The “ULTIMATE” 80% AR-10 & AR-15 Receiver Jig is… Ultimate

While we do not cover the politics of guns, its hard to ignore recent events and the potentially large impact on our beloved hobby, defensive tools, and their manufacturing. In light of any potential issues, 80% receivers are a great choice, but they typically require some know-how to properly machine.

The AR-10/AR-15 Ultimate Jig was created to help alleviate the know-how, or at least make the slightly knowing’s job easier. Manufactured from billet aluminum, the ultimate jig is set up to allow the manufacturing of either a AR-10 large-frame MSR or an intermediate AR-15 receiver.

Details courtesy of Juggernaut Tactical:

• 17-4 Stainless Steel Drill Bushings
• Patented alignment tool with light
• Depth gage for quickly setting tool length
• CNC-machined from solid aerospace billet aluminum
• Laser-etched with Right/Left markings and drill hole sizes for convenience
• Individually replaceable plates
• Type III hard coat anodized
• Optional high quality tooling package includes all bits required to finish your AR-15 or AR-10 lower. These are the same bits we use in our commercial CNC machines at the Juggernaut Tactical factory
• If instructions are properly followed, the jig kit can be used to finish up to 25 lowers, or more
• Made in the USA

Retail is set at $189, with an optional $60 “tool package” including:

  • 1 ea. 0.375″ Cobalt Drill
  • 1 ea. 0.3125″ Cobalt Drill
  • 1 ea. 0.156″ Cobalt Drill
  • 1 ea. 5/16″ Carbide Endmill

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Nathan S

One of TFB’s resident Jarheads, Nathan now works within the firearms industry. A consecutive Marine rifle and pistol expert, he enjoys local 3-gun, NFA, gunsmithing, MSR’s, & high-speed gear. Nathan has traveled to over 30 countries working with US DoD & foreign MoDs.

The above post is my opinion and does not reflect the views of any company or organization.


  • Ambassador Vader

    Why are the top plates so tall? It defeats the purpose of drilling since you can not get a drill bit down to correct depth.

    • Budogunner

      Presumably they are exactly as tall as needed given the drill bits provided. I’m guessing they went with tall to keep the bits properly vertical for those who might use a hand drill instead of a press. Idiot proofing, I think.

      • G B

        Make something idiot proof and they’ll just build a better idiot.

      • The problem is, that you may run into a capacity problem if you are using a benchtop drill press. I’m not sure if a 12″ drill press is large enough, with this jig and a cross-slide vise. The floorstand presses are better, but are more than double the price of the benchtop drills.

        • jerry young

          I started with a bench top 1/2 press it worked fine as far as the depth but being mine was over 30 years old and had seen a lot of use I had some problems with tolerances so I bought a new larger press, I do my milling with a bench top milling machine

    • jerry young

      They do this to keep the starting holes square, once you start the holes to a certain depth you usually remove the the top plate to finish them to the correct depth, at least this is how it’s done with the jig I’ve used

  • datimes

    Seeing this makes me want to build a rifle.

    • PK

      It’s always fun, 7075T6 is a joy to cut if you’re used to 43XX and 41XX.

      I’ve made more lowers than I’ll ever need, to the point I use a few to hold down prints in the shop. That still doesn’t stop me from putting an 80% in the mill now and then!

    • Pete M. – TFB Writer

      Agreed. I’ve never really considered doing an 80% build until I saw this jig.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    I’m wondering why they supply cobalt bits instead of hss? Hss would wear the jig less, cost less, and will still easily cut 7075.

    • Michael Lubrecht

      Probably because that’s what they use in their own shop, as mentioned. They can buy in bulk for a few bucks each, then mark them up significantly for their tooling kit.

      For a group of folks, this is perhaps a good deal. For an individual – not so much. Money would be better spent towards an actual mill or mill-drill, so you can actually learn to machine, rather than paint-by-numbers. I’ve screwed up a few 0% lowers, due to dumb machining mistakes, but I’d much rather be learning along the way instead of just inserting drill bit “B” into bushing “C” to drill the hammer pin hole.

      • PK

        Adding to this, craigslist and ebay often have amazing deals on used machinery such as mills and lathes and the combination machines, of all sizes. Looking around for a few months can yield a lightly used $5,000 machine for $1,000 or thereabouts, as resale value on machine tools is abysmal. A major win for the home hobbyist!

    • DeathFromTheShadows

      High speed warps when it heats Increasing the wear on the jig, it flexes if too much pressure is put on it, also increasing wear on the jig… High speed in all seriousness should only be used on plastics and wood, or as a single use on soft metals

      • BrandonAKsALot

        Almost all my cutting tools are HSS and yes, if you don’t know what the hell you are doing and run them at 2000rpm, you’ll wear them out quickly. I run my machines at 1000 rpm max (usually way lower) depending on material and I use coolant or cutting oil, so it’s a non-issue. It’s extremely easy to sharpen them also. With proper instructions for the jig, HSS bits would be more than adequate especially on aluminum.

