Geissele’s New Super 42 AR-15 Spring and Buffer Now Available

Earlier this year we posted about Geissele’s new AR-15 buffer spring, well it’s now available for sale. The new Super 42 AR-15 Spring from Geissele Automatics uses three independent strands of wire braided together which Geissele claims makes it much more reliable, durable and quieter than normal AR-15 buffer springs, no more signature AR-15 “twang”.

According to Geissele their new Super 42 buffer spring design acts like a harmonic damper as well as an energy absorber as it allows the springs to flex separately which helps displace excess energy all of which makes the AR more reliable. Geissele also claims their new Super 42 buffer spring will last longer compared to traditional buffer springs because the Super 42 has a decreased tendency to lose length and force after so many rounds. The Super 42 also has a 15% stronger average return force which should help with stripping rounds out of your magazine when your rifle is dirty or if you’re using budget steel cased plinking ammo.

This recoil/buffer spring concept isn’t anything new, in fact Geissele got the idea from the German MG42 machine gun recoil spring, which is where I’m guessing Geissele got the Super 42 name from. Geissele’s new Super 42 spring and buffer combo retails for $59 over at

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  • Joseph Goins

    I wonder how many rounds this spring is rated for since the article and Geissele’s website don’t state that figure.

    • BattleshipGrey


      • Life, the Universe and Everything

        • CharlesH

          Beat me to it

        • Longhaired Redneck

          But don’t bring a rifle into that restaurant at the end. You know, the end of the Universe…

      • Comments like this is why I love the internet.

    • JSmath

      There have been other twisted wire buffer springs on the market before, and some of the reviews I read for them were mostly positive.

      I’m a heathen and slick the outside of the spring with a tiny dab of grease when I install it. Quiet and have yet to have any functionality issues, but I don’t shoot into the tens of thousands of rounds, either.

      • thedonn007

        Where can I get just the braided wire buffer spring?

        • JSmath

          I could swear it was sold at midwayusa, but checking just now I don’t see it there. Sorry, not sure. At one point, I had several hundred bookmarks of things I was thinking about buying and just deleted them to keep myself from making irresponsible decisions.

    • Frank

      about 3 fiddy

      • Don’t be givin’ no loch ness monsta no tree fidday.

  • Joseph Goins

    So if I have to use the standard replacement schedule, why would I spend >$50 for a recoil spring? I can buy seven normal ones for the price and lubricate them for the same effectiveness.

    • marathag

      depends if the stock ‘BOING” noise bothers you or not

      • RickH

        Never bothers me at all…..cuz I really can’t hear it when I’m shooting. Maybe it bothers the guys that like racking the action constantly rather then shooting.

        • JLR84

          I never really noticed it until I shot an AR with a suppressor.

      • Holdfast_II

        I have an ACE Skeleton stock rifle , and the SPROING! is really annoying. Never really noticed it with any other stock. I think I’ll give this a try in that one.

    • PK

      Is it a duty/HD gun? Then yes, you should be regularly replacing wear parts. If not, just run it until the length isn’t in spec any more. It’s really not a big cost even for home defense, if you’re shooting 5k rounds regularly, what’s $50 on a spring?

  • DwnRange

    So exactly how is this better than the standard carbine spring and 9mm RRA buffer I have been running in my M4s for decades and many thousands of rounds with nary a buffer spring related issue?
    (I got spare carbine and rifle buffer springs in my shop I have never ever even used due to the lack of any problem)

  • lolwut

    If you run suppressed the one and only answer is JP Enterprise Silent Captured Spring.

  • Spencerhut

    We use the Tubb Precision CS Flatwire Buffer Spring as a “universal problem solver” in any AR with cycling issues, along with the correct buffer. They are take up less space and seem to last forever.

    Geissele makes great stuff, so I’ll try one of these out. The spring looks to be on the thick side, so I wonder if it would be okay in a .308 sized.

    • thedonn007

      Does this spring remove the “twang”?

      • Spencerhut

        I’ve been shooting AR’s for over 30 years, and I have many. To be honest the twang is not something that ever bothered me and I don’t notice it anymore unless I am specifically listening for it.

        So . . . not sure.

        • TC

          Same here. Twang, what twang?

        • Norm Glitz

          I like the twang. Part of the AR music. A good empty mag indicator.

      • kyle893

        I just bought my tubbs flatwire spring and haven’t shot it yet, but it’s supposed to remove the twang. It’s also supposed to stop wave back and forth when the spring pushes the bolt home. Normal springs have a lot of vibration when this happens and the flatwire is supposed to just open and stay put. Don’t for sure, and I bought it for the binary trigger system so I will see how it works with that. Figured it would be a good choice as it would calm down the muzzle while it’s taking care of the bolt.

      • n0truscotsman

        It somewhat dampens it.

        Of course, my hearing isn’t exactly stellar, so its the last thing I really notice when I’m shooting.

  • Guys, I’m not an arfcom member, so I’ll ask here – I don’t have a bad buffer tube spring only shooting 600rds through my AR since building it for Christmas. About 100-120rd a month.

    I am very interested in that TUBBS flat spring – anyone have it, and what were your opinions?

    • n0truscotsman

      I have a couple builds with them. Love them.

      Do you need to absolutely replace your perfectly functional buffer with it? no, not necessarily. But I would advise you keep a couple as spares, replacing the old one when it is due.

      They’re an excellent product.

  • mazkact

    A little Moly grease on the buffer and spring a n d viola no twang.

  • Ron

    I remember reading somewhere the German discovered on the eastern front, that braided springs were better in the extreme cold temperatures than non-braded springs.

    • David Harmon

      The cold tends to make the steel brittle, with coiled ones there is less of a direct load on a single piece of steel and the load is not linear like on a single piece spring. It’s why the Ruskies use braided springs in their AK’s as well.

      • The Brigadier

        This would probably be a very good idea for .30 caliber M1 Carbines main spring that got a bad rap during the Korean War during the multi day battle for the Chosen Reservoir. The Carbine’s mainspring got so cold at minus 40 degrees, that our infantry had to manually jack the slide after each shot. This was the reason for all the bad press for this magnificent rifle.

        Century Arms came up with with a double spring fix for the rifle that solved the intense cold failure, but then they went and and welded in the gas piston. When the piston failed you had to buy another rifle. This is one that is featured on everybody’s list of “What What They Thinking?”

  • Nicks87

    Geissele, over charging for stuff that people don’t need? Yep sounds about right.

  • Simon R.

    My JP buffer/spring has never made a sound. The two coil thing looks like a horrible idea.

  • Donald Trumpfeinerstein

    I want one because it’s pretty. It reminds me of SIG pistol springs

  • Markus Williamson

    The Super 42 also has a 15% stronger average return force which should help with stripping rounds out of your magazine when your rifle is dirty or if you’re using budget steel cased plinking ammo. So I am going to assume that a SSAR-15 bumpfire stock should have no problems with this speing, right guys?

  • Norm Glitz

    The spring wires are not “braided”. They are twisted. Very different things.

  • Bill

    I like the twang. I also have a couple of ARs with the old improved 3 prong flash hiders, and they both ring like an AR is supposed to. Taken together, the sound is awesome!