyable to shoot, and reliable. Most gun owners have budgetary concerns, and dropping $1500+ (on a PCC no less) is problematic. The average gun owner is faced with a choice between Keltec, Beretta, and Hi-point when shopping for a PCC – and when comparing the EVO to those PCC’s, it becomes a significantly more attractive option.

            Personally, I understand where you are coming from. For similar reasons I prefer CZ and HK handguns to Glocks. However I do not bash Glock because that would smack of personal prejudice, and is unfair to Glock.

            tl;dr Continuing to bash the feed lips issue (long since resolved), a couple oz’s of weight, and generally comparing the EVO to guns nowhere near it’s price point hurts your credibility as a writer and your relatability to your audience.

        • No—– Constant negative comments are really getting old.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Gotta get real edgy when the goal is clicks over content.

  • Malthrak

    As people have mentioned many times in this site and in your videos, the magazines have been fixed. Ive had several sitting in the safe fully loaded since last November that have developed no faults and 3 others for range use that have zero problems.

  • Stephen Hubert

    You e-mailed CZ and got no reply… did you try calling them? They replaced my magazines on the first call and were incredibly pleasant to deal with. Not only that, they also replaced my entire cracked receiver under warranty while I had a pending NFA stamp… and the receiver crack was entirely my fault.

    While you may be underwhelmed, I’m VERY happy with my Scorpion and CZ as a whole. I can understand the frustration with the magazine lips, but the issue has been resolved and you were clearly an early adopter given the ‘Laugo’ markings on the firearm in the video.

  • Kivaari

    Are you going to do one on the Beretta CX4? It’s pretty nice as easy as it comes apart.

    • Malthrak

      I love my CX4, just wish they made 30 round PX4 magazines XD

      • Kivaari

        Except for the heavy trigger, this gun is very well made, easy to use and handles better than an Uzi or Mini-Uzi (SBRs). I bought the pair CX4/PX4
        and accept for the very heavy trigger I find it very well made, amazingly easy to disassemble, of first rate materials. Oooouuhhhh 30 round ….

  • Derek Young

    Where has Patrick and James been? No offense but I liked having them on the youtube channel, seems like this has been Alex’s collection vids as of late.

    • Patrick no longer wants to shoot video and prefers to write. James’ is still here and active, but usually only produces one video per week.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Patrick no longer wants to shoot video

        Oh šŸ™ That’s really too bad.

    • James will have several reviews coming up. I fixed him up with some guns to test I think people will be interested in.

  • nova3930

    I like mine even with the shortcomings. I like the fact that with a 20mm wrench and 3mm allen head I can break down everything but the trigger pack.

  • The magazine issue has been fixed—–