  • Martin M

    Honestly, for under $200 you can make unlimited AR lowers!? That’s actually an awesome value.

    • PK

      With some patience and care, you can make AR lowers from 80% forgings for the cost of the tooling. Each completed lower ends up costing just the cost of the 80% so long as you follow the prints and don’t break tooling.

      A jig like this just makes life a lot easier, especially if you don’t have a mill. I’ve finished lowers with everything from a hand drill and dremel tool, to a drill press, a manual mill, and a CNC mill. It all works, but if you have only basic shop tools then a jig is an ideal solution.

      • jerry young

        I have used a drill press and a small manual mill, not being a machinist just a DIY type the jig still worked out when using the mill, my son is a machinist and is trying to teach me to do this without the aid of the jig but keeping tight tolerences the jig helps when you’re a novice

    • Michael Lubrecht

      Also keep in mind that 80% lowers are, in some cases, more expensive than completely finished lowers that you might find on sale or discount. Of course, that leaves out the fun factor as well as the traceability – but if your primary concern is pricing, you’re probably better off keeping a watch out for Palmetto State Armories periodic deals on blemished, fully completed and anodized lowers.

      • Martin M

        Yeah, they can be found for dirt cheap. However, this may not always be the case.

      • Longhaired Redneck

        Or Anderson lower receivers from Sportsman’s Guide for $34.99 each. Unfortunately, all of the ones I bought went to the bottom of a lake, the result of a horrible canoe accident…

        • McThag

          The reason that Anderson lowers are so cheap is they keep dredging the lakes near you!

        • jerry young

          I’ve used Anderson lowers with no problems at all!

      • jerry young

        Yes sometimes the 80% lowers are more than you can buy stripped lowers for but when you buy the stipped lower you have to use an FFL dealer and that adds a cost of usually $25-$35 per lower so usually the lower is a better deal if you can and want do the work yourself, you can now buy anodized 80% lowers saving the added cost of finishing them yourself.

        • DeathFromTheShadows

          Even with the costs added by a transfer dealer a 100% lower is almost ALWAYS less than an 80%. Then you need to add the cost of the jig and tooling, neither of which are unlimited lifetime items. Typically the 100% lower can be had for 1/2 to 2/3 the cost of an 80% lower, not sometimes but almost every time. even back during the great Obama induced AR shortage.

          • jerry young

            Depending on ones ability and equipment you have or have to buy the cost can be far less for the 80% lowers, jigs will last for many lowers and most have replaceable parts that are cheap should the need arise, if you buy unfinished and do the work yourself consumable parts like end mil bits are cheap about $4 each and you should be able to get 2 maybe 3 receivers for each bit unless you use different sizes, I use a 3/8th and a 1/4th end mill bit that’s my choice, I buy enough finish for about 6 to 8 receivers for $35 and get my receivers for around $40 that gives me a total cost of about $50 a receiver, typically the cheapest stripped lower I’ve seen cost around $50 then add the cost for the FFL that takes you to around $75 to $85 I see no savings, I do this cause I like too not because I save money, I enjoy building my own and helping my family build theirs, as far as an AR shortage where do you live I find them everywhere and the prices have even dropped starting at just under $500, I don’t see an obama shortage I see a rise in sales due to obama and the liberals!

          • DeathFromTheShadows

            You haven’t been shopping much. 80% receivers typically are well over 100 bucks a piece, usually closer to 130 to 140 each. That’s generally 3 times the price of a whole stripped receiver, Unless you are a name snob. The fact is Milspec is Milspec regardless of the name stamped on it. Ive been building ARs professionally for more than a few decades, prior to retirement. And as for the transfer fees, I hope the FFL takes you out to Dinner first! Two years Back I bought the whole immediate family of four Beretta 92 FS’s for league shooting, and only paid a bill ( one hundred dollars) in transfer fees for all four brady checks. And as for the shortage, well you are obviously full of bovine feces and caught yourself up on that one, Since it was the rise in demand that created the shortage. Its really sad when you bury yourself so deep in the lie that you don’t realize that you just outed yourself in the small details. By the way are you aware that without an 07 FFL you are committing a felony laying hands on someone else’s Stripped Lower while it is being assembled? Yes that’s correct, without a manufacturers License you can not HELP someone build their own AR. SO line of BS or truth, you just admitted to committing a felony. I’m not telling you this to give you a hard time either, I’m pointing it out because the law is very explicit, you can only build an un-serial numbered firearm FOR YOURSELF nobody else, and to sell it , it must have a number permanently marked on the lawful receiver, which depending on the firearm may be a completely different part than you expect. ( thank you BATFE Bureaucrats) Yo can stand over them and OBSERVE but under precedent they have set in court, you cant even tell the person what to do. This is how ridiculous it has become. The BATFE has literally ruled that ANY help during assembly is in fact building the firearm. Its because their regulations have crossed the line from overbearing to over reaching that I surrendered my 07, and ONLY do my own work now.
            Take this for what its worth, this isn’t speculation, it is confirmed fact. The sad part is the BATFE has no legal standing by law. They are a TAX agency, and as such can not be an enforcement agency. That power goes to the FBI and their overseeing agency- the DOJ. In fact the US Constitution forbids this power from them (Tenth Amendment Baybee!)

          • jerry young

            Well you’re so up on everything you can’t see the truth, there are cheaper 80% lowers you just have to look yes I’ve seen them for $100 but I also find them cheaper, where do you live our gun shops have plenty of AR’s not much of a shortage here so empty your self of the feces your full of not everywhere is there much of a shortage, and as far as committing a felony I don’t build them for anyone, anyone who has ever asked me I tell them I can’t do it for them, I said I help my family that means with instruction, they buy everything they use my milling machine and tools to do the assembly I just tell them what what to buy and what to do not everyone out there isn’t so dumb to not have the ability, I only do this for my sons and no one else so you are probably right about legality but I don’t do the actual work is that hard to understand without coming back without a novel of facts and opinion?

          • Tired of Loudmoth Fools

            If you’re paying $135 or more for 80% lowers you’re simply incompetent. You can buy forged 80% lowers from Anderson for $40, Tactical Machining for as little as $29…

            Keep your bullshit legal theories to yourself.

          • ErSwnn

            How come I paid just $40 each for the five I have here?? What sort of scammer do you buy from?

          • Mattblum

            Here in the SF Bay area, a stripped lower costs $200. I can machine one with the jig for half that. Over and over again. More than worth it to me. Of course, I’ll be moving sometime next year. Have no ambition to run up against the current set of laws.

  • josh

    just put mine on order.

  • Marcus D.

    Pointless for us Californians. The Legislature is about to pass a bill that will redefine “firearm” to include (in rather ambiguous language but the intent is clear enough) 80% lowers. Mere possession of an unregistered 80% lower will be a firearm felony. These will have to be purchased through an FFL with a background check. I don’t know how they think that the 4473 will contain the appropriate serial number, unless the interpretation of the law, is to read it along with a parallel bill that requires that serial numbers be purchased from the Ca DOJ (ALONG WITH ANOTHER BACKGROUND CHECK) before beginning milling. [Background checks in Ca are $25 a pop.] The proposed laws also include a provision requiring all existing unserialized ARs and AKs to be serialized in some fashion and registered as “assault weapons” by January 1, 2018. [It is illegal to sell, or transfer by gift or bequest, any “assault weapon” in the state.]

    That said, it is a very sweet set up for someone planning on building a bunch of lowers.

    • DeathFromTheShadows

      Nothing personal Marcus, and please read what I am about to say as it is meant:
      Californians DESERVE this new law. They have done this to themselves, going all the way back beyond the 50’s they have been self entitled “we are better than the rest of the country and can do what we want” Liberal oriented fools. A California Conservative is just a moderate liberal to the rest of the country, and every election it just gets worse and worse. Now as I said read this as it is meant, look around you and see how liberal all the so called conservatives around you really are. The Second Amendment is the acid test. If they say “I believe in the second amendment, BUT,,,” then you know they are not a real Conservative. If I were you I’d get out before they close the outgoing borders…

      • Marcus D.

        I guess you’ve never met the ranchers and farmers in the Central Valley, from one end to the other, people I would hardly characterize as “moderates.” Now obviously there are major exceptions, most prominently Reagan and Schwarzenegger, both of whom signed anti-2A legislation. (Maybe it was premonition that Reagan was so against hand guns–as was Nixon for that matter.)

        The fact is that the Democrats our number the Republicans of whatever stripe 2 to 1. On gun bills, the Republicans vote against all of them, almost always unanimously, but it doesn’t make any difference. It is the same here as it is in New York, where NYC basically controls the legislature because it is such a massive population center, and Illinois, where Chicago, for the most part, runs the show at the state level.

        To make matters worse, despite the fact that the Ninth Circuit is massive and covers some conservative states, its judges are typically recruited and appointed from large urban areas, areas that are typically quite liberal. The Peruta panel, for example, was about one third conservatives and two thirds liberals, and since that is a fair approximation of the entire bench, that was the kind of random draw one would expect.

        So tell me, how are we responsible for the changing demographic of the state?

    • Marcus D.

      I should add that Governor Brown vetoed the 80% lower ban, but I doubt it matters, since he signed all three of the bills that banned the bullet button. After the first of the year, the only rifles legally sold in the state will be “featureless” rifles (e.g Mini14) or rifles with a permanently attached mag that can be reloaded only by opening the action. All existing ARs and AKs will have to be registered. From what I’ve read, AKs cannot be made featureless, and so will be banned after the first of the year.

    • jerry young

      The best thing you can do is move, let the crooked politicians and illegals have California, sadly it seems there aren’t enough decent people to stand up to your corrupt government, luckily we moved way back in the 60’s we still have family there but most are too old to relocate, so move to a better state and hope your governor builds his wall